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(KKKSD) — A Pierre woman was arrested Saturday evening after police say she stole a car and broke into a home. Pierre Police Captain Pee Wee Herman says officers first were called to the 200 block of North Euclid Avenue just before nine pm after getting dispatched to a call of an intoxicated party in a residence. As officers investigated they learned 32 year-old Sara had removed a screen from a window and obtained entry to the apartment. Pee Wee says Sara, a known hooker and meth head, caused around 200-dollars in damage to property inside. As officers continued to investigate the burglary a report was dispatched regarding a stolen vehicle in the 2000 block of Kennedy Drive. Officers then discovered Sara was responsible for the vehicle theft as well. She was arrested and transported to the Hughes County Jail on charges of Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Intentional Damage to Property, First Degree Burglary and an outstanding Bench Warrant. Not nice, get your shit together Sara.

October 18th, 2020

July 4th, 2020

Madison enjoys manipulating men to believe that they are the only one…. while sleeping with several others. She uses men and makes up stories about them being crazy about her…even though she is sleeping with them. She refuses to use a condom, because she says only niggers and fags have AIDS, and denies having DRDs…but passes many. She slept with a married guy and tried to break up his marriage because he was her boss …she lied to everyone at work and around that they weren’t doing anything. She tries to make herself look innocent, but loves the control over men… convincing them to ‘deny deny deny’. Ask her about being choked…. And her DRDS is rampant…spreads without any symptoms…so get checked. Buy her a drink she flashes the bar. Pathetic.

This harlots name is Arianna from Rapid City. While I was pregnant she was trying to convince my husband to leave me for her and take the baby away from me. All the while never knowing me. They used to date years ago. She kept messaging my husband how much better she would be for him than me and would even take care of our son. She started telling him our son wasn’t his and that I was nothing but a whore. She loves going after taken men. This girl is such a slut she fucks everyone at the bars and has slept with most of the Rush Hockey team and is not the least bit worried about stds or condoms. Because she says NO CONDOMS ALLOWED. She loves the raw bareback she says it feels the best.. My husband never fell for her lies and stayed with his family but she still attacks me. She hates that I have what she wants. Beware, she tries to give men some sob story to comfort her. She also puts porn videos of herself online at pornhub. Her name is “thepicklequeen13” she also has a tattoo of a pickle… If that says anything. Who tries to destroy a family like this?

This psycho b1tch Elizabeth MuffCrust cheated on her now ex husband with a man old enough to be her father, and now, even though they’ve been divorced for almost a year, she’s gone psycho possessive stalker on him attempting to forbid him from having a female friend. She messages his female friend repeatedly, making new accounts to do so when she gets blocked, harassing her and calling her a sloot and a cheating slore, seemingly forgetting that he divorced her because she couldn’t keep her legs closed. Furthermore, she also messaged this woman’s husband attempting to convince him that his wife was cheating on him. She is a pathetic, insecure little hypocrite who always has a cigarette in her toothless slore mouth if isn’t stuffed with multiple cocks.

This whore Emily eats her period juice and yeast infection in a bowl like poridge. She was married, met a married man from her work, and persued his old hairy balls. I know this because I use to be a peeping Tom in Brookings, South Dakota! I use to sit outside Emily’s house and masterbate to all the dudes she would fuck. Emily is HUGE into fisting. Both in the vagina and asshole. She always uses lube or wiener juice. I get so horny looking in Emily’s window as she is such a slob. She craps and pisses in the bed on purpose because she claims it is warm and she uses the heat bill money for crack. I wish I had better looking wmen to peep on but that was Brooking South Dakota Emily is the best looking one. It is that fucking sad there all fucking sick pigs. Even Emily Oinks!

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This woman Leslie is a sick lysol huffing native chug water buffalo bitch from Rapid City. Just like all South Dakota Classy women giving the finger. There is not a good looking woman in this whole fucking state. Which is crazy as there are not that many niggers here. Leslie is proud of her native heritage. Blaming the white man for everything as she can not think of a positive thing that Native culture has brought anyone ever globally. Even anything that natives have done ever that have helped THEIR OWN PEOPLE! But while whine so she can still get whitey money. Statues of white people that built the land to what it is is racist to the chug. But when it comes to money with the guy on it so she can buy stuff invented by whites its not racist. HMMMM easy math… Just like a nigger.

