Danny The Fucking Jew Rat Tanner

Diddly Doo Watch Me Cover Everything In My Wiener Goo

Daniel Ernest “The Jew Rat” Tanner, portrayed by Bob Faget (and by Theo Huxtable in the unaired pilot), is a homo sexual crack addict father of three girls: Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J.. He is a co-host of Gay Man Ass, San Francisco. Before that, he was a drunk male prostitute He is the brother-in-law of Jesse “The Mullet” Katsopolis and has a best friend who is a creepy faggot named Joey Gladstone. Danny Tanner was born on December 11, 1957, to Barbra Striesand and his fat faggot fucking father Wilford. He has a younger sister in porn named Wendy Whoppers. He once recalled, his father often ate oatmeal, In his sandals, while jerking off to man on man gay porno movies in the living room. On February 23, 1968, when he was 10, he was slinging crack rocks in the playground until Joey Gladstone stepped up and clubbed him across his fucking face with a monkey wrench (“Pal Joey”) and that is how they became best friends. Danny also learned not to sell drugs on Joey’s fucking turf.

In September 1972, Danny was in 10th grade when he meets Anderson Cooper. They would later elope at a Gay Bar at a young age, which made his mother cry about it for months. They properly got married in 1976, and would adopt a daughter named D.J. on February 9, 1977. Danny is the archetype of the “flaming fucking faggot” or the “gay” character. He sees himself as the “Stud Muffin” bed beast best ever (which his Joey’s gapping asshole agrees with him about at all). Danny is also obsessed with blasting loads of cum all over the living room! There’s no speck of dust, dirt, or mildew on anything he owns, Just Cum. His motto is, “Diddly Doo Watch Me Cover Everything In My Wiener Goo.” D.J. and Stephanie do not like cleaning up Danny, Jesse, and Joey’s Fag Cum. In “Granny is a Tranny”, Stephanie had confessed that one Christmas, when she asked Santa for a meth pipe, she got a cleaning rag instead.

Danny is protective of his Crystal Meth stash. He has a habit of staying up for days with male hookers in the basement. Stephanie also stated in the show that while she was talking to a boy, Danny was peeping through the window tugging his dick and whistling. His excuse was that “Joey is down hooking himself for drugs again and I am horny”.


Vicky Larson is Danny’s girlfriend and brief fiancee. Vicky and Danny meet in jail while she was serving an over nighter for robbing a big black hooker at knife point. At first when they meet, Danny is named Gay Man San Fran of the Month and gets a swelled head about so many dudes wanting to go on dates with him in his pink hot tub. Vicky dislikes him for having so many butt pirate friends in a short period of time, which is described by Vicky as “gayer than the aids in Don Lemon’s Ass”. Danny then asks Vicky, on air, to suck his cock. Having an audience watching, she accepts and gets a wad of goo in her eyes.

Cindy first meets Danny when he walks into her store to rob the fucking place with his ski mask on. They start dating after Danny took her wallet and found out where she lives, but Cindy’s ten-year-old son, Crusty, is black, and the smell of that little nigger kept making Danny sick to his stomach.

Random L5

Then Get Away from white people and live in a brown or black country, a shit hole. Like where you belong. You are only able to type that retarded tweet because of white people. Your race has contributed nothing to society of use to any of us. You need us!!! We don’t need you get it through your fucking head.

Also to show that bitch how sorry all of us are. We should take everything that white people invented in her life too. House, money, car, computer, hospital, Sounds fair. Those things may remind her of white supremacy.


I would love to get the person who wrote this to explain the reason to niggers. Telling them the truth.

At Least The White Guy New He was a Pussy lol Dumbest moves ever.

Anderson Cooper Grabs His Fag Boner And Goes Fucks A Cow

Anderson Cooper grabs his faggot boner and goes on to farms and fucks cattle. Anderson Cooper paid an emotional tribute to the assholes of cattle everywhere on his show recently, by pulling out a Big Mac and jerking his fag stick goo on it. “On Monday I became a beef fucker. I’ve never actually said that before out loud,” began Anderson. “It still kind of astonishes me. I trespass on peoples property and fuck their cows. I am a sick fuck. And I have warts on my balls”. The news presenter continued to discuss how blessed he was to be given the opportunity to have his dick stuck up a cows asshole, despite during his childhood years thinking he’d never have the opportunity as farmers always fired weapons at him. Cooper has been openly gay for many years now and was given the opportunity to have sex with a cow with the help of Ronald McDonald.

Fucking Faggot Coopers Ex Boyfriend Andy Cohen is fuming mad. Cohen has taken to social media many times since finding out that his ex butt buddy is a cow fucker. Last night at around 3am, the television talk show host wrote: “I am going to fuck his pet cow, kill it, then eat, then cut Anderson’s cock off with a rusty hack saw”. The two dated for over 9 years, only to break up due to Cooper having a faggot love affair with Pete Buttplug.

