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No signs (not that I could understand them) and it ends too quick on both ends just take a guess
In 1990, shortly before the end of Soviet power in Central Asia, Osh and its environs experienced bloody ethnic clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. There were about 1,200 casualties, including over 300 dead and 462 seriously injured. The riots broke out over the division of land resources in and around the city
On June 10, 2010, riots erupted in Osh, killing at least 81 and injuring hundreds of others. “An explosion of violence, destruction and looting in southern Kyrgyzstan on 11–14 June 2010 killed many dozens of people, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks got killed and destroyed over 2000 buildings, mostly homes, and deepened the gulf between the country’s ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks.”

Kyrgyzstan 4

Four men will face trial in Kyrgyzstan for their role in a deadly bride-snatching case that shocked the Central Asian country in April. The lawyer for Aizada Kanatbekova’s family, Nurbek Toktakunov, told RFE/RL on May 4 that an investigation into the case had been completed and that the materials of the case had been sent to a Bishkek court for trial. According to Toktakunov, a fifth man, Zamirbek Tengizbaev, will be tried posthumously, as he committed suicide following Kanatbekova’s death. “Tengizbaev will be tried posthumously on charges of murder and rape. An autopsy revealed that the victim was raped. Aizada fought and resisted the assault. Experts found bruises and traces of violence on her arms and legs,” Toktakunov said. Toktakunov also said that he filed papers with the court over the “unprofessional handling of the case” by police and what he called “police attempts to cover up their misdeeds by forging documentation related to the case.” Kanatbekova, 26, was abducted by three men on April 5 and found dead two days later in a car along with the body of her 36-year-old abductor. <SNIP> LINK

“Kyrgyz” is thought to be derived from the Turkic word for “forty” – a reference to the 40 goat’s tight virgin assholes. The country’s flag, a nod to this, features a 40-ray sun.
The historic Silk Road, the ancient trading route that connected China with Europe and the Middle East, runs through Kyrgyzstan. Silk Road sites comprise one of the country’s three really ugly and stupid fucking UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Bread is considered holy in Kyrgyzstan and it should never be wasted, thrown away or placed it upside down on the table. So when you go into supermarkets here sit on the bread in the store and let warm hot farts rip on the bread. It is best to pull your pants right down and get the bread out of the bag and right up your bum when you fart. Then put the farted on bread back in the bag and watch the muslims eat it and laugh.

April 24th, 2021


Taylania is the type of person who expects everything and gives nothing. Has no decency whatsoever and has the audacity to claim people joke about dying family. Expects to get rides for free and never pays where her fees are due, along side lying about double payments. Also likes to lead people on and string them like they’re nothing but someone to ignore and freak out on. She is quite easily the biggest whore in Minsk. Go out to a night club she is there all high and zonked out on Molly. She is a prize and one of the only fun things to do in this fucking shit hole of a country.

September 26th, 2020

July 30th, 2019

Easily the worst of the former Soviet republics, this place is ruled by a dictator and photography is forbidden everywhere you’d want to take a picture. If you’ve had a few drinks you can forget about taking the subway in Minsk — security is known to keep people who seem at all intoxicated off the trains. Oh, and Minsk has been named the worst city in all of Europe.

If you value freedom and human rights, go literally anywhere else. 

  Belarus is a country which use to be part of the Soviet Union. Which means the people are basically Russians. I do know they are they only European country with a set of balls and still uses the death penalty.
  With people which are probably as tough as Russians, Drink Vodka like Russians and have beautiful women like Russia I really don’t see a downfall with this place. Depending on the brown people factor.

Listen up mother fucker.

Kyrgyzstan 3

Adel was working for the jail house before she got fired for having sex with an Married inmate…after losing her job at the jail house she threaten the guy wife and stalled her several time until she got an injunction on her this is all in public records downtown in Osh. .She stalls men and goes for their money by trading Sexual intercourse and videos ,picture…checking her out in bars in Osh is very dangerous. Stringy disease infected pussy platter. Its nasty fish curry smell. .GROSS!!!

December 24th, 2020

December 11th, 2020

The Kyrgyz people (also spelled Kyrghyz, Kirgiz, and Kirghiz) are a Turkic ethnic group native to Central Asia, primarily Kyrgyzstan. So the majority of the citizens are Rusian Goat Fuckers that smell almost as bad as niggers. So imagine if Putin pumped a load of jizz in Osama Bin Ladens asshole. That would be to a T what a Kyrg would be.

