Virginia 7

January 10th, 2022

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé may see more of Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina. Viewers saw Brandon and Julia’s meth binge on 90 Day Fiancé season 8, when Julia came from Russia with a pound of crystal to Brandon’s family farm in Virginia. Where they started supplying the east side of Virginia. Many obstacles got in Brandon and Julia’s way of starting their next chapter, including Brandon’s fucking slut mother, pervert father fucking Julia, and the fucking cops! But the young couple ultimately got the job done. Fans later got a taste of the couples’ married life on spin-off series Bang Bros: Tag Team My Russian Whore Slut of a Wife, which showed 12 eager strangers taking turns having sex with Julia while Brandon sat in the corner and jerked off crying. Brandon and Julia now live in Richmond, Virginia, and are making the most of their newfound 90 Day and porno fame. The couple often shows off their day-to-day life to their large social media and porn tube following. Julia recently announced she was returning to hard core adult films, which she and Brandon will juggle with their Pillow Talk filming responsibilities. As for if they will return to their 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, the couple just gave a major hint to fans that they may be coming back to Happily Ever After?.

January 8th, 2022

Petite, cute and blonde bombshell Tessa Taylor was born in 1990 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She was born was born Candace Wurl. She is of German descent. When she was fifteen years old, she had sex for the first time and her first contact with the adult entertainment industry happened in her late teen years when she started doing amateur porn in Florida. She has starred in such classics as Bigger The Pole Tighter The Hole, Cock Sucking Cheer Leaders, Teens Like It Big, Masturbation Nation #9, She’s Gonna Blow POV #2, Swallow This #16, Sweet Young Things #4, Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First 7, Boffing The Babysitter #6, Seinfeld XXX, Too Big For Teens #4, Don’t Tel My Daddy……. You Fucked My Big Titties, Blowjob Fridays, I Love Big Toys #29, Breakfast Club XXX, We Suck #3, All New Beaver Hunt #3, Barley Legal #102, 69 Bree Street, Cum Stained Casting Couch #15, Teen Dreams #16, Teens Take It Big #2, and the ever so classic web show Bang Bus.

January 2nd, 2022

Daonte Is The Studliest Nigger Virginia Has Ever Fucking Seen!!!!!!!!

During the Love After Lockup: How to Date an Inmate New Year’s Eve Nigger TV Special, it was announced that Season 3 goof Daonte Sierra who hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia has been dating tramp Lindsey Downs from Season 2. Love After Lockup viewers found out last season that Lindsey’s relationship with Scott Bradshaw went up in flames and that she had been locked up again for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm by a felon. Her charges haven’t stopped hopeless and unrealistic romantic Daonte from getting into a relationship with her whore white bitch ass he was just burned by Nicolle Bradley. Nicole played the stupid nigger like a fiddle. Daonte’s determination to see a white pussy, and disclosure that the inmate he’s dating is Lindsey, shocked Love After Lockup fans who know how big of a fucking pathetic piece of shit the nigger is. Daonte and Lindsey have been exchanging cute comments back and forth on Instagram for a while now which prompted rumors that they started something but the pair did not confirm their relationship until last night’s special. Lindsey said that she has a prison girlfriend but is also dating Daonte for his money so she can buy meth and suck prison guards dicks and he said that Lindsey sought him out because he is a stud. Lindsey has a tentative release date from prison of March 2022, which she will probably fuck up. Daonte’s mom is a fierce Chicken Lori Lightfoot look a like over her son but she regularly tells him that he is a stupid fucking nigger just like Barrack Obama. During the Love After Lockup Special, fellow castmate Brittany Santiago asked Daonte if his mother knew he was dating Lindsey after the shocking news came out and he said that his mother did not know. It was then that his mom popped up on the screen and revealed she knew exactly what was happening. While they didn’t go into too much detail, it looks like she will have a lot to say when they have a face-to-face conversation.