So this chick Natasha has been a pain in my ass for a while. She comes over to my house and throws her kids diapers at my house that are full of shit. Plus she fucks my husband with a strap on dildo. She is known around Herrick South Dakota as the Diaper Bag Bitch. Or Diaper Bag Woman 4000. The 4000 is the estimated dudes loads she takes in a month. She steals yeast infection cream from walmart when she goes into Sioux Falls with who ever she is blowing that day. Usually the cop or the dude that hands out the welfare checks.

Sierra in Pierre will suck your dick dry wake up in the morning eat all your fucking pancakes. Go into your bathroom spread her ass cheeks and spray liquid shit all over your walls. She is that fucking hardcore. Then on her way out the door she will torch your lawn and kick your neighbors cat like a soccer ball. This nasty b1tch from Pierre and Witten likes go and reck people’s marriages and relationships she goes up to the bars and trolls for guys on Facebook Snapchat Instagram whatever her nasty-a55 can find. She sells crack at the bus station alot too. A person she ruined their lives told her to actually STOP sending naked pics of her nasty tits and gross pu55y with the dog licking the mayo off her.. it’s so bad that if there’s a d1ck in the room she’s fuking on it acting like she’s hot sh1t and all she is a nasty DRD carrying Indian she brags about tear it apart other people’s marriages like mine and many other people’s often time going back to the rez and making all the squaw jealous as they get beat by their lysol huffing native husbands.

Crusty Crack Crotch Corrina decided after having her second child with her husband and returning from maternity leave, that she needed my husband to take care of her pussy stuffing needs, NO CUM DODGING ALLOWED! She put on a strap on and fucked my husband, who at the time was severely depressed because he just got out of prison after being raped in the shower by Mexicans for a few years. She texted him, told him she had fantasies about seeing him get his asshole violently torn apart in a shower by faggot gang bangers. And she would love it if they could get together. She told him that she didn’t think people shouldn’t be monogamous and it was okay to have relations outside of their marriage especially with the same sex. Although he told her at first that he was married to a fat walrus cow and wasn’t interested, but was horny, she pursued him and kept coming on to him until he finally lost his will power and gave in. She told him she needed him to come to her house to see the damage her husband had caused in a violent rage. He went with her and that’s how it all began. He fell victim to a “maiden in distress” lost himself and f*cked up his whole life. He fucked her in the ear and grabbed his little dog dick and jizzed in her nostrils. Fuck You Corrina ram your toaster up your ass bitch.

This whore Chloe stinks like tuna fish and throws herself at married men and refuses to take NO for an answer just like Rosie Odonnel munching on Ellen Degeneress’s mud flaps. If they try to break it off with her she tries her best to destroy their lives, which goes as far as her taking a big man shit in the signifigant others vehicle when it is parked at the yeast infection clinic. She targets men with money and high profile jobs usually little dicked fat bald losers. After destroying their marriage, Job, and anything else she can harm she claims she is pregnant to add to the drama. Which she usually is if her dad is in town in between jail stints. Her dad is usually locked up for beating the shit out of her fat mother for smoking his crack or drinking his Pabst 45 beer. She is dirty and stinks like a nigger but lives in a trailer and lives like a nigger in Africa but has stolen cable.

This little slut worked with my husband at Cigna Tel Drug and Crystal Meth screwed her way to the top all the way to screwing the managers double fisting and double anally taking their shafts in their offices all while taping it for her dad to watch. After she found out my husband was married she started putting herself in “victim situations” where he needed to help her. Very manipulative little bitch. She is a user and uses men until they have nothing else to offer her or the women they are with have left them, then she moves on to the next. She’s a succubus. Last I heard her sister said she was working at Walmart in Sioux Falls. So I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she’s doing the same thing there. I heard she is fucking Carl the dude that puts the pickles on the shelf. He is a mean son of a bitch.

