Montana 2

This bitch Ashley and her Posse be running this bitch her in Helena. She enjoys redneck things like shooting farm animals and having beers and orgies in her trailer compound. She is often joined with the best of the best her dad Dog the Bounty Hunter, Steve Skin Head Drunk, Chris Hitler Harrison, and her new fuck buddy until she spends all his money on meth and Pabst 45 beer Tony “the Rat” Vlachos. She drives a tractor usually around town with no regard or care for anyone or anything around her. She just blows the cops or even smack the women with her melons and she walks off. She thinks farting is funny and is often seen at the Bonanza restaurant squatting over the salad bar letting fart fumes rip and moisten in the food. She laughs as she is doing this and she juggles her bazookas like juggling balls its funny and the stupid chink that owns the restaurant doesnt mind as he jerks off to it and ats the cream on your chicken. Ashley aka fart skank hoe bag 300 on facebook. Bitch. Use to play softball with me and you used my catchers mitt to catch my dads cum when you blew him so you could be the pitcher you skank hoe I know you have a yellow yeasty period and I can proove it your uncle told me while he gave me anal last tuesday at the bowling alley. HA HA HA I know

One Niner Fink Bitch Ashlie

This woman Ashlie has been hitting on my fiancé and slinging crack in The Decepticons turf for the One Niners!!!!!!!!, Thinking our crew wouldn’t know? Bitch?. When I called her out about it she caused a world of drama for me. She is nasty. Her kids’ dad was working for Tfresh and they ordered a hit on FutonFred saying she would leave dirty diapers and rotten food all over the house, hidden under couches and behind the washing machine. Her anal butt plugs she hangs on the telephone poles outside her trailer as bird feeders. Along with the used tampons. She makes a used tampon wind chime for bird seed things. She also has been bragging about this man named Chris Harrison and how she plans on getting with him because she’s got more street cred than any fucker he is with. Women like her must be stopped.

Dirt Leg Amy Shits Her Pants In Ennis, Montana behind dumpsters where she hides to shoot up junk.

Amy “Dirt Leg” of Ennis, Montana is no one you want around. She is a miserable human being and misery loves company. She has zero respect for anyone or anything. She will run over her own daughter if she is in the way of what Dirt Leg wants(which is usually drugs, cock, pussy, a dirty asshole ect….). She actually told her daughter to go try and kill herself again because her daughter asked her if she could borrow her Joey Gladstone Butt Plug Vibrator. She denied it, and her daughter didn’t believe her. Ironically, her daughter was correct, Dirt Leg Never Shares her fucking vibrators and or dildos. She was lying. If she sees a man she thinks has money, she will stop at nothing to sink her nasty fangs in. If he is old enough she will tell everyone he is like a dad to her so she doesn’t look like a gold digger. In reality, she just wants him to pay a bill, give her a place to live, make her car payment, alcohol, pills, drugs, fines for dwis and duis or whatever else she finds of use that he can provide. If you work with her, watch your back around DIRT LEG AMY she steals tampons and eats them.

This home wrecking slore is Marissa from Butte and shehas no morals or values. Me and my boo boo we’re happy and going strong for 3 years before she came back into his life and wouldn’t stop until she was the one sleeping in our bed. I know because her box smells so fuking bad and there is brown stain on my white satan sheets. This bitch Marrisa has sso much cum crusted up her crusty muff yuk. I’m sure the isn’t the first one. I’m sure she feeds him good street drugs and one day he’ll realize she’s just temporary. Watch out this slore could be coming for your man. She steals food from walmart too. Her part time job at Taco bell isn’t paying her rent at her moms basement you bitch Marissa

This is Christine her fat ass works at the Safeway in Helena. This sorry lard chins excuse for a human being went after my husband’s hairy ball sack knowing he was married. She is fat, moldy and just a insecure self- ritious bully who has the breath of a dogs slimy rectum hole. When my husband came clean about his crack and farm animal porn addiction and broke it off, she tried to threaten and blackmail him with videos of them humping pigs at Safeway. She has tried to make it appear that they are still together to cause trouble as we share the same yeast infection doctor. She has harassed me on my social media accounts~ including LinkedIn and Pandora (talk about desperate and pathetic). She is a pathetic human being who has tried to bully people into getting what she wants. I think later today I am going to go into her yard and shit in her flower bed to kill her nice roses and then wipe my ass with the thorny stems so the blood makes weeds grow in the mud. Yeah take that Christine you bitch. #Winning