Before the 90 Days Sneak Peek: Ximena Is ‘Super Nervous’ to Tell Mike She Was Born A Man

“It’s going to be a hard blow for him because he’s excited to be with a real woman for once” Ximena says in Orton’s sneak peek at 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. After finally spending a night with boyfriend Mike, Ximena has a major bombshell to share with him.   In El Beaner exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Ximena is talking to sister Wendy about Mike’s impotency, who traveled to her native Colombia to see a vagina for the first time.  “Do you want him to propose to you?” Wendy asks, to which Ximena says, “If Mike proposes to me, of course.”  However, Ximena has a secret that she hasn’t yet told Mike.  “Does Mike know that you use to have the largest penis in the whole porn industry?” her sister asks before Ximena shakes her head no. “I know that Mike wants a real woman, but I can’t hide the left over fore skin from my old king sized dong” the mom of two then tells the cameras. “I suffered a lot with the men and women I slept with in the industry”  Ximena adds, “So I decided to hack that large hog of a cock off with a meat cleaver.”

“What do you think he’ll say?” Wendy asks.  “I can’t imagine that. It’s going to be a hard blow for him because he would of really loved my rock hard shaft in his ass. That does hurt me a lot,” Ximena admits. 

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That Shitskin African Coon Usman Got Him Self An Elderly American Bag Lady Hoe

With the return of that fucking pathetic show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days comes several new couples, including franchise nigger Usman Umar and his new bitch, Kimberley Menzies. The Before the 90 Days season 5 cast has fans laughing, and though Usman is a familiar cotton picker, Kim looks like the crusty homeless bag lady who pisses her pants and lives under a bridge and gives out blowjobs for bottles of scope. There’s a lot to know about Usman’s new “Bag lady” and the mother of some negros child from San Diego should prepare herself for almost no good attention coming her way very soon. Viewers will remember that fucking nigger Usman, aka “Sojaboy” from Before the 90 Days season 4 when he was fucking that ugly fucking hippo Lisa Hamme. However, the two had an explosive relationship when Usman couldn’t pick fucking cotton quick enough. Usman was accused of smoking crack and breaking into farmers barns and ass fucking cows, pigs, and sheep and filming it for niggers in Nigeria to jerk off to for profit. Lisa and Usman divorced earlier this year. Now, Usman has moved on to a new relationship with a just as ugly and even stupider American Kim.

According to Caeser Mack, Kim first contacted Usman because she was a fan of Curious George books and baboons with HIV. But after a while, Kim and Usman decided to pursue a beastiality relationship. Usman was wary of 50-year-old Kim’s dried up vagina because of the similarities with his ex-wife Lisa’s crusted yeast infected snapper, so he invited that fucking hag to visit him in Tanzania (On her fucking dime of course), where he will be living while filming a new music video with a Walmart keyboard and some glow lights. The couple’s first meeting is sure to be funny as fuck as Kim smells like rotten garbage and Usman has a sick old lady fetish In the niggers defense even an old crusty white woman is better than any black woman. Ouch.

Jenny Still Moldy & Yeasty and Staying In Paki Land

90 Day Fiancé: Jenny Earns Praise & Prayers from stinky Pakis For Being A slut In India while filming 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way cast member Jenny Slatten is being praised for spreading her asshole for elderly paki males in India. Popular 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way old bat yeast infection Jenny Slatten has been called a skank bag for her act of pleasing pakis sexually in India, where she has been staying with Sumit Singh. At 63, Jenny has an old moldy cooch that no American man would ever met so she went for pakis or niggers, after she found stupid paki on Facebook nearly a decade ago. Since they first met in person in 2013, Sumit has been struggling to get an erection over Jenny’s fucking crusty box. Amidst 90 Day Fiancé fans thinking that it is Sumit who’s the biggest reason for their wedding not happening yet, Jenny, who might be joining ISIS, is keeping busy by carrying out attacks of terror by taking a big shit in the toilet at Burger King, not flushing and leaving used tampons in public washrooms. With Jenny’s vagina stinking up the country as bad as the fucking hindus that refuse to bath, things appear to be getting interesting While fans still suspect that Sumit, is a fucking homosexual goat raping paki, it could be that she is still managing to stay in India by opening up a 7-11 and spreading the name of Slurpees. Although how Jenny has managed to stick around in India is a mystery that 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way will hopefully solve, she’s already started hand making turbans as sex gifts.