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Gordon Ramsey: Typical British Homo

Scotland, Ireland, Leprachaun land, Greenland, Britanland, Elton John Land? Whats the fucking difference?

Gordon James Ramsay-(born 8 November 1966) is a British chef, homosexual, LGBT personality, and nigger hater. Born in San Francisco, and raised in Flint, Michigan, he founded his global restaurant group, Gordons Gay Glory Hole Restaurants, in 1997., from robbing Nigger street gangs with his bad ass British posse. After rising to fame on the British television “Cricket Bats Up Me Knickers” in 1999, Ramsay had become one of the best-known and most influential homosexuals in the UK by 2004! Rivaling Elton John. As a reality television personality, Ramsay is known for his hatred of niggers, as well as occasionally horny outbursts, and frequent use of profanity and ethnic slurs. He combines activities in the television, homosexuality, hospitality, and food industries and has promoted homosexuality along with black lives matters protests, despite being a faggot racist himself.

Ramsay has described his early life as a “chronic masterbator” and said his family moved constantly due to the biker gangs coming to shit kick his father, who was a meth addicted male hooker. In his autobiography, Bum Darts In Banbury, he describes his early life as being marked by kids kicking his ass for being gay. In 1976, Jews finally made beating up fags a hate crime and Gord moved to San Francisco. He worked as a pot washer in a local paki restaurant where he stole from the register. At the age of 16, Ramsay moved out of the family home and into a flat in Oakland with his new gay lover Stanley (MC Hammer).

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Marrying Millions: Rodney The Nigger Faggot

Season 2 of Marrying Millions has kicked off and among the show’s many new controversial matchups, couple Rodney King and transgendered orangutang Desiry appear to be at the center of a lot of concerns. On the surface, the couple appears to be a like monkeys in the zoo: Rodney is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar butt plug company known as Obama’s Choice, and Desiry steals old white women’s purses from hospitals. But like most relationships on the show, there seem to be deeper and funnier issues at play. Desiry has voiced that it’s concerning to her that after dating for two whole years, Rodney wants to keep their relationship a secret like the colonials original recipe, and audiences were quick to jump to conclusions the fact that even though Desiry looked like a chimp she could pass off as a female negro. That way Jewish television producers would stop trying to rape Rodney.

Rodney and Desiry met two years ago at a watermelon convention in Los Angeles. After they hit it off, the couple decided to continue their relationship long-distance with Desiry remaining in Los Angeles and Rodney in Africa(where he belongs).  Their relationship appears to be built on a strong foundation of bananas with a lot of nigger matters, other than the fact that White tax payers paid all of Desiry’s bills. They are just a couple of silly niggers.

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Big Ed Grabs That Faggot Andrew By The Pony Tail And Fucks Him Up The Ass!!!

A shocking revelation about 90 Day Fiancé couple Amira Osama Bin Lollysa and Andrew “Ponytail” Kenton hints at their season 8 love story soon turning an unexpected corner. While most couples on season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé shows at least have some what of a normal hair style, Amira Lollysa has to deal with her faggot lover Andrew “I live with my mother” Kenton’s faggot fucking Pony Tail. Never did fit the bill. As Amira battled Israeli soldiers with ISIS to reach Andrew, she also had to face a harrowing nightmare almost as bad as his pony tail, A burning bloody Yeast infection!!!!. But as for those viewers who suspect that Amira may finally be married to Andrew after her yeast infection battle, new evidence seemingly suggests otherwise. Read on for potential spoilers.

The previous week saw 90 Day Fiancé star Amira filming a threesome with Colt Johnson and David Murphey, in a crack rat motel room in Vegas, while Andrew thought his Arab stinky snatch bitch was over seas. Once again, Amira had to get fucked by two dorks instead of spend time with Pony Tail. Fans saw Amira taking dick in the video in pleasure while making fun of Andrews pony tail. Meanwhile, off-screen, Andrew fled to San Diego to go meet up with his on and off again gay lover Big Ed.

Another screenshot shared by the fan page shows a video call taking place between Amira and who appears to be a drug dealer. Once again, the blogger mentions that this is “Amira’s newest man she can not afford that much crack with out sexual favors” and that he is “American.” Comments on this post have fans writing comments such as, “I’m disappointed, I knew that Pony Tail faggot would never see a real pussy besides his old crusty fucking mothers” A different fan notes how Amira could be hiring a hitman.

If this evidence is to be believed, then it can be assumed that Amira and Andrew are over for good, although it can’t be said if Amira’s still in France or in America. However, it could be that Amira did finally stand up to Andrew’s fudge packing with his faggot midget friend Ed. . That being said, while most 90 Day Fiancé season 8 couples might be reportedly married by now, the chances of Amira and Andrew being together are now looking very bleak.

