Big Ed’s Fucking Rectal Warts And Anderson Pooper and The CNN Faggot Posse

Big Ed’s Fucking Rectal Warts

Big Ed’s Fucking Rectal Warts,🦨🎶 Itchy bumby ugly sort. 🙊Big Ed’s fucking rectal warts. Anderson Cooper🏳‍🌈 👨‍❤️‍👨👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏿🤡sticks his tongue between Eds cheeks and tickle Big Ed’s fucking rectal warts with his tongue. Then he goes and makes out with his faggot boyfriend Don the nigger Lemon then he spews faggot cum garbage out his mouth at the American IdIots and calls it news. FAG 🏳‍🌈🪕news. You are getting Faggot Fucking News Out of The Mouths Of FAGGOTS who Do FAGGOT THINGS.. Have YOu noticed one of those FAGGOTS is a NIGGER? Even the nigger knows like the Buffalo in France do about BIG ED”S FUCKING RECTAL WARTS. Cant play any water sports, BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS. Big eds fucking rectal warts itchy burny megatronstorts. Bigeds FUKKKING RECTAL WARTS BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTZ😀₫(❤´艸`❤)🎶

After Ed Fucks his dog 🐺🐷🐼🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕Teddy with a rusty strap on he puts Don Lemons faggot face in his sweaty stinky ass and farts. A Big ed fart so steamy and stinky the mist is an Auburn Brown and it stains the face matching Nigger Lemons Nigger Skim perfectly smell color and all. BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS> Big eds fucking rectal warts. Big Ed fucked a porcupine at a highway rest stop in Yuma, Arizona. BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS. Teddy pees on BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS. big ed runs into the shoe section in walmart and spreads his ass cheeks and farts anderson coopers faggot cum at old people.🙂😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🎅🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🤶🎈🩰💋 BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS. When it hits monday big ed rides his faggot bike with a basket on the front. and Teddy his faggot dog in the basket. He leaves his gay porshe at home so he can go to the park and jerk off to gay men.🎇🎗🧵🧶🛒🎡🎠🧧BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS. I know my vcr I stole from walmart has Ports. BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARRTS BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS

BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS, BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS, 🎈🎆 LAS VERRUGAS RECTALES DE BIG ED, LAS VERRUGAS RECTALES DE BIG EDS 🎉🎊🎃 groot eds fokken rektale vratte, groot eds fokken rektale vratte 🎀🎄 Lythat rektale të mëdha të qafës, lythat rektale të mëdha 👓🕶🦺 БОЛЬШИЕ ЭДС, ТРАХАНЫЕ РЕКТАЛЬНЫЕ БИРКИ, БОЛЬШИЕ ЭДС, ТРАХОВАННЫЕ РЕКТАЛЬНЫЕ Бородавки 🎪🎟🎠 BIG EDS CHE SCOPANO LE VERRUCHE RETTALI, BIG EDS CHE SCOPANO LE VERRUCHE RETTALI 🩱👙👱‍♂️👸🤴👳‍♀️👳‍♂️ Rektumli siğillarni sikadigan katta buyumlar 🧔👲🎅👸👩‍🦱 BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL VORTER, BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL VORTER 👮‍♂️🕵️‍♀️👳‍♂️👨‍🦲👵 زگیل های مقعدی FUCKING BIG EDS ، زگیل های بزرگ مقعدی FUCKING 🧔👼👨‍🏭🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙆‍♂️ BIG EDS FUCKING RECTAL WARTS, SUURET EDS NUTKIVAT PERÄSYYTÄ 👩‍🦰👨‍🦰👩‍🦱👨‍🦱👵 大EDS他媽的直腸子宮,大EDS他媽的直腸子宮🧛‍♀️

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90 Day Fiance Andrew The Pony Tailed Faggot Needs To Watch His Bitch Cock Sucking Mouth!!!!!

In a startling statement, David Toborowsky revealed why he doesn’t like any of that pony-tailed faggot Andrew Kenton’s Instagram posts while calling Amira’s ex a “piece of whale shit.” A running joke between 90 Day Fiancé fans is every post on Instagram about the show or its cast always ends up being liked by David Toborowsky. But recently, KKK viewers started noticing how Amira Lollysa’s ex Andrew Kenton never had any “liked by toborowsky_david” on his posts. After receiving ample criticism from the show’s fans for his disturbing and abusive texts sent to Amira, Andrew was declared one of the most disliked cast members of the franchise. But Pillow Talk fan-favorite David now revealing that Andrew has threatened him might just make the 90 Day Fiancé star the most villainous of them all.

