Yukon 2

December 29th, 2020

Calling this Chantel this bitch of a woman cold hearted is a compliment, she is completely heartless. She plays the act in the beginning claiming she loves you and your the only one for her but it’s an act. Once she had ahold of you she will bleed you of your $ in a hurry not bad for someone who just turned 19. She also claims to go out with friends almost every weekend and come to find out she was always going to see other guys, most likely the next poor soul she can manipulate. She has zero remorse for anything she does or the damage she does as long as she gets what she wants. She cheats and lies about it, manipulates every guy she can in the Yukon. Once she has got everything she wants out of you she will vanish without a word. Then a cpl weeks will go buy and you will start hearing rumors about yourself she spread to make herself look like the victim and you the bad guy. She’s just not a good person and doesn’t care who she hurts or takes from so if you want to keep your dignity I would definitely stay away from her…she’s a scam artist.

December 14th, 2020

I bet the local natives who are usually drunk or tripping on the effects of some sort of household cleaning product can not wait to hear these fine young American Mormon men tell them stories about how god burnt them. And some bigger dork found plates but didn’t tell people. Oh well at least they have comfy pajamas.

A 28-year-old woman is facing multiple charges after a bus was stolen from downtown Whitehorse Sunday afternoon. Police say the 20-passenger bus was reported stolen from the downtown area around 2:40 p.m. Sunday. A short time later, police got calls about an erratic driver on the Alaska Highway travelling southbound from Porter Creek, in a vehicle matching the description of the stolen bus. The bus was hitting drunk natives down the highway and it was making a mess. The bus was found in the parking lot of the Kopper King bar with meth pipes, shit covered jizz full bloody condoms, and heroin needles, off the Alaska Highway. Police arrested a 28-year-old woman on foot squatting behind a truck taking a massive shit, and trying to reduce the swelling in her asshole from all the cock and other objects she had in prior. The woman was to appear in court Monday, facing charges of impaired operation of a motor vehicle, impaired operation of a motor vehicle while high as a fucking kite on meth, theft of a motor vehicle and failing to comply with conditions, and charged with and billed for missing some drunk natives with the bus that the officer got after.

December 2nd, 2020

People in Ross River, Yukon, aka LOST LIVER say bootlegging and drunk fucking chugs are a big problem, and they want it to stop. The community has been without a bar (soap or drinking establishment) for the last year. It has never had a government liquor store that would be as stupid as giving the gas huffers automatic weapons.. The nearest place to buy alcohol is in the Elizabeth Warrens house, about an hour’s jet powered diesel environment unfriendly jet flight away. Johnny Tailfeathers a member of the Ross River Fuckn YTS, said “the problem is obvious just give us more booze white man and we’ll shut up. Pronto!”.

November 8th, 2020


Meet Kelly Angela Davy of Whitehorse Yukon who identifies as a female but was born a male. She is a proud junkie who had to leave Vancouver because of her substance abuse problems and she got caught eating a pakis asshole out with a fork for nickles. She bragged about going to treatment only to be seen at the local bars every weekend flashing her yeast infected fake boobs to anyone hoping to gain the attention she so desperately seeks. She posts endless selfies with her horrible lip job and can be found dating the worst douchebags in town while she lives with her quadrouple chinned diaper wearing mom who helps fund her drug problem. Once you meet Kelly you will be instantly attracted to the foul smell of moldy gym socks that ooze from her muff. She uses crusty cum socks on cucumbers also and shoves them up her muff and rectum hole.

Phillip Fraser

   When I use to watch Unsolved Mysteries as a kid this story really got to me. They have never solved it and the only updated from the original story is that they found his body and burnt out car. The question is “WHO killed Phillip Fraser”.
  On June 14th, 1988 25 year old Phillip Innes Fraser(Born Jan 3, 1965) was heading from his home in Anchorage, Alaska down to college in Seattle, Washington. Which to begin with is a long drive.
  When he went throw the border from Alaska to the Yukon he had to drop off hand guns. Due to the fact they are illegal in Canada. Sort of irrelevant to the case but maybe if he had them on his person he would still be alive today.
   600 miles from the border at a cafe a hitchhiker was dropped off. When this man was in the cafe there the owners though something was fucked up with him right from the get go. Even as far as saying they thought that he escaped from a mental institution.

  Shortly after the nut bag arrived Phillip Fraser came up and got some gas. The nut bag went out and asked Phillip for a ride. Phillip said no. I have been up there numerous times. And if someone is too fucked up to give a ride to and help out. They have something wrong with them.
  When Phillip took off the nut bag chased the car. Phillip finally decided to give him a ride. Which turned out to be the last time he was seen alive.
   200 miles south of the cafe and 8 hours later a man flagged down a ride. The Olsen’s from Kitwanga, BC. The Olsen’s were told by the man that he was having car trouble.They also felt that he was acting very nervous. But at the time they chalked that up to him maybe being scared as he was alone out in the middle of no where. The Olsen’s went as far as to let the man stay at their house in the basement. With all their guns to boot.  The man told the Olsen’s that his name was Phillip Fraser and he was heading down to Washington to study medicine.
  The man tried to sell the car to the Olsen’s for a plane ticket. When the Olsen’s said they couldn’t do it for a few days. But he couldn’t wait that long. The man also pulled out 2 wallets which made the Olsen’s a tad suspicious of him. The man then took off.
  12 hours later Phillip’s burnt out car was found in Prince George, BC at a car wash. 6 weeks later they found Phillip’s body in a gravel turn around. He had been shot to death.

 This case has never been solved and the hitchhiker is the primary suspect. Problem is no one knows who he is. In 1988 they figure the man was about 25 years old. He was described as having rotten teeth, a beer belly, and strong body odor. The Olsen’s said that he seemed to be familiar with the Toronto and Seattle areas.
   Sadly not solved and the odds of it getting slimmer by the day. Phillip’s father died in 2014 Serial killer Michael McGray may be responsible as he killed numerous Canadian hitchhikers and resembles the suspect sketch.


No sadly it is not the original some guy talking about the cast though. He does a good job. It is too bad the jew ran company that holds the right to these videos yanked them from youtube. Scared someone could possibly make a nickle that isn’t in their hands.
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