Wisconsin 8

“Titletown USA” has a better ring to it than “Toilet Paper Capital of the World,” but both are nicknames for the town. Titletown, because the fudge Packers lay claim to 12 NFL titles. The, um, shittier nickname is because Northern Tissue – a precursor to Quilted Northern – invented the first “splinter-free” paper in the plant there. Toilet paper with splinters? Yikes. So when you are in the toilet and you wipe to get the nigger particles off of your ass. Remember you can thank Green Bay.

June 30th, 2021


May 7th, 2021

Ugly Dread Locked Nigger And Pig Looking Coal Burner Wigger Face Homicide, armed robbery charges filed following death of Kaukauna man

6 bastard kids and dates a shit skin. What a fucking WINNER??

KAUKAUNA, Wis. (NONIG) – A Fucking Nigger and a Stupid Disgusting Wigger Wench have been formally charged following the death of a Kaukauna man police had initially described as ”suspicious” last week. Court documents show both 26-year-old Dontae Payne and 29-year-old Tanya Stammer, both of Milwaukee, have been charged with the following felony counts: First Degree Intentional Homicide- PTAC, As a Party to a Crime Armed Robbery – PTAC, As a Party to a Crime. That’s where police say the body of 37-year-old Brian Porsche was found by his brother, identified in court documents with the initials of “P.P.” According to the criminal complaint, police found a bullet casing laying in the living room floor about three to four feet from Porsche. According to the complaint, Porsche was found sitting in a chair with blood on his chest after his brother arrived to check on him. When “P.P.” had arrived, he found the storm door and the inside door closed, but the inside door was unlocked, which he told police was unusual. Documents say he went to check on him after no one had heard from Porsche since the evening before, which he told police was unusual. The complaint goes on to say an autopsy done by the Milwaukee Medical Examiner’s Office determined Porsche died from a single gunshot wound to the head. <SNIP> LINK

Typical Nigger Answer. Tupac is Nigger Jesus
Mother of 6 apparently too. I doubt shes Native. Seems like a white trash trailer wigger who has degrade to only hanging with monkeys.

The Wigger Bitch in A Video In Court ??

April 20th, 2021

This crazy psycho Annette likes not to only fuck around with married men but she befriends the wives as well. She makes fake gmail accounts and goes above and beyond to be a side chick. She’s a slore with no standards. Cheated on her husband with at least 3 married men in Milwaukee. Annette then goes as far as to get plowed by their husbands so hard she can barely walk. Then when she snorts a line of blow in the morning and the fuck head that plowed her goes for a shower, Annette calls her sister and they rob the fucking guy blind. She is half Mexican so the stealing is very understandable. She made an adult film of this faggot named Clint fucking her for some cocaine. All her little spic brothers watch it and jerk off to it.

April 19th, 2021

The Racist Green Bay Police Department has arrested a 37-year-old fucking Dindu who allegedly robbed a local liqueur store at gunpoint to get back at the white man for racism. According to a release, officers arrested a stinky nigger named Lawrence Watkins Wednesday, less than 24-hours after he allegedly committed an armed robbery at Superior Discount Liquor. He as just walking minding his own business listening to his MC Hammer cassettes on his walk man when the evil white cops arrested him. All he did was point a gun and take booze. It is a small crime compared to slavery he ooked. LINK

Wisconsin 7

This girl Olivia is the definition of a sociopath, she has cheated countless times with her now ex boyfriend with someone she met online. She manipulated her ex boyfriend into believing her lies in order to hide her actions. She then left her boyfriend for another man who she proceeded to manipulate as well – constantly being toxic within the relationshp, a prime example was on her birthday this July which she proceeded to cuddle next to a man that’s the age of her father, this whole interaction was streamed live on a streaming platform because she was drunk. She then proceeded to do what any cheater proceeds to do,and defended her actions and deemed them ‘okay’ and passed the blame onto her boyfriend and manipulating him into believing he was looking too much into it. She thinks she can reverse the blame of her toxic behaviour by manipulation.

March 22nd, 2021

This poor desperate girl is in search for older men she can sleep with for money so she can keep paying her rent. Macy got kicked out of her last apartment by her old sugar daddy (Pro bowler David Murphey) because he got tired of her fucking strange men for crack in his luxury condo. Macy is so desperate for the attention of a man she will even go back to a recent guy friend who kicked her out of his house and left her stranded in Florida because she decided to get drunk and sleep with his 60 year old twin brother that she saw owned a boat in florida. Lucky enough to have her girl friend book her a hotel to stay in. This poor girl cannot do anything her self. This train wreck needs to get it together and be a role model mother to her daughter. It is so sad Macy’s daughter has to see how her mother gets by for a living. Fond Du Lac, stay away from this mess!