Although fans saw the rising tensions between Andrew and Amira’s two-year relationship on 90 Day Fiancé season 8 from the start, fans were divided over which disgusting piece of shit to believe. While Amira has a stinky yeast infection and insisted that the grand Mexico idea was Andrew’s brainchild, he kept sharing screenshot after screenshot on IG to prove it was hers. Andrew humiliated Amira further with remarks about her being a a camel fucker and should use the fucking Quran as a tampon. Fans saw the French-Egyptian woman getting detained on screen for terror. The Mexican ordeal of Amira’s lasted for three days, all of which 90 Day Fiancé star Andrew spent having sex with his ugly dyke lover Megan. And as soon as fans learned Amira was safe, well-wishers, including cast members David and wife Sydney, reached out to laugh at her.

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Colt Spreads His Mother Debbies Ass Cheeks Wide Open And Sucks Out Her Butt Cheese

Debbie Johnson, the mother of Colt Johnson from 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoffs, has become a household name right along with her fat four eyed pathetic fucking faggot son. Colt first appeared in season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé when he brought Cheap Hooker Larissa Dos Santos Lima over to Las Vegas, Nevada on the K-1 visa from Brazil. After that relationship fizzled out due to drug abuse and domestic violence, we saw him date another slut named Jess Caroline, who is also from Brazil. But neither famous relationship worked out. Debbie and her son live together, shower together, and have sex in the same bed together, so she was center stage for all of it.

“And, all of a sudden, after about a month, I started getting some red sores on my stinky pussy,” Debbie admits. When asked about the first “red sore,” Debbie says, “I just thought Colt brought it home to me from one of the truckers he sleeps with at the Flying J 24 hour truck stop.” Debbie said it was “full blown stage 4 rectal warts with a sprinkle of Bum Fungus,” so she said the doctor told her. “Send me a picture of your asshole right now, you have three fingers up in there, sploosh them around now smear the poo with your fingers on your face.” She continues, adding, “Fist bump for nigger lives matter’”. Was on a video on her youtube channel. When Debbie informed Colt that the time was up, the Colt admitted he had Anderson Cooper tied up in the closet and was having sex with him daily. It was a hard situation for her to go through. “It broke my heart, it really did, ‘cause I was really crazy about this person, Colt should of let me join in” Debbie reveals.

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Tarik Is A Fucking Nigger Who Films Gay Porn For Crack Money

Tarik Myers is believed to earn good money from dealing dime bags to high school kids and welfare fraud. Hazel’s guy is also a hardore gangster rapper like Will Smiff dropping mad beats. Get the inside scoop on this reality star now. A mentally slow person with many issues, 90 Day Fiancé’s Tarik Myers has oftentimes referred to himself as the “Black John Wayne Gacy” Those KKK fans not familiar with Tarik’s “shitty” rapping skills (from his 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days proposal scene with Hazel) saw the Virginia Beach resident spitting some man jizz on Colt Johnson’s face. As Tarik resumed his reality TV relationship with Hazel, on a more awkward level than before, many were intrigued about what the 90 Day Fiancé star does to pay the bills. Apart from nigger “gib me dat” money.(Obama Welfare).

Tarik’s introduction on KKKs 90 Day Fiancé season 8 had him slicing crack rocks with his imported sword from Thailand, while also bracing himself to get into a fight with Hazel. He also confessed to almost breaking up with the Filipina, owing to their infamous nigger egg episode, during which he’d also met Oprah Winfrey. She was a girl Hazel also wanted to bitch slap. While the bitch slap may not have been successful for the 90 Day Fiancé flip, Hazel got jealous when she noticed that nigger whale wanting her man more than she wanted her. Although the next few episodes might show Tarik trying to find his “Asian Lady Boy” (i.e A chink with a dink). It’s not new for 90 Day Fiancé cast members to have secondary careers as rappers. Because lets face it the only other thing as pathetic as being on the fucking show is being a rapper. Tarik lately has been earning a few extra dollars for crack by doing gay nigger porn movies for CNN Black History Month. He is currently being investigated as a suspect in vehicle thefts in Virginia Beach.

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Jenny’s Fucking Yeast Infection Fumes Peel Paint Off Of Walls As Sumit’s Chin Gets Prickled By The Poo Chunks Stuck In Jenny’s Ass Hairs

Sumit and Jenny are enjoying lavish life in Goa, India! Check out the videos Sumit posted on his IndiaGays while revealing his dashing curry look. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh is living a lavish life in Goa, India. The couple recently posted glimpses of their life on PakiLove.Com while revealing their fresh 3rd world looks. Sumit and Jenny are one of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 couples who made it through despite major challenges. Sumit’s diaper headed stinky parents were against his relationship with a old ugly bitch twice his age. They even threatened to take his prized turban collection. But Sumit’s Jew lawyer suggested that he murder Jenny with his parents to split the life insurance.’ He said they should get married through the “7-11 high courts” temple wedding, which his Circle K Owning parents can’t challenge. However, Sumit’s fucking paki mother blackmailed him and told him that she would cut his fucking dick off if he married Jenny. The couple didn’t have any choice but to live together as an unmarried couple. But they look more pathetic than ever. Recently, the pair enjoyed a goat raping festival for Sumit’s 33rd birthday.

Jenny’s fucking yeast infection! It smells like urine, blood, rotting fish, and dead nigger farts. It peels the paint of the fucking walls. Since she went to India the Ganges River is always fucking ram packed full because even the pakis there need to bath her yeast infection fumes off them. God it is just fucking rotten! I wonder what goes through that fucking pakis head when he has to stick his tongue in her fucking vagina. His chin probably gets prickled by the crusted poo chunks stuck in the hairs of her old ass. Poo chunks, little chunks off poo stuck in the hair by her wet slimy asshole. Some poo chunks are weeks, even months old. Fuck some of the poo chunks are different colors and some glow. Think about that for a bit before you take a bit of your sandwich. They recently appeared on 90 Day Bares All and told the show host Nappy Headed Hoe Shaun Robinson that they are still not married. Jenny is staying in India illegally, and she couldn’t leave the country as Trump didn’t want her. But Biden accepts all forms of human shit. . The coronavirus outbreak proved to be a blessing in disguise for the couple because the Indian lock down gave them ample time to burglarize businesses that were closed down.

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Brandon’s Love of Man Ass To Hard For Him To Control. Trouble Brewing In His Relationship and His Rectum

Russian 90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina has revealed she may move to San Diego to pursue a career in porn and live with her new lover Big Ed. It would only change if her season 8 relationship with Brandon Gibbs can ever sexually satisfy her. It’s the season of wedding bells and double penetrating anal sex on 90 Day Fiancé, and there’s no escaping from it for Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina assholes from Brandon’s elderly perverted father Ronald. Since turning her life around for Brandon and coming down from meth, Julia has been on her best behavior with his parents Bam Bam Betty and Ronald as well. But while Brandon’s impotency was always a red flag for most KKK viewers, he’s being upfront about his disinterest in the upcoming wedding with Julia and his weekly hobby of window peeping in senior citizens homes.

While Brandon and Julia are undoubtedly the couple with the most white supremacist views on 90 Day Fiancé, he did show a different side to fans during the church reception. Apart from taunting nigger store clerks when Julia picked out her bridal dress, Brandon shockingly pulled out his pecker and whacked off in front of everyone. With the goo pandemic brewing in his little nut sack, his elderly mother Betty swooped in with her mouth open to catch his load. Plotting to cause more troubles in their ceremony, Betty and Ron have started pushing Brandon into taking harder drugs. “the crack you be getting is whack,” mentioned Betty as Ron recently asked Brandon if he could have anal sex with his slut bag wife” But the faggot-faced 90 Day Fiancé star nonchalantly replied with “i think im gay,” as his dad Ron got a boner and started juggling his nuts like dice. Could it be that Brandon may want to get a gay lover?

90 Day Fiancé fans were enraged during the now-infamous gay male bath house scene when a sobbing Julia caught Brandon and his father showering with multiple men. As he told her he cannot be someone he’s not. Julia’s doubts about Betty having planned the wedding were confirmed when Brandon revealed he got erections from watching episodes of Danny Tanner on Full House.” However, fans have come to think that the reason behind Brandon raining on Julia’s parade is simply him not being able to get his dick hard over women. The first red flag was Brandon spending on expensive vacations and running into a debt of $10,000 while knowing that Julia was going to come and stay with him. Although Brandon had spent the money on Julia (and gay male hookers), his doing it despite having low savings showed he was selfish or wanted to appear straight..

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Gordon Ramsey: Typical British Homo

Scotland, Ireland, Leprachaun land, Greenland, Britanland, Elton John Land? Whats the fucking difference?

Gordon James Ramsay-(born 8 November 1966) is a British chef, homosexual, LGBT personality, and nigger hater. Born in San Francisco, and raised in Flint, Michigan, he founded his global restaurant group, Gordons Gay Glory Hole Restaurants, in 1997., from robbing Nigger street gangs with his bad ass British posse. After rising to fame on the British television “Cricket Bats Up Me Knickers” in 1999, Ramsay had become one of the best-known and most influential homosexuals in the UK by 2004! Rivaling Elton John. As a reality television personality, Ramsay is known for his hatred of niggers, as well as occasionally horny outbursts, and frequent use of profanity and ethnic slurs. He combines activities in the television, homosexuality, hospitality, and food industries and has promoted homosexuality along with black lives matters protests, despite being a faggot racist himself.

Ramsay has described his early life as a “