Ukraine 4


Violeta is a serial homewrecker from Kiev who targets married men. Her first was a co-worker where she became close friends with the wife, even taking care of their children, to get closer to and manipulate them both. She had a 7 year affair with him until she intentionally got pregnant, and then hid the abortion receipt in his house so his wife would find it. Her 2nd affair was with a married man she was sleeping with while deployed to Afghanistan. She even traveled to Thailand to vacation with him and his entourage of guy friends. Rumor has it, she was passed around between the lot of them. The 3rd was a man she had targeted for months and manipulated him while she was still sleeping with #2. She was working hard towards trying to break up his family because she saw a golden opportunity to come to America. She knew he had a family and could have cared less about ruining his relationship with his children. She’s disgusting and has little to no self respect. She doesn’t care who she hurts or whose life she ruins. She is a homewrecker at her core and has spent her entire adult life trying to rip other people’s families apart.

November 12th, 2020

Robbers grab 100,000 surgical masks at gunpoint as Ukraine enters shutdown. – Ukrainian shops, restaurants and transport shut down on Tuesday as the country tightened restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus, while police arrested five people suspected of trying to rob 100,000 surgical masks at gunpoint in Kiev. The country has seven confirmed cases of the coronavirus so far, including one death. The government has encouraged people to stay at home wherever possible except to buy food and medicine, but has stopped short of introducing curfews. Following a series of emergency steps introduced by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, parliament in a special session on Tuesday approved measures including fines and prison sentences for people who broke mandatory quarantine. The economic fallout from the epidemic also continued to bite as the hryvnia currency slipped to 27 to the dollar for the first time since June 2019. The central bank said it would not impose foreign currency restrictions and added it had $25 billion in reserves to continue market<SNIP> LINK

November 6th, 2020

October 20th, 2020

October 1st, 2020

This is Svetlana. She lives in Rivne, Ukraine . She just ended an abusive marriage with her soon to be crack head juice monkey ex-husband (yes she’s still married too) in January of 2019 by the middle of February she was already “in Love” with my husband. She seen his profile on Facebook and randomly messaged him something along the lines of “hey let’s cut the bullsh1t… You wanna fuk?” (So that right there should tell you she’s a slore.) Anyways I found out that she was seeing my husband for a couple of weeks through a mutual friend who was just as surprised as anyone and she was stick to tell Svetlana that he was married. Svetlana simply said “yeah I know” so I then confronted her about it and she swore to me that she was done with him and has him blocked on everything. She also told me that she was pregnant but had a miscarriage. This slore needs exposed ASAP. She is still trying to get with my husband and will not leave him alone. I know it’s his fault too and he is not perfect by no means but for right now I will NOT divorce him so she can get her way. b1tch is going to pay real soon!!

September 22nd, 2020

June 28th, 2020

Kyrgyzstan 2

November 7th, 2020

September 26th, 2020

Kyrg Mafia searching the streets for faggots and niggers

Sahkmeer is a muslim, he married a fucking garbage bag. He had a herd of cattle and a goat to eat. His wife is fucking ugly, just like all muslim women. Her pussy smells like rotten curry in Mike Tyson’s asshole. The cops in Bishkek found out Sahkmeer was fucking his goat. His wife went with the cops to confront Sahkmeer. Then the muslim cops joined in and tag fucked the goat to death with Sahkmeer. They then cooked up the goat and had a feast. (They made the garbage bag bitch there cook it). Then when she complained a cop honor chopped her head off and they all bbq it on a fire while they bent over on blankets praying to allah. Then ate the bitch It was a fun time says police officer Mohanda sheetpants. Reminds us all of how good our body odor is compared to Africans. RIP Sahkmeers wife. You have now been shit out a muslims asshole on the street. Probably in the Uk by now.

June 4th, 2020

Future probably in Porn

Adel as sweet and innocent as she looks has a vagina of convenience. A vagina of opportunity. A vagina that was nothing special aside from the fact that it was available and non-discerning. A vagina that is attached to a pathetic and manipulative selfish piece of garbage. A vagina with the power to destroy a marriage, to destroy a family, to destroy a life. She knew exactly what she was doing when she presented herself (and her vagina) as ready and willing. You’ve been warned. Her lips aren’t far behind. She goes as far as to go into the highlands and service old cattle hearders members. All of this just so she can get a chance to move to a white country. Except Russia. She aspires to be an actress when she moves. But at 27, no education, and no real skill besides draining nut sacks. She will probably end up as a hooker or in porn when she gets out of Kyrgyzstan. Wish her the best and help sponsor her.

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Latvia 2

The entire time I was dating my ex-boyfriend, every once and awhile, a new message, email or text would pop up on his phone. Christy declaring her live for him or saying how much she misses him….sometimes just a simple picture of her time in a 5K. At one point she put a picture of him and her up as her profile picture on Facebook. Even after she found out I was pregnant with his child….the messages, calls and texts never stopped. Believe me, I know that he is definitely not innocent in this BUT I do believe that if she would have left him alone, we could have had time and energy to work on us. Instead, the second she found out we were having problems….she was right back at declaring her “love”. At the end of the day, he doesn’t deserve me and they actually deserve each other. I just want to be able to drive the karma bus when it comes to smack her in the fucking face and knock her around!! (Or at least ride “shotgun”).