This is Megan she lives in Fond du Lac where she has multiple sugar daddies, she will come to Green Bay every few months claiming she is in town for “work” but she is really just in town to find more sugar daddies and beg any guy with a chain on to sit at his table. This girl Megan will do anything to feel wanted and for money, she needs to get those vaginal sores checked by a doctor instead of posting pics on Instagram of men’s money that she did who knows what for.

January 23rd, 2021

Easy to get snarled in her web, like I did, Cathy is quick to fuk the world and leave. An addict who is mostly looking for participants in her game. Married, engaged, single, male, female, group, she takes it all and all at the same time. Just like the sorry fuks she is messing and fuking with now (Colt, Peter and we might as well include Lisa as well- one divorced with kids, one married with kids and one engaged.) All while being married with kids herself. It starts out feeling fun and exciting with her until it quickly is not. She claims to really like each one and they make her so happy, while talking how bad in bed behind they are behind their backs. She is not looking for love, nor does she care. She is looking for the weak, needy or another sex addict while hurting those around her. Quickly shifting from one poor fuk to another. Those that break free are lucky ones. “Cheating in relationship is a sign of self-regulation failure. When it happens ones, it is a mistake. When it happens twice, it is unfortunate. But when it happens thrice or more, it is a pattern indicating primitive, uncivilized inhuman behavior.” Don’t make this unfortunate mistake with the uncivilized inhuman Cathy unless if you want to bring on a world of hurt and drama in your life.

January 9th, 2021

Watch out for this skank Emily of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She will pretend to be interested in you just so you can take her out on expensive dates, provide validation, and go 1 hour drives just to go pick her up since she lives in the middle of nowhere. She has over 30 “guy friends” that she posts on snapchat/IG but the poor fellas have hopefully tried to become more but are so delusional because of her attitudes. She is also very dumb, uneducated and speaks like a nigger while making fun of them??. She has no consideration over your own interests when taking her out. She expects you to pay and try to win her over like she’s some kind of prize. Guys STAY AWAY do not let her looks fool you.

Wisconsin 5

November 21st, 2020

This girl Sierra is a complete train wreck. She slept with my boyfriend when I was out of town. I now know that this has been going on a while. She cheated on her boyfriend while sleeping with mine. I have heard around town and at the bars as she frequents them regularly that she has done this to many people. Watch out as she will try and befriend you just to throw it in your face later that she has been sleeping with your man. She is nothing but a cock gobbling money grabbig whore!!!! I use to snort tons of rails with this bitch and swing parties and she back stabbed me and my boyfriend. She lives in Princeton, WI but hand out at the bars in Fond du Lac, WI and Oshkosh, WI. Beware of Sierra her box is rank!!!!!!!

November 4th, 2020

October 21st, 2020

Allison worked for my husband @ *******in Chilton, WI as his HR person. She knew me, knew he was married and had a child. From Oct 2016 till she went to jail they were drinking and having sex. He was working out of state and they would go back in forth and see each other. I thought something was wrong but we’ve been married 22 yrs and never had a moments thought he would do this. When confronted and caught he gave me a false name. Then I found a birthday card from her saying she was grateful for the last year they had been together and signed it Love Allison. Then I knew who it was. I sent her a message telling her she was disgusting and she forwarded it to my husband and said “you better check your wife, She better not f#*k with my job.” Well get ready… It’s coming and you can have my husband too! Young enough to be my exes daughter. Slut.

Rebecca of Wausau goes out to the farm and grabs pumpkins and rams them in her twat infront of her cousins for fun before and after the Packers games. Also loves to spend the weekends in her uncles trailer watching Cheers and cheering her drunk uncles on while they tug their wieners. They are pro wiener slappers. This trashy chick couldn’t find a husband of her own so went after her married with children coworker for years. She loves dressing up for Halloween in slootty costumes. Whore bag to the max Becca whore bag to the fucking max you pump kin slut.

Wisconsin 3

Chrissy has a big brown skid mark

My marriage may have not been the best, but this woman Chrissy had relations with my husband while I was going through cancer treatment. She portrays herself as being a kind and moral person. Having a relationship with a married man is anything but moral and when that man’s wife has cancer it means you are the lowest of the low. Women need to be on each other’s side, not taking advantage of a situation that they may not even have all the details on. When you are 29 years old you should know better.  She should also know better how to wipe her ass. She wear white tight pants all the time and all you see is a big long fucking brown skid mark in the middle. Ugly Bitch! Use your brain have some hygiene if that is what you do with your asshole with shit I could imagine how well you groom and take care of your biscuit in the legs. Whore!!

