Blind River Rest Stop Murders

Blind River Rest Stop Murders
     On June 28th, 1991 Gord and Jaqueline McAllister(from Lindsay, Ontario), who were married for 39 years were sleeping in their motor home at a rest area in Blind River, Ontario. Suddenly at around 1am a man knocked on their door claiming to be a police officer and told them that they had to move the vehicle. Jaqueline went to open the door and a man brandishing 2 guns said “First I am going to rob you, then I am going to kill you”. At the time Gord McAllister didn’t think that the man would shoot them. He took some rings as Jaqueline pleaded not to be killed the man shot her in the chest. Gord was able to jump from the motorhome and roll under it and hide.
  While the man was getting ready to flee the scene a car pulled up driven by a 29 year old father named Brian Major. He was fatally shot by the gun man through the front windshield. The gunman then got into his van and drove off a van that was spotted speeding and driving erratically at the time out of the rest stop heading east. The witness who seen the van could not tell if it had American or Canadian plates. It was heading east towards Sudbury, Ontario.
  Gordon who unknown at the time had also been shot in the back and ended up going to the road to get help. Jaqueline McAllister and Brian Majors were already dead at this time. Gordon was able to help make a police composite of the gunman.
Suspects: Pictured above on the left is the composite that Gordon McAllister gave to police of the gunman. The man on the right is the main suspect in this case and his name is Ronald Glenn West (Born 1947) a retired police officer from Toronto, Ontario. He lived in the Blind River area at the time of the murders. He is also accused of murdering 2 women in 1970. West is currently serving 2 life sentences for a bunch of robberies and the murders of the 2 women in 1970 as of 1999. He didn’t admit to killing the 2 women until 2001. Although it is believed that West was the killer he has never been charged in the murders. While incarcerated West is kept in a private cell for personal safety. Due to the fact he is an ex-cop, sex slayer, and suspected of attacking seniors.
  In 1970 West was convicted of killing 2 nurses in what police call sex slayings. They were Doreen Moorby 34 and Helen Ferguson 38. They were both from Toronto.
  When Jaqueline McAllister and Brian Major were murdered West was living in Blind River with his second wife and 2 teenaged sons.
  West also served 4 years of an 8 year prison term in 1995 for a string of robberies in the Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario area.
The Van blue van seen speeding away.
Brian Major: 29 year old Brian Major was a father and resident of Elliot Lake, Ontario who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but then again so were the McAllisters.

Jaqueline McAllister: Jaqueline McAllister was 59 at the time of her death.
Gord McAllister: Later remarried Suzanne Willis. Gord McAllister was 62 at the time of the killings. He was shot in the back and survived. Sadly on February 14th, 2012 Gord passed away never knowing the truth about his wife’s murder.
My Thoughts: I am certain it was Ronald West who committed the crimes. It makes the most amount of sense. He was also rumoured to own a blue van at the time of the murders and does fit the description well. It is too bad that Gord McAllister couldn’t of had closure before he died.  West should be in jail for the rest of his life which is a good thing.
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