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Connor From Bachelor In Paradise Grabs Straws and Rams Them Up Stray Cats Assholes and Sucks The Shit Out Like He Is Drinking A Fucking Milk Shake

For the gay couple of ‘Bachelor in Paradise‘, things are starting to heat up in the groin area. With the dildos in the ladies’ hands this week, the guys are now sleeping with each other?‍? to get off. Unfortunately, romance in paradise isn’t as simple as it seems. The women are definitely hating the fact that none of the fucking niggers? on the island seem to know what a bar of soap is. I guess they fucking stink that bad! ?. And some couples seemed to be stealing drugs from others.  When that nigger Riley showed up out of Federal Max Prison, most of the women were holding their purses extra tight, especially that stinky sweaty she boon ape Tahzjuan. But Riley had eyes for non nigger pussy in Maurissa and took her out to a field to rape her. Maurissa, who was already Connor’s bitch, agreed to the date for $20 bare back (no anal). Connor didn’t seem to worry, he just wanted to make sure his bitch made him his mother fucking money ?. Riley and Maurissa hit the crack pipe instantly and even ended up spending the night in jail. Connor was all ready to curb stomp Riley (Like American History X) if he didn’t get his money and respect. But it looks like Riley is acting like Connor needs child support or has a job application as his black ass is running.

“What the fuck, Maurissa tell Connor you’re not into him!! that nigger has aids dawg… #BachelorInParadise” stated super fan Bob Faget. “My asshole hair crusties break for Connor this is so painful #BachelorInParadise” added another. “Connor has a hard time reading women it seems like… he doesn’t know when a woman is not interested any longer. Just like with Katie and Maurissa that a fucking cum sucking faggot dick guzzler with cheese#BachelorInParadise” pointed out Bill Cosby.

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Brandon and Julia Hate Living At The Faggot Farm

Every reality show has a villain, and an unlikely figure emerged early on as 90 Day Fiancé’s most talked-about character. Brandon’s slut mom, Betty the cock gobbler, has become one of the leading faces Brandon blasts his dick goo on of Season 8 simply because fans can’t stand her yeast infected ways. Brandon and Drug addicted adult entertainer Julia are a young couple testing their sexuality in America. Julia just moved to Brandon’s family faggot farm from Russia where she worked as a prostitute. Now, Julia is required to suck off Brandon’s dad nightly, something she definitely didn’t sign up for with his wrinkly dick and ben-gay stinking depend diapers. If the lifestyle shift wasn’t enough to stress Julia about her new routine in America, she’s moved in with Brandon’s perverted parents who steal her drugs. They have their own set of rules, including the engaged couple is not allowed to sleep in the same bedroom: ever (Julia has to sleep with Brandons dad and Brandon gives his 3 inch man meat to his mother nightly). Julia was given a second room in the house to turn tricks in, which fans quickly commented on all the used bloody shit covered condoms, vomit, feces, and used needles around the fucking room. The separate bedrooms haven’t stopped Brandon from fucking her either, he just drilled a hole through the wall and bangs her while she sucks off customers for drug money. And generally people think Betty sure does know how to handle a cock and is over-involved in her son’s life, and Brandon doesn’t seem ready to break from the family mold, either. It’s left Julia in an odd position, adjusting to life in an American partnership without the stability of a close, unsupervised relationship.

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Bachelor In Paradise Season 7

The 7th season of the hit joke of a fucking show Bachelor in Paradise will premiere in August 16, 2021 on TV. Hall of Fame GOD Chris Hitler Harrison will not reprise his role from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as host of the show, instead the show will feature a rotating roster of guest hosts, the first of whom was announced to be comedian little dork ball David Spade. They figured it would be safer as Spade does not strike fear in niggers eyes. Most niggers when they see that glare from Harrison bolt back to the cotton field quicker than MC Hammer misses child support payments. Plus the main reason for not bringing Harrison back is niggers are whinners and much like the country you life in the jews have now allowed groids to ruin tv. They try hard to make them look sexy and its fucking gross?? But they have added a goddess who is hot enough to erase all the niggers stench on the island.

Speaking of hotness, all of it will definitely break loose when Season 7’s second episode airs on Aug. 23. That’s when Season 6 winner Demi “The Muff Diver” Burnett makes a most unexpected return—and she makes it clear that she’s ready to wreak havoc! “I love causing trouble especially if cock and muff is involved. It’s actually my favorite thing to do,” she tells co-host David Spade in a new teaser for the episode. (In response, he says he’s “looking forward to the chaos., ad he tucks his boner into his sweat pants” She also admits that she’s not sure yet if she’ll be trying to romance the male contestants, the women—or both! “I am into both men and women,” she confirms. ” I’ll let you sniff my box later Dave you fucking pencil dicked dork”.

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Quaylon The Fucking Nigger He Butt Fucks Dead Cats, Oh Yeah????????

Quaylon has his sights on Fluffly’s raw cat asshole. He is going to lube his AIDS stick up with KFC grease.

Love After Lockup cast members Shavel “Fat Nigger Ass” Moore and Quaylon “The Stud Muffin” Adams dealt with a lot of flaming rectal warts on the recent Niggertv spinoff. Meanwhile, Quaylon’s side ho recently dished on where things are at now for the estranged pair. Love After Lockup: Whirlwind Season for Quaylon Adams & Shavel Moore When the new Love After Lockup spinoff season started, Shavel Moore threw Quaylon Adams out of their Obama Funded home. Shavel found messages from fat white woman named Rosie on Quaylon’s Obama Food Stamp phone. And that was enough of a deal-breaker to send his black ass fucking packing to Houston. Meanwhile, the Love After Lockup spinoff season followed Quaylon Adams on his quest to win Shavel Moore back. He ultimately proposed letting him and his home boy Eddie Winslow tag team her fat black blubber ass. And it seemed like things might finally get back on the right track. But as viewers in the trailer parks saw in recent episodes, that wasn’t the case for these fucking niggers. Even though Quaylon Adams took a lot of heat for not wearing condoms in shower sex and got AIDS in prison from Bill Cosby having ongoing conversations with other men about group Anal Sex in the Shower was enough for Shavel to hear on a daily basis. And Quaylon wasn’t happy about that – no matter how Shavel tried to tell him it was gay he reused to see 2 guys ramming their dicks in their assholes as gay. Meanwhile, this led to even more problems in their relationship, just as they found some solid ground to stand on Quaylon got caught by the racist police jerking off in the pet food section at Walmart again.

Quaylon’s not Just About the Cat Ass and Fat Land Whale Hoes. He loves to Go To The Local Soup Kitchen On The Weekend and Exchange Sexual Favors With Old Men For Crack/Cocaine.