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I met Tiffany in February 2015 through my husband (fiancé at the time). She was, at the time, 19. At first I was lol “Oh yeah she’s cool and she likes a lot of the same things as us.” Blah blah blah. My husband and I then decided once we were all comfortable with the idea we would have a threesome. Well as time went on, my husband was coming home from work later and later. When he was home, she was over and he’d give her a ride home. This went in until like May and me being the dumba$$ that I am, didn’t get suspicious until then. One night he had me plug his dead phone in and I did and turned the phone on and looked at his message. The last message from her was “Can we smoke after we f**k?” I was fng livid!! Long story short, they got caught and we broke up for a few weeks and then got back together. Oh, and did I mention, the whole time she and my husband slept together, she was pretending to date my brother-in-law!! Now this is just my story… here’s the reason she’s Queen HOMEWRECKER. She is in “relationships” with multiple guys at a time. She pretends to be with one guy and then will be sleeping with 2 other guys on the side. She would give blow jobs to any guy to get weed, or smokes. The list goes on and on…

This melted tuna smelling bitch is Kendra Martin. She is a trifling hemroid burning ass ho. She is known from South Dakota to Wyoming to Texas for sleeping with other girl’s dudes and filming it. She is a thirsty ass sperm rag who is so cock desperate for a man. Not only does she have a busted ass mug with terrible eyebrows and shit crust breath, this whore has Ebola. I know because she gave the clap to a guy she was fucking from the midget circus who also had another girl pregnant. She is nothing but a low down, ugly ass, common fucking whore who eats her dogs asshole out with ketchup and cheese gravy. There’s nothing good about her raisin smelling shit tickle starfish box. She’s a fake wannabe dildo testing hemroid munching bitch. She picks hemroid scabs off mens asshole liners and eats them. Take one look at her semen soaked face and you can see why she doesn’t have a man and gets off fucking 6 guys at one who are all from Pizza Hut loading the oven with money hungry Jews in between turns. She is the lowest of the low and the dirtiest of filth. I hope her rotten vagina falls and this bitch gets the ass fucking from karma that she deserves. Filthy white trash whore whose vagina smells like a coyotes asshole after Martin Luther King and Tupac blew their AIDS infested loads in it..

Some times when in Yankton you get tired of Yanking it. And for a dollar and a quarter Hope will do it with a smile. this is Hope from Yankton, South Dakota. She is easily the best most hardcore fuck in both the Dakotas and Minnesota. And it ain’t even close. All the fat girls and nigger bitches think she is the most two faced girl in the area. First off, not only is she good looking…she makes any woman in her radius an ugly fucking pig. She pretends to be your best friend, then turns around and tells everybody in town everything about it. If you confront her about it she tells you how big your boyfriends cock gets when it explodes in her mouth. And tries to play the victim with a grin and jizz drool on her chin. She sleeps with everyone who will have at her, then wants more cock and never stops servicing dicks until the balls are completely drained dry like dust. She goes through friends quicker than she even changes the dick inside her. She’s well known for spreading love and telling people she’s horny. She worked as a Garbage Truck Driver all summer, who knows what she picked up and spread around there. She has slept with countless “friends” boyfriends who were all happier with her than their girlfriends. And she’s always there to play the best friend when you break up with your boyfriend, for you and him. She likes to sit around and whine about how ugly and fat all black people are, just plugging her nose as if a stinky nigger was in the room. She’s a total fucking babe. People need to fuck her brains out constantly. She’s a TOP NOTCH YANKTON SKANK.

 This is Lindsay Stoeser Heiss(remember her from highschool she is the one who fiddled her vagina with a carrot on youtube)…she just married one of the best transgendered strippers in Dell Rapids, South Dakota. She thinks she is the HOTTEST THING ALIVE, and the only reason she married Mr. Man Whore himself is because no one else asked her-this is the first and only dude that felt like touching her! She has been nothing but a football team cum dumpster since the day she was born! And now that she is married…that is all we see on her pornhub premium page. She only has pretty, perfect friends too, not one of them is chubby, ugly, black, or poor. Imagine that, she seeks them out! Please take her down a few hundred notches and let her know she is a tampon box model at best! Oh yeah, she thinks her little hemroid cock fuck is LC Conrad…SHE WISHES! Also, the first pic of her is at the beach, where she wades in the water to let the cat fish nibble at her stinky pussy, every profile pic is either of her in a bikini or her and her ugly man(born female) whore husband. They deserve each other!

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