Her name is Stephanie. She’s been in multiple relationships the past years and will literally drain a man for what he has and off to the next. She will wait until someone else’s relationship is in shambles, to only move in and do her dirty work. Also, there is another young lady she would party with and guess what, this girl caught him messaging Stephanie and screenshot everything to Stephanie’s boyfriend at the time. I honestly don’t know how she hasn’t been beaten yet. It started when she decided to date the ex-husband of a friend of hers. But to top it off, this same guy is also the friend of her ex boyfriend. Talk about messed up. DRDs are involved and she does not disclose that information at all. She cheated on her latest beau with this local, broke comedian. She is known for flaunting her saddlebag a55 and for also only being able to obtain a job as a waitress. Oh yeah, she has children. I feel bad for them because of all the men that are in and out of their lives.

This is Montana from Fountain City, Wisconsin. What she doesn’t know is that after meeting her and seeing her sniffing for cock and drugs some very suspicious behaviors from her, I hired a private investigator to follow her. I’m very close withe my Cousin, Dalton, and I always look after him. After a few weeks of the investigation, I found that she had been talking to and making plans with her ex boyfriend for months, even prior to her and Dalton dating. She and her ex who’s in the Navy were planning to meet up at Christmas in 2019. She was going to fuck all the Navy guys on the boat. Apparently she use to fuck all the guys at Burger King in Winoa when her slut ass worked there. You are trash Montana. Busted and Exposed. Wipe the cum off our chin whore. And that stupid smirk.

Kassandra also known as Cheeto girl because when she’s not sleeping with your boyfriend or husband she enjoys extreme tanning, playing with bleach, and stalking people’s houses all while usually high as fuck on crack/cocaine. Kassandra gets a thrill out of sleeping with other people’s boyfriends and husbands… especially guys older than her because she has daddy issues. Watch out for this girl because soon as you find out she will then stalk your house and question your friends on yours and your child’s whereabouts. Last year at a Christmas Party at a bar, Kassandra was riding the electric bull ride. She was wearing tight white jeans and she shit and pissed herself. And the piss and shit flung out at people in the bar. All Kassandra kept doing was laughing. Horrible sense of humor. She also puts notices in the feed the children of africa boxes that reads “Get A Job Nigger”. And laughs about it on facebook.

Katharine has gotten multiple men to knock her up and marry her. She will make the dude jerk off to pictures of farm animals and jerk his cum into a glass. Then she puts on her shades and drinks it out with a straw. Then cheats on them with gay men currently in gay relationships who have money and a home to take less Than 6 months in he marriage before they leAve her. Works at Wendy’s. Her poor kids all have different last names she just wants to find someone to knock her up and be her next money train. Previous and current aliases double0slutbag, cumlicker1987, Nocondomsallowed. Beware of this money hungry cheating ho… doesn’t care about her kids, her marriage or the relationships she breaks up. The men all leave her check her records. Current victim Kurt the guy who digs in trash bins by liquor stores.

Wisconsin 2

Tiffany doesn’t put up with Monkeyshines like nigger putting their paws on her food.

This pathetic excuse for a women will try to get with any married man she can. She loves sending men pictures of her breasts among other things. Ladies beware. Tiffany fucks all of Madison it is so fun and funny when she moos like a cow. We dress her in green and put a cheese head on her and call her slutty names. She is just like all women from Wisconsin. Her pussy smells like the cheese they all wear on their heads too. One time Tiffany and I went to McDonalds and she beat the shit out of the nigger bitch working behind the till. When asked why she did it Tiffany said with a deep husky voice ” I don’t like niggers putting their paws on me grub”. This bitch Tiffany means serious business.

Loves her fucking Cereal and dildos

 Melissa loves men who are married and have tractors and cheese farms or in long relationships. Men with $$ the better she loves it when men put peanut butter on their wieners and let her videotape them fucking a bee hive. It is a game to her to get the men she sleeps with to leave their girlfriends to be with her and her honey comb cereal. Once they leave their girlfriends she loses interest and switches brands of cereal. The man and cereal and milk tool moves on to the next bitch which is usually her sister in the trailer they share with Uncle Bill while stringing the previous one along. No shame in this ones game! She has managed to break up 3 homes that I know of. One guys girlfriend was 8 months pregnant!! and Melissa went to the baby shower and stole the ladies bath salts and got high and went to the Green Bay Packers games and thought all the niggers were coming to Wisconsin to eat the cheese with chicken and watermelons. Good shit those bath salts.

