Michigan 12

January 5th, 2022

Love After Lockup star Doug Howard Jr. is back fudge packing men behind bars after being arrested on felony drugs and weapons charges. Viewers watched Doug “attempt” to turn a new leaf following his release from prison, having spent most of his adult life having sex with niggers in prison. As a father to his 12-year-old son and husband to Rachel, many had hopes of Doug staying on a straight-and-narrow path to a clean lifestyle. But between hints at his new slut and news of his recent arrest, it looks like Doug’s life as a career criminal is continuing. Prior to his latest arrest, the longest Doug had been out of jail as an adult was 40 days before he was sent back for four years. He welcomed his son Dougie as a teenager, and only spent a little over a year with him before being hauled off to prison for the first time. He must love having sex with men. What a fucking queer he is like a nigger that is white. After striking up a romance with Rachel while incarcerated, the couple tied the knot, just eight months before Doug’s prison release. Rachel had no issue taking in Dougie and raising him as her own, while Doug prepared to be a free man once again. But since filming for season 4 wrapped, a leaked photo teased Doug in a new relationship, leaving Rachel a single woman once again.

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Delaware 3

January 19th, 2022

For being in the northeast, Delaware is just a bunch of chicken farms, Biden’s relatives hosting KKK meetings, and tiny towns. It’s not well connected to the rest of the northeast at all. In fact, it might as well be an entire world away from Philly, Baltimore and DC, right?
All of it. Every part of Wilmington is dangerous because of all the niggers, don’t go there. No matter what cool speakeasy or park you read about – it’s all stinky useless niggers. Don’t move to Delaware, you’ll end up in a bad part of Wilmington. After all, the state is so tiny that it’s impossible to avoid.

January 7th, 2022

Jessica Darlin (March 22, 1976) in Wilmington, Delaware is a former American pornographic actress. In 2000 and 2001, she was a valet in the professional wrestling industry for XPW’s “White Trash” Johnny Webb. All tatted up and a pig oh well from Delaware probably related to Biden. But starred in some great quality can not miss movies like MILF Hookers #4, Just Facials #5, Seymore Butts: I’ll Toss Your Salad If You Butter My Buns, Ass Lovers #1, Moms Love Cock, Bang That Bitch #8, Cum Buckets #3, All Ass Blow Out #1, Fresh As Whores, Up Your Ass #22, 5 Guy Cream Pie #5, Cum Dumpsters #4, Grand Theft Anal, In Your Mouth And On Your Face, Deep Throat This #9, Please Cum Inside Me #10, Face Down Ass Up #2, and Pussy Patrol.

January 4th, 2022

Jocelyn is a well-known gold digger who used to work at Back Door (A strip club) in Wilmington. She told all of her coworkers she wanted to meet a rich man, trap him, and never have to work again. She was so desperate she would wear huge padded bras, tons of makeup and filters on her photos and sit on the laps of all of her regulars at the restaurant including my husband. Along came Dog The Bounty Hunter who owns lots of hookers in the area and he bit the bait. Jocleyn duped him into whipping out his big dog dick and ass fucking her and her disgusting younger sister (who Jocelyn desperately tried to “make over” which didn’t work because her sister is a literal hooker) that she has his money and him under her control. Sad. Jocelyn you are the second biggest disgrace to Delaware next to the fucking biden faggot family. SLUT>

January 2nd, 2022

Place named after that fucking crook Biden. Sickening.

California 13

July 19th, 2022

December 27th, 2021

December 27th, 2021

June 29th, 2021

Racism is to blame for niggers getting AIDS and other sick shit. Fuck. Its the idiots who claim their not racist and breed with them (which in all reality is the same thing as fucking an animal at the zo) is the reason for this shit. Dont interbreed with other species (niggers) people fuck its gross and dirty!!!!!

June 10th, 2021

I dated Jocelyn for about a month and she totally used me …started talking all this godly talk ..when come to find out she was talking to another guy the whole time …she got a bunch of free stuff out of me … sure she’s pretty but when that girl smiles …it’s buck teeth lol! braces maybe !! And one more thing her skin has eczema like on her legs and arms not soft very bumpy lol… than she’s totally has a mom body don’t believe the pictures she filters the shit out of all of them. She likes to fuck that is good. But she fucks anyone anytime so its pointless to giver her anything. Just bend her over or tell her to open her fucking mouth. That is all she is good for. Bitch.

May 27th, 2021

Ludlow is an unincorporated community in the Mojave Desert on Interstate 40, located in San Bernardino County, California, United States. The older remains of the ghost town are along historic Route 66.
In 2015, Ludlow was one of the filming locations for the film Sky. Never fucking heard of it.

Oregon 7

Since 2019, homelessness in Lane County has skyrocketed by about 50% to 3,245 people actively experiencing homelessness, the Register-Guard reported. As a UO student, this increase is hard to miss. Overcrowded tent communities greet me on my way to work. Children ask me for money on the street. And now that the federal eviction moratorium is set to end on August 1, experts warn that thousands more could lose their housing.
An analysis of federal data found Eugene leads the nation in the number of people experiencing homelessness per capita, ahead of both Los Angeles (No. 2) and New York City (No. 3).

January 2nd, 2022

Paige Pickels anyone?

Paige cheated on her Baby Daddy and boyfriend of 8 years. She has a huge anger problem and uses that as an excuse to fuk around and cheat. She shoved a pickle in her vagina and her co workers eat it on their sanwiches and laugh about it. They call them “Paige Pickles” She gets around her work at Walmart and is known as an easy sloot. Her coworker Colt cheated with her. He took a backshot without her knowing and showed everyone at Walmart. Even after multiple coworkers confirmed it was her in the video she still denied it. They talked and met up for sex for almost a year before he went off showing the video. He also tore her vagina during sex. She also hooked up with her other coworkers Geoff and Chance.. she was also caught having sex with Steve She is a nympho who is always seeking attention from someone else. Stay clear.