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Summer:Rectal Beard Sylist w/herpes

If your man is getting their hair done by this chick Summer in Des Moines they may be getting more than just a hair cut. This lovely lady is attracted to men in a relationship, engaged, or married if you have kids even better. She opened up the first ever Iowan get your hair cut and your cock sucked. She probably rams the scissors up her asshole or cuts guys wieners off to store for later. Her type of men…anyone that is taken with a wiener and $20. But it doesn’t stop there…An anal hair shampoo and gel with a friend, it won’t stop her from trying to get with your man. Don’t waste your breath calling her out on it though, her mouth and ears are too full of jizz to hear you. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it and again it won’t stop her. Beware of this one, she likes a challenge! 

Meggan Wants A Load Of Jizz To Use Like Scope To Rinse The Meth Taste Out Of Her Mouth

Meggan from Charles City takes it in the bum on the farm with the cows, and she smiles and squeals like a pig. I get her drunk and high on meth and take her out to my Uncle Jim Bob’s farm near Floyd. I have gave Meggan Ghonoreah so many fucking times I lost count. She’s known for begging on her knees while she is in the mud for a gooey load. She also fucked around with a married man while my grandfather and I videotaped it to black mail the mob, KNOWING he was married and she could end up in the bottom of the river if it got leaked out to anyone. She’s an alcoholic and abused and SELLS xanax she buys from the Chinks she blows at the restaurant at the mall. I am personally getting sick of fucking her my dick is ready to fall off from the brownish throbbing veiney hairy fungus it has acquired.

Kelsey Fucked My Elderly Grandfather and Broke My Grandparents Golden Anniversary up.

My Bernie Sanders like old grandfather came out to some crack house bragging about sleeping with this girl Kelsey , I couldn’t keep his secret anymore and so I told my elderly dying grandmother! This happened a little over a month ago, apparently it was okay as once he started smoking meth my Gramps started getting mad erections like it was the 70’s all over again. This girl was supposed to be a friend of the grand daughter, NOT ANYMORE! My cousin was so mad she went and fucked Kelsey’s Grandfather and Grandmother with a strap on. Then went and dug up one of Kelsey’s Grandpas who she ever even knew, who died before Kelsey was even born. Dug him up taped a popsicle stick on his dead dick and fucked his corpse to just for spite filmed it and plays it all over town at the TVs at Future Shop where she works. My cousin is still pissed at Kelsey for throwing my grandmothers bed pan in her face and telling her to eat her old poo liquid. Kelsey hasn’t been around lately last I heard she moved to Minnesota and got into prostitution with some Lumberjack working for that Somalian bitch that loves Trump Omar is her name.

This girl is fucking Kaitlyn she is a major meth head from Iowa. She doesnt believe in Tampons because they are made by men. She doesn’t wipe her asshole. After she takes big liquid shits outside her trailer. Her boyfriend rapes her pet dogs every night. Except for Tuesdays and Thursday because thats bowling night. don’t know how to keep her legs closed because she needs more kids for more welfare money to buy crack. She has had 3 DRDs in one year how sad and she dont even know who the father of her child is. She dated a person whose brother is a pedo she never has her kid. She is a poor excuse for a mom. Now she is dating a meth addict and a drunk. Real smart but she is a walking drd better get checked people. Plus she flings the dog shit in her yard at cars when she gets high on bath salts. Plus she eats her poo with mustard on it on sundays when she watches Americas funniest home videos with her vibrator and no shirt on.

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Easiest Lay in Raleigh No Joke She is married too But doesn’t give a shit.

Monica moved back to Raleigh with her husband and her two year old kid a couple months ago. I knew she cheated on her first husband back in 2007, and he left her slutty ass when he found her in bed with 3 dudes from her church who had her tied to the bed posts. Now she is back, and I came home early from work a few days ago to find her and my husband in our bed fucking like wild animals. Worst part about it is that I stood there for a minute and she never stopped sucking his cock. They never saw me, and I left the house, but I’m sure they have done it before, and will do it again. I even found some dirty pictures of her on my husbands phone when I looked at it when he went for a run the other day. I knew she had hooked up with guys at the Applebees in Knightdale before she remarried, but I never thought she’d hook up with my husband. Girls in Goldsboro or Raleigh, watch your man around her.

Guy didn’t hit her hard enough.

This guy is going to get it. The courts always come down hardest on straight white males. So they can not be called racist by the Jewish media when they convict.

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