Quaylon Adams didn’t like the “yeast infection applicators” and extra large condoms he found between Shavel Moore and other men. And that set things on fire for the pair in the Life After Lockup season finale. The racist cops showed up to beat Quaylons black ass for America’s Funniest Home Videos– and Shavel got up in Quaylon’s face with a meat cleaver after he smashed her a waffle iron on her cats fucking face. Meanwhile, things don’t look good for the pair after each contracted genital herpes from the same tran sexual male escort. Whether Love After Lockup drama is scripted is a recurring topic with every new season. And Quaylon’s sister dished that it’s not as she grabbed a crack pipe with one hand and shoved a KFC drum stick up her ugly stinky moldy nigger pussy with the other. However, in her words, she said the scenes are “heavily guided with drugs by the Jewish producers.” Watchers that follow shows made for homosexuals and niggers know that production makes cast members film long hours. They also repeat certain lines. Meanwhile, whichever take is the most dramatic is the one that tends to make the final cut. In addition, Quaylon Adams’ sister said that she doesn’t know what the current HIV status is for this estranged Love After Lockup couple. But she added that they seem to be taking things “day by day.” A few weeks ago, Quaylon Adams said that he is technically a gay man with multiple male partners. But he also said that he is still trying to work things out with Shavel Moores fat ass. So what his sister recently said fits with what he said previously. Quaylon’s sister also said that her mother and Shavel are fucking dykes. So it looks like there are ties that go beyond just their relationship. Either way, it’ll certainly be interesting to see if they can work things out after all the drama that went down on the recent Love After Lockup spinoff season.

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Big Brother 23: Producers Trying To Make Niggers Appear to Be Sexy (Which They Are All Ugly We All Know That). Meet Azah Awasum. A Sore For The Eye Balls.

This Is What TV Tries To Make You “Think” Is Sexy. Fucking Gross???

Azah Awasum is 3 things! The shittiest, the blackest, and the ugliest player to ever play the game of big brother. She is even more annoying and ugly than that older nigger bitch Tiffany with blonde ugly dreads. Seriously people this is what the media is trying to convince people is sexy? LOL?? She or it looks like a fucking burnt match stick.

The nigger alliance (That the other players will be called racist if they call it out) has the highest probability of making it to the end of the game than any other remaining in the game. They also are the most likely to abandon their children, not pay rent, contract HIV, and murder their loved ones However, it might be in jeopardy following arrest warrants from a Will Smith Concert in the hood last summer. Following Special Olympian Britni D’Angelo winning the Power of Veto, Head of Household Chief Chink executed his backdoor plan by placing his biggest competition threat, Christian , on the block. Because Christian is white and like all immigrants they use the white man to help them and throw them under the bus. Society is like that.

Azah Awasum (30)

Azah’s Home Boy T Money.

Hometown: Baltimore city of fucking niggers
Current City: Baltimore
Current Occupation: NAACAP Appointed bullshit position.

Three words to describe you: Black, black, and Blacker.

What are you most excited about living inside the Big Brother house? To dig through white contestants purses when they are not looking.

What is your strategy for winning the game? Screaming racism at everything to get my way. I am playing the game with rich black culture of lying, stealing, and cheating.

Favorite Activities: I love smoking crack and selling my body with my home dog T Money! It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I am also an avid shoplifter (hit a Walmart in all 50 states).

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? Definitely being without chicken and not having my crack pipe beside me. I’m lucky to have most of my home boys safe in jail in the area with other proud strong black men. I’m going to miss them and my 17 kids!

In the 1990’s Azah was a power ranger but was let go by the producers for smoking crack on set and breaking into cars in the parking lot. According to Azah Awasum’s arrest report, her name means “likes it up the ass,” which should serve her well in the “Big Brother” house. While she is openly gay, Azah is adamantly against doing anything romantic as she knows she is an ugly fucking nigger — Although she may be stinky and raunchy, she still knows that at the end of the day, she is playing for chicken?! Its all about the fucking chicken? and watermelons?. “I’m hoping my Aunt Jemima appearance will cause the guests to let their guards down with me,” she said. “I want every Houseguest to feel like they have me in their pocket.” As for her strategy? She puts it quite simply: “Spot the white players early and scream racism for no reason and then one by one the Jewish producers will have no choice but to make all contestants BLACK AND GAY! Play for MYSELF, and all blacks as we are owed.” Azah seems to have been on parole since a young child In a May post on Instagram, she shared a pic of her holding a flag reading “More WELFARE NOW FOOLS” “Respect” “MCHAMMER”.

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