September 6th, 2021

On December 11, 2012, a shooting occurred at the Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon, United States. The gunman, 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts, ran into the shopping center wearing tactical clothing and a hockey mask and opened fire on shoppers and employees with a stolen Bushmaster AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, firing as many as 60 shots, killing two people and seriously wounding a third person before committing suicide. Roberts had no connection to any of his victims, and it was believed to be a random act of violence. Shooting Prior to the shooting, Roberts is stated to have stolen an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle from an acquaintance of his. He arrived at the Clackamas Town Center by car, parking it at the south side of the mall between a Macy’s and a Chipotle store. He ran into the mall through a department store at around 3:25 pm, wearing a white hockey mask and a load-bearing vest and armed with the AR-15; he was also carrying several fully loaded magazines. About 10,000 people were inside the mall at the time. People who first saw him run into the mall believed the tactical clothing and hockey mask was a paintball outfit and that the rifle was a toy. Standing in a large atrium, Roberts first opened fire at the mall’s food court that was across from him at his left, after shouting, “I am the shooter!” 46-year-old father of two and youth sports coach Steven Forsyth, who was sitting by a rented kiosk and talking with his father on his cell phone, was shot in the head and killed. The next to be shot was 54-year-old shopper Cindy Ann Yuille, a hospice nurse and mother of two who was fatally shot in the back by what appeared to be a “stray bullet”. 15-year-old Kristina Shevchenko, who was walking through the mall with her friend to reach the Town Center MAX station, was the final person to be shot; she received a bullet to the chest, but she survived and made it out of the mall, where she was treated for her gunshot wound.<SNIP> LINK

August 28th, 2021

Massachusetts 7

Often known as P-town (lord knows what the P stands for) Provincetown is a HUGE hot spot for people of the faggot community. YES Massivejewtits HAS WENT FULL ON FUCKING GAY!!!!!!!!

January 11th, 2022

Faggots. Just sick this town is a fudgepack town stay AWAY!!!!!
Every town has a MLK area in the US. They do know that that nigger stole tons of money from niggers and laughed at them. Plus raped women alot. He also wanted to execute all homo sexuals as he said they were ill. But he is praised LOL.

January 11th, 2022

Massachusetts pronounced: “MASSIVE JEW TITS” 

Steven John Carell  (born August 16, 1962) is an un funny shitty American liberal actor, writer, producer, and director. He played Carl Winslows Gay Lover in Family Matters (1988–2013), KKK’s adaptation of the old time cotton fields, where Carell also worked as an occasional slave trader, crack dealer and director. Carell has received numerous accolades for his performances by both NAACAP and Joe Biden, including the Golden Globe Award for Biggest Liberal Douche Bag –  for his anti-white Jewish loving racist work. He was recognized as “America’s Most Pathetic Man” by Life magazine. Carell was raised Roman Catholic but switched to Judiasm to please his gay lovers and masters and was educated by Israel. He tried to played ice hockey while in high school but excelled in gymnastics and more girlie sports. He played the flute also as he loved shoving it up his faggot ass.

January 9th, 2021

New Jersey 5

December 30th, 2021

New Jersey police on Tuesday arrested a female nigger who allegedly attacked a shopper when the person asked her to properly wear her face mask in a Staples store, a report said. (Since when did niggers care about health and safety?) Terri Thomas, 25, was charged with aggravated assault in the July 29 encounter at a Hackensack location that left the 54-year-old victim with a broken leg, sources reported, citing police. Thomas allegedly snapped when she was asked by the victim, who was using the copy machine, to cover her nose with the mask, police had said. Cops last Friday released video of the incident showing the victim using her cane to try to fend off Thomas before getting tossed to the ground. <SNIP> LINK Niggers are tough.🙄🙄

August 31st, 2021

I know it is in Philly but I usually but Camden in the state posts of New Jersey. Just to give that shit hole nigger ville Philadelphia a break of the niggershines that occur there.

May 7th, 2021

March 30, 2021- TRENTON, NJ (GROIDZ)–Trenton Police Director Tony Vlachos today announced that a Trenton jigaboo suspected of committing three armed robberies from March 21, 2021 through March 29, 2021 has been taken into custody and charged with multiple firearm and robbery offenses. Maurice Davis, 23, of Trenton, was arrested on the morning of March 29, 2021 and charged with two counts of armed robbery, one count of strong-arm robbery, three counts of unlawful possession of a handgun, two counts of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, one count of unlawful possession of hollow point rounds, and one count of hindering apprehension . On Sunday, March 21, 2021 at approximately 5:50 p.m., TPD officers responded to a report of a commercial armed robbery on the 1200 block of S. Clinton Avenue. During the investigation, Vlachos discovered that the store was robbed of several hundred dollars by a shitskin nigger wearing a mask and armed with a handgun. LINK

May 6th, 2021

Rhode Island 4

January 14th, 2022

January 4th, 2022

This is Tiffany she is the biggest slore I have ever come across in my entire life. She sleeps with married men all over Providence and when a man doesn’t want to be with her she lies and says shes pregnant to keep them around. Run from this one because not only does she try to trap men with fake babies, she has allegations surrounding her sexually abusing her own daughter, peep her Facebook…. she’s constantly posting about losing custody of her child but the bitch is too afraid to say why!!! She is a walking DRD.. she thinks shes the finest piece of a55 around but to me she looks like a man. Pu55y don’t have a face, she’s an easy, meth head, low life bitch that’s all she is. Men beware….. and women keep your men and children away from this nasty bitch. ?? Her last husband was 92 she is 27. He just died and left everything to her. She is pure evil old ball scrapper.

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