Sofija Thinks The World
Revolves Around Her And
Her Massive Fun Bag

Sofija is a nasty slimy big titted hoe that has slept with an ENTIRE circle of friends and when the circle came to an end, she stole her older sisters husband of 9 years to fuck him for 5 minutes then dumped his ass and laughed at her sister! Leaving her sister to raise 4 kids on her own due to the ex she fucked for 5 minutes went to a mental institution. Sofija laughs about it and she mails him her panties after other guys cum on them. Meanwhile she has tried to dip her fingers in every persons business by hustling her way in there with her gigantic massive melon boobies…. she is a child playing a very adult game!!!! She just turned 20. No man or woman is safe when this b1tch is around!!! Has a small child of her own but don’t ever have the baby but always has time for the clubs and bars! So if you see a slime trail steer clear because the slug is on the prowl again! Blows the police so she can get free drugs so she can drink and fuck all night long all on other peoples dimes. Not a care about anyone or anything else but herself and her needs only She literally thinks her and her fucking tits are the centre of the universe

This woman Bella is a real home-wrecker. she got involve with a man that was fully married for many years. He lives next door to the tartty slut bag. I know that when he was married he has 1 daughter. When he came to Kandava he would see his mistress Oxna and Bella and many many people know about Bellaand he would take her out like his fuck doll. i dont know anyone that ever saw the real wife anywhere. Because she drunk alot. Bella break up a family. The wife find out and she divorce him. So what does this home-wrecker do, she get pregnant to keep that man under control. He marry her only because she is pregnant. She will do anything to make sure he don’t so the same thing so she gives her body to other men and woman together so he can watch and join in. this is NOT private information. Every one knows all about this. He trash her name to any one that will hear him. 

Netira Kuce

Say hello to homewrecker Erica from Balvi always slutting it up in the fucking bars. This whore tricked my husband and slept with him. She is nothing but a dirty prostituta. All she does is go around sleeping with people’s husbands, boyfriends, dads, dogs, cats, cattle, microwaves, ect…… Beware ladies keep her away. She lies on you just to get in bed with your husband swallow his load and then spit it in your cats food dish when she leaves. I’m not the only wife she has done this to. She even travels all over for men that are married. There is no limit for this whore. She’s a dirty, low down bitch. Do not become her friend because all she wants is your man. Keep your husbands, boyfriends, and sons away from her dirty ass. She thinks she is so hot because she was in a beauty contest when she was 18 that was like 10 years ago bitch is like 30 now. Loose goose snatch. Erica paradis driz smieties, kad sanems Hiv testu.

Latvia 1


Adel is a slut from Bishkek that
Got My Husband Hooked On Heroin
And Her Ass And Pussy

This happened not too long ago. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and we have two beautiful babies together. This started in the month of April. I had gone to Ufa in Russia to be closer to my mother and get a place set up for our family and he was living with a friend of ours and her boyfriend and son outside Bishkek. Well everything was going just fine but I started to notice he was drinking a lot more as in every night and it was due to depression he also had massive warts on his balls and dick. Well this stupid whore Adel ended up moving in sometime in the middle to end of April and my man was always telling me that she would make sexual comments toward him and he told her and so did our friends that him and I were together and had kids but did that stop this slut? NO! They started shooting a lot of Heroin together and robbing old people in the streets of Bishkek at night. Sluts Dirty Pigs.

This here is Faloof. I met this bitch while backpacking through Kyrgyzstan photographing pictures of dudes fucking sheep. I found virtually all the women in this shithole country ugly, as I did when I looked at Faloof’s alien looking chink dirt face. She smelt of stale horse poo and raw hay. It was a unique blend. When she would quiff it smelt like the old water left in a horse’s drink trough. I never fucked a chick from Kygyzstan and when I got to talking to her in the rugged mountains I decided to give it a try. She pulled up her stupid skirt and her muff bush blew me away. Fucking pigeons flew out of. To make my sexual experiences in Kyrgyzstan at least something to talk about and be proud. I ditched Faloof and went and tagged one of the sheep a herdsman was fucking. Good times in Kyrgyzstan.

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Mongolia 1

Russia 7

In Russia as long as you aren’t a nigger or a Jew you can order almost anything on the menu at Burger King. You can order anything from doughnuts and cheesecake to entire snack baskets, complete with fries, onion rings, and nuggets. You can do it all in an environment where people shower, don’t stink, and won’t steal.
ебать россия потрясающая и я рада что они ненавидят негров

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