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Violeta is a serial homewrecker from Kiev who targets married men. Her first was a co-worker where she became close friends with the wife, even taking care of their children, to get closer to and manipulate them both. She had a 7 year affair with him until she intentionally got pregnant, and then hid the abortion receipt in his house so his wife would find it. Her 2nd affair was with a married man she was sleeping with while deployed to Afghanistan. She even traveled to Thailand to vacation with him and his entourage of guy friends. Rumor has it, she was passed around between the lot of them. The 3rd was a man she had targeted for months and manipulated him while she was still sleeping with #2. She was working hard towards trying to break up his family because she saw a golden opportunity to come to America. She knew he had a family and could have cared less about ruining his relationship with his children. She’s disgusting and has little to no self respect. She doesn’t care who she hurts or whose life she ruins. She is a homewrecker at her core and has spent her entire adult life trying to rip other people’s families apart.

November 12th, 2020

Robbers grab 100,000 surgical masks at gunpoint as Ukraine enters shutdown. – Ukrainian shops, restaurants and transport shut down on Tuesday as the country tightened restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus, while police arrested five people suspected of trying to rob 100,000 surgical masks at gunpoint in Kiev. The country has seven confirmed cases of the coronavirus so far, including one death. The government has encouraged people to stay at home wherever possible except to buy food and medicine, but has stopped short of introducing curfews. Following a series of emergency steps introduced by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, parliament in a special session on Tuesday approved measures including fines and prison sentences for people who broke mandatory quarantine. The economic fallout from the epidemic also continued to bite as the hryvnia currency slipped to 27 to the dollar for the first time since June 2019. The central bank said it would not impose foreign currency restrictions and added it had $25 billion in reserves to continue market<SNIP> LINK

November 6th, 2020

October 20th, 2020

October 1st, 2020

This is Svetlana. She lives in Rivne, Ukraine . She just ended an abusive marriage with her soon to be crack head juice monkey ex-husband (yes she’s still married too) in January of 2019 by the middle of February she was already “in Love” with my husband. She seen his profile on Facebook and randomly messaged him something along the lines of “hey let’s cut the bullsh1t… You wanna fuk?” (So that right there should tell you she’s a slore.) Anyways I found out that she was seeing my husband for a couple of weeks through a mutual friend who was just as surprised as anyone and she was stick to tell Svetlana that he was married. Svetlana simply said “yeah I know” so I then confronted her about it and she swore to me that she was done with him and has him blocked on everything. She also told me that she was pregnant but had a miscarriage. This slore needs exposed ASAP. She is still trying to get with my husband and will not leave him alone. I know it’s his fault too and he is not perfect by no means but for right now I will NOT divorce him so she can get her way. b1tch is going to pay real soon!!

September 22nd, 2020

June 28th, 2020

Ukraine 3

Natalia Fell In The Hole
In The Outhouse. She
Never Got Her Real American

This is Natalia. She lives in the Ukraine and I ripped her off in Kiev while she was shopping with her retarded father and other barn yard animals in their family horse drawn carriage. Natalie offered me a blowjob for one WHOLE American dollar. I said yes but the only place we could find semi private was an outhouse. I had problems even getting a woody and she was so amazed at the sight of a REAL american dollar she slipped and fell in the outhouse hole with all the shit and piss and lord knows what else. I left laughing and paid 2 fatter hookers for a 2 on one gummer for the same price!! #WINNING! I have no clue how or even if Natalie ever got out of the shit hole. In the outhouse and the country. I know one thing for sure. She never got my real American Dollar! I really wish I would of got the outhouse in that picture of her I took there. Or an after for that matter. Stupid bitch learn English.

Well this is the other whore my husband cheated on me with Ulyana. This ho knew he was with me and had kids with me and still had an affair with my husband. She used to harass me an call my phone an say foul things. I remember one time when I found out and she said that my husband loved her cause her daughter was sick and he took her some soup lol. She is fucking the whole village until she meets ANY AMERICAN MAN so she can get the fuck out of here. She has three kids and from what I understand doesn’t even know who the dad is to the youngest one. She sleeps with everyone and does not care if they are taken. She thought my husband was going to leave me for her lol. He would never throw away all we have for someone who is worthless and wants to be a fucking American.

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This place is about as depressing as you’d imagine for a former Soviet republic — and one where the greatest nuclear disaster in history took place. The disaster gave all the Ukraine residents super human strength and large penises. The problem is it is too cold and no one can afford heat so most starve and then lose weight and get their wieners cut off. They then join the woman’s Olympic gymnastic team so the Russian Mafia can take their earnings.

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