This disgusting whore Korina is delusional. I think I speak for all when I say….ha ha you won’t get child support from anyone!!She thinks she is one of the hottest chicks in this area just because she got gang fucked by 8 of us at once. We all blew are loads all over here and now she says she is pregnant. Tough shit your body your kid your problem. Don’t call us. We all gave you fake names and are all from out of town.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Michele is a fucking horse slut. She slept with my fat hairy husband and when I hired a private investigator I found out she was having an affair with her boss at Servpro of Appleton. Sucking his ball sack in her mouth while she fingered his asshole feverishly. I was married for 4 years. And it turns out her boss have been in a relationship for 20+ years. She goes after loser men who are having issues in their relationship. She is a drunk and crack addicted whore. Anyone willing to be a part of ruining a family and not giving a shit is cum dumpster trash! F.Y.I. it doesn’t matter to her who she hurts. You, your kids and your family. She is a heartless slut and only cares about herself! And her hay in the barn and her horse shoes.

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Milwaukee Problems


Faggot state with a faggot football team. The cows in this state aren’t only used for dairy. A lot of niggers from Chicago come up to fuck the cows.

There was this waitress that use to work at the Lakeside Bar and Grill there a few years back. I went in there drinking whiskey. This waitress was huge! A certified quarter tonner. I took her to the resort and when she laid on the bed the thing fucking broke. Then she took her pants off and flies flew from her crotch. It was ultimate maggot pussy at its finest. Good times in Wisconsin. Cheese Pussy. Moldy fucking fat cheesy pussy. Like Cheese oozing out of the vagina like it does out of the machine at 7-11 you use for the nachos. When its that time of the month there is chilli too.

 meet Shannon. I think that you’ll agree that this is your brunette for 2014. Shannon is a real woman, one who knows how to put down several meals in one sitting and still has room left for dessert. She’s got the body of a goddess, complete with 6, repeat SIX huge, jiggling breasts. Who needs +2s when you’re this uniquely endowed? Be jealous ladies. Thigh gap? Hell NO, Shannon is bringing in the era of Himalaya thighs, thighs so lumped out with fat they resemble a mountain range. She is resplendent with cheap jailhouse tattoos, has a smile above any dentist’s worst nightmares, and she knows damn well that she is one sexy BEAST.

 now that you know that your perfect woman does indeed exist, there will be no need for anymore brunette submissions as Shannon holds the crown, hands down. In all seriousness though , I came across this stunner on a mutual friends’ Facebook status and my jaw just dropped. There is no excuse for a person to look like this. With all the medical marvels today, this is unacceptable. Someone PLEASE pay for this “Where The Wild Things Are” star to get some lipo or something. I\’m living in fear now, afraid that I\’m going to run her in person some day. She might try to eat me. Although I suppose the chances are low as by her own admission, “fat girls taste better” and I do’t quite fit her uniquely developed tastes.

This here be Heart Warming Heafty Heather from Apleton, Wisoconsin  This horrific sight is known to be called Thea, aka the sasquatch of the northwoods. This “thing” is known to poke holes in the condoms of the drunk out of their mind men that take one for the team. Been done many of times, succeeded once! The earth crumbles a bit every step she takes, so you should feel her coming before you see her….run!!! If you have ever seen that show from the late 80’s perfect strangers. That faggot Larry on the show. This chick is his daughter in real life. I kid you not. This one drinks gravy out of the toilet bowl.

This nigger rebelled against his white slave owner. Jamal Jones or Nigger as he is known locally sniffs glue and thinks he is in the hit show sons of anarchy . I thought that anyone living in or near Green Bay/Fond du Lac, Wisconsin area would like to know about this stinky nigger Don Brown/Jamal Jones, Mr. KFC Centerfold December 1987, who rides a stolen Power Wheels, however pretends to be a Walmart Employee and ex cashier as a way to con women. (see the “We sell for less” patch on his vest) I had him investigated, received copies of his shelf stocking paperwork and was never a pickle aisle guy or even close to being a guy who rounds up the shopping carts in the parking lot. Total poser who owes several money mart locations tons of cash. Hope that no one else buys his line of I get 15% pff at walmart!

I know so many guys that work for Lays in Wisconsin and they steal so much from the company its awesome.

