That Old Fucking Dumb Shit Head Scott Explains His Lip Is Bad From Nigger Pussy Yeast.

Scott has Stage 4000 Halitosis from Oprah’s pussy.

Scott from Love After Lockup finally explains what the problem is with his upper lip, ending speculation that fans have come up with on their own. In all the episodes that feature Scott, the businessman in his 60s, appears to have a very swollen, stupid looking, fucking puffy upper lip. Lindsey, who went to prison for driving over 100 miles per hour to avoid police while she was in possession of a substantial amount of methamphetamines, doesn’t seem to mind. It isn’t Lindsey though, who looks like she has a bad case of meth-mouth. Many fat inbred trailer trash and nigger ex homiehoppers who watch the show have speculated what could be the reason for Scott’s apparent lip condition. Things like a cleft palate, plastic surgery, or even a disease have been suggested by curious fans. According to Anderson Cooper, Scott has finally given everyone an explanation for his lip problem and it’s not what anyone would have expected. The mentally slow retard has admitted that the appearance of his upper lip is due to an allergy to “vagisil used on Oprah’s Pussy when he eats her out on weekends.” He even pointed out to fans that it’s certainly not a permanent skin condition and that it is only a “temporary” reaction. He states also that no amount of gum can get the stench of that niggers pussy out of his mouth and he is diagnosed with stage 4000 Halitosis. He adds that during the filming of the season’s episodes he was experiencing a “flareup” because he made out with Clint who also eats out Oprah’s pussy and asshole for crack money.

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