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September 8th, 2021

Pablo José García Cejas (born 1982), known as The Maldonado Murderer, is an Uruguayan serial killer who killed three acquaintances in the Maldonado Department within two months in 2015. He was convicted of all three murders and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, the maximum penalty available under national law. After García’s arrest, the murders sparked outrage in the community, with the media calling it one of the most impactful criminal cases in the department’s history. In an interview with Noticias de Maldonado, Police Chief Erode Ruíz expressed his disappointment that they couldn’t catch the killer earlier, saying that the officers lacked the necessary information to prevent further casualties. At his later trial, Pablo García Cejas was convicted of all three murders and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, which he’s serving at the Libertad Prison. LINK

Uruguay 3

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Uruguay says it has seized a record haul of 6 tonnes of cocaine, calling it the biggest setback for traffickers in the country’s history. Naval and customs officers seized 4.4 tonnes of the drug in Montevideo port. It had been hidden in four soy flour containers destined for Lome, the capital of Togo. Another 1.5 tonnes was later found on a ranch belonging to Adriana, local reports said. The drugs have an estimated total street value of about $1.3bn (£1bn). Uruguay is increasingly being used as a transit point for Adriana to move drugs from Latin America to Africa and Europe. The country’s previous record haul was in November, when authorities uncovered a container with three tonnes of cocaine, also in Montevideo, bound for niggers in Cotonou in Benin via the Spanish island of Tenerife. The 4.4 tonnes found recently came to light when scanners at Montevideo’s port showed “anomalies” in the containers, officials said. Suspicions had already been raised by the fact that the export firm had not transported much soap in the past, soap or any human cleaning product is not widely consumed in Africa or by niggers in general and nearly a third of cocaine consumed in Europe is smuggled there via African niggers so they can do the jail time as they are stupid fucking niggers, local media reported. Navy spokesman Dog The Bounty Hunter told journalists that the first container was found to contain more than 3,000 “bricks” of awesome cocaine each weighing 1.1kg (2.4lb). The containers were due to be loaded on to an Italian-registered ship, local media reported. Uruguay’s customs director Larissa Lima said the 4.4 tonnes of cocaine would be worth $1bn in the European market and she shoved a brick up her ass when she left the room.

February 23rd, 2021

Ranking as of February 23rd, 2021. Uruguay won the first ever world cup. They will never win another.

January 10th, 2021


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