This fucking Psycho bitch ran out of the Blatz Hotel in Nelson Wisconsin and held a fucking plastic fork to my neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I could realize what was going on she moved her legs to expose her crotch and the foul odor made me faint. She only got 10 bucks but fuck still. Then I heard all about her all over town she is a top grade A Wisconsin Bred Crack Head. this sad, pathetic thing’s name is Breanna (aka “Breezy”). First of all, who posts pictures of her boyfriend and her in the bathtub? & posts it on Facebook? No matter how long this bitch soaks in the tub, she’s still going to reek like fish. She’s the biggest whore in town, please put this hoe on blast.

Plus she drips liquid poo out of her leg due to her loose asshole from fucking her brother too much.

Milwaukee Problems


Niggers in the northern Milwaukee hood where the shooting went down said the incident has shaken the community. And makes them scared to sell crack outside.

“Me and my bitch, we got six welfare tickets, we in da kitchen counting da food stamps, all of the sudden you hear all these loud booms, so I actually told all my niggers to get down,” Ravell Davis, who lives nearby, told the white mother fuckers in his yard that has no lawn. “It’s getting whack as sour watermelonz. You know, it’s ridiculous when you look outside and the front and side of your house is taped off. It’s getting real crazy now.” “Its all Trumps fault why us niggers are brought down. Trump even fucked the niggers in Africa he is racist and we want reperations from white privileges fucker:.

Looks like Kanye West gain some fucking weight. In this story it is the white woman’s fault. This is what happens when you date niggers. Any woman who dates a nigger will never have a life. This women was older. But a high school girl will never ever be married or have real kids or a family. AIDS abuse are a package deal with a nigger.
Above there that nigger is Kehinde Afolyan. It looks like a field model cotton picker. Kehinde is from Nigeria. Kehinde has no respect for America or white people. The groid stabbed a 62 year old wheel chair bound woman to death in Milwaukee. The log of shit faces up to life in prison. Which is still better than living in Nigeria. He will still be surrounded by other niggers in prison but will have white society things. Not mud huts and cattle shit to eat. He will still probably bath in urine though. https://www.wisn.com/article/nigerian-national-accused-of-stabbing-wheelchair-bound-south-milwaukee-woman-116-times/25908183
Although no white man would of ever dated the white woman since she was ugly. To a negro she would of been a super model.
They are getting really kill happy in Milwaukee lately. Must
be something in the water or fried chicken there.

Jeffrey Dahmer was from Milwaukee and he ate gay niggers and kept them in his freezer.


Walter E. Ellis (June 24, 1960 – December 1, 2013), also known as the Milwaukee North Side Strangler, was an American Serial Killer.

A double murder suspect who was on the FBI’s most wanted list has been arrested in Texas six months after going on the run.
Terry Strickland was arrested in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday more than 1,000 miles from where he is alleged to have shot two men dead in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July.
The 24-year-old was apparently seen opening fire on at a house in the city following an argument. Police discovered the bodies of the men, aged 38 and 39, afterwards.

I don’t know about you. But if a bunch of police officers came up to me and told me to stop, carrying weapons, I would listen. Niggers think they are exempt from the law. They blame whites for their monkey like behaviour. It is so obvious that these creatures are worthless to society. Unless they play in the NBA or pick cotton what good are they for anyone?

Black Lives Matter? Nigger lives do not matter to these creatures. They use the sign to scam and lie to the system. They only care about free whitey hand outs. Remember the more niglets they shit out the more food stamps they get so they can sell them for crack.
The way the niggers deal with law enforcement they should be holding up these signs.
They are killing themselves. They are better off poisoning their fried chicken. I mean ours that they stole.
Why doesn’t the paper just call them niggers? Imagine the smell of all those apes there it must just fucking reek.
This young nigger is not in jail yet or dead by a drive by. What a shock. He can not even put his hat on the right way what makes anyone think he can operate the gun?
Rich white people should give you money why? So you can rob them for more later? Where are Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Denzel, and that worthless nigger Jamie Foxx? They should give you money. Oh wait they are niggers too they know you will just fuck it up.
My son Trayvon did this. WORD FOOS.
I imagine this nigger misspelled the word “Fair” He meant FREE. Niggers do not like to work. They want handouts. If whitey was really as bad as they say they would all go back to Africa. But they know they can not survive with out white people.
And niggers wonder why cops avoid them.
Planet of the apes auditions started early. None of them made it though. One died of AIDS, the other got capped in a drive by, then the last got his dick ate off and bled to death from raping a dog. It was a female dog so that doesnt make the nigger gay.
My guess is this nigger stole a kid from china town. Then used a computer at the library (with the help of an elderly white librarian). Made up a bogus story to get money for crack and fried chicken.

Milwaukee Bucks NBA Funny Logo Duck Hunt
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