Philip The Faggot Pink Underwear Nigger and His Gay Faggot Love Shamar

Shamar Thomas is a normal dindu American Nigger from Survivor: Caramoan. He was at the center of much conflict on the Gota tribe, as his combative tendencies and low level of effort around camp alienated him from several of his fellow castaways. So he was much to the tribe how every single fucking nigger lives among normal humans every day. He was often rendered distraught by the social realities of the game, and even considered a rap career. Perennially on the chopping block, he managed to survive two Tribal Councils and participate in a pair of early blindsides due to Jesse Jackson and NAACAP before being evacuated from the game due to an Ebola infection. Shamar claims to of fought in Iraq but after watching the show it is doubtful he has ever operated a gun. If he could he would of been killed or in jail for armed robbery a long time ago. Shamar likes going to the gym to check out dudes, his grandmas extra large cow like utter titties that hang to the ground, and man ass in his face with his black coffee.

Shamar on the show lead to a hot show-mance of long time gay-grandfather Philip Sheppard. Sheppard claims to of been a special agent but after watching the show more it is determined he is just a stupid lying fucking nigger. With AIDS. Philip is from Santa Monica, California via a slave ship from Africa. Philip came from a large batch of nigger eggs planted in California by democrats to obtain voters. It was later found out that the democrats their plan backfired as they had Mexico to the south and niggers were lazy and couldn’t read, hence why California has an abundance of useless niggers residing their streets and prisons today..

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