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Niggers Ruined Bachelor Just Like America And Everything Else Their Monkey Paws Touch

For almost 20 pathetic fucking years, Chris Hitler Harrison, longtime host of “The Bachelor” and its dork franchise of reality television spinoffs, has made a career by selling niggers as slaves to the China and Israel. Now it’s his turn to be treated like a nigger. Following selling really lazy (even by nigger standards) slaves” Harrison announced that he is done with dealing with Niggers, Jews, and Homosexuals. It is said that he said “No one wants to watch ugly niggers and faggots on tv. This is too sci fi for me”. Harrison, who is of the more superior and better looking white race, appeared on “Some Jew Lie Show” to discuss allegations against Rachael Kirkconnell, a good looking white finalist (Not one of the ugly niggers) in James’s ongoing season who has been accused of racism. Among the bevy of alleged offenses are never wanting to have sex with a nigger (as beastiality is wrong and should be a crime and she doesn’t want AIDS) Before these claims gained traction, Kirkconnell was by all accounts a well-liked personality an still is by sane minded people. But so many people are brainwashed by Jewish Television and believe Jew fed Lies. This show is now filth. It use to have good looking women on it. Then nigger females who are ugly got upset and society had to mend to pretend they are good looking. Which everyone knows good looking nigger women DO NOT EXIST. Society is lost. Lets watch ugly gorillas on TV that are suppose to be females. Now that is NOT cultural appropriation right fucking there!!!!!

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Bill and His Old Wrinkly Balls Scored Himself a Beaner Border Jumper He Ass Hacked in a Port-o-Potty

Marrying Millions Greasy Creep Bill and Border Jumping Brianna on Why Their Relationship is a Success Despite the 40-Year Age Gap and Bill’s really old saggy wrinkly balls. If you love the stories about the fucked up pathetic couples on 90 Day Fiancé, you will want to laugh at the new relationship show — Marrying Millions — from the creators of that shit series, premiering tonight at a KKK party. Marrying Millions follows the lives of several couples – one rich pathetic shit bag who can’t even buy a lover, the other willing to suck the shit out of their ass with a straw – as they work on their relationships and are faced with the question: How bad can I rob this rich fucker? mattorton.com spoke to Bill, who describes himself as 61 year old faggot, and is the founder of homosexual male escort company, as well as his beaner girlfriend Brianna, 21, who was working as a lettuce picker near where Bill picked up crack head hookers, which is where they met. The couple have been together for 2-1/2 years. “I’m a stalker, i was weird horny methed out, I was like I am going to grab a spic and bend her over in the port o potty. I just never thought it would be this young girl,” the twice-gay-divorced male porn empire tycoon tells boyzloveanal.com in this exclusive interview. “I really wanted to meet a young spic I could use as a cum dumpster. I was impressed with her being able to ignore all the sores and warts on my cock and balls. She was also so jonesing for heroin, and I thought, ‘This bitch will do anything to get her fix, and I mean anything.’ I did get to plow her in that stinky port-o-potty, we started by only doing anal, we’d talk about her yeast infection and my rectal warts, we went out and score crack and meth, and, eventually, that led to more dates and then it led to where we are today, Robbing old ladies for drug money, so it’s a beautiful story.”

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 6

For more pathetic and for worse! The first 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6 details have been leaked like shit rectal sewage from Big Ed’s Loose asshole, and some fan-favorite couples will make an appearance.

Couples Who Survived the Reality TV Curse (So Far) 

On Thursday, March 11, KKK revealed the first four losers who will take part in the series. The show will follow the lives of seven former 90 Day Fiancé husband and wife duos, with the new season picking up where viewers last saw the pathetic shit bags. So far, four of the show’s couples have been announced, with three to be revealed at a later date. The confirmed pairs include Angela Deem and  her cotton picking nigger Michael Ilesanmi, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu “I am a pussy” Pulaa, Elizabeth Potthast and her nazi nigger and Jew hating husband Andrei Castravet and Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith.

Viewers can expect to see “more niggers and faggots roaming around at least in the background,” the network shared on Thursday. This season was filmed during the COVID-19 and their Jewish staff is really horny and want to whack off to the transgendered nigger faggots that can be placed into the background. Shalom.

Every ’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Still Together Today

“I knew in my inbred redneck brain that Michael was the one, that would even consider sticking his AIDS stick in me” Angela, 54, says early on. “So I bought the nigger at a slave auction .” Later, the Georgia native is filmed asking someone to install a tracking device on her 32-year-old niggers stolen cell phone. “Michael’s been picking less bags of cotton lately,” she says in the clip. Kalani, 32, and Asuelu, 25, who also starred in season 5 of the series, are shown arguing about the possibility of a penis enlargement surgery for Asuelu with Asuelu’s mother, who tells Kalani she wants to put a strap on dildo on and ass fuck her herself. The pair met in 2017 when Kalani was on vacation in Samoa. Asuelu was peeping in windows masterbating at her. To this day he still constantly hears voices in his head to go out and fucking jerk off in public.

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