Jenifffffffffer’s Spic Sewage Pussy and The Impotent Faggot Gringo

Jeniffer Tarazona hasn’t earned the best reputation during her time on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. From people getting angry at her for calling her boyfriend Tim Malcolm a fucking faggot to fans doubting if he even legitimately had a pair of balls, the Colombian cheap hooker hasn’t exactly made the best impression on viewers. Malcolm and Tarazona claimed to have met for the first time on the show, but now reports are leaking out faster than the jizz out of Tim’s Asshole that suggest they may be fucking lying. “What we see on the show of them meeting in Colombia is actually not the first time they have met,” one of the hosts on the GayTv revealed. “They have actually met prior to this on a trip to Mexico where that fucking loser Tim fucked some spic named Jose instead of her. What happened was Tim and Jeniffer had been talking online … but GayTV wasn’t really interested at the time (around September 2018).”According to the stinky smell of Jeniffer’s spanish box, the meeting in Mexico didn’t go as planned and Tim Farted cum all over the bed sheets. But when GayTV decided to feature them, the two chose to keep dating for the sake of the show. And Tim had an on and off again gay love affair with Darcy Plastic Face’s Boyfriend Tom while this whole thing was going on. He got a massive man boner over Tom’s Faggot British Accent.

Benjamin from the show who went to fuck the Kenyan Nigger got bored and whacked of on Tim and Jeniffers faces at the tell all show in NYC. Tim especially loved that four eyed faggots cum on his face.

But the pair might not have done as good of a job at pretending to be into each other as they thought. Fans immediately caught on to the fat that Tim seemed more into men than that beaner bitch Tarazona. Malcolm insisted that the lack of action in the bedroom was just because he wanted to have his penis in a mans hairy asshole first. “I’m almost 40 years old,” he told  Boston Rob From Survivor. “I want to feel a British man ejaculate in my anal cavity. I know gay sex is an important part of America, but it’s not everything like it used to be like when my dad ass pounded me after T-ball. I’ve never been with a woman. I think that’s just un-American and that society just thinks if a man says he loves a mans balls in his mouth then he’s alright with John Legend. If a woman says no, it’s time for Rosie Odonell to bust out a strap on dildo. But it’s like the double standard that society has. I kind of laugh about it. I do have some feminine traits like wearing maxi pads and sucking cock in dark alleyways. The have sex with a woman thing was kind of out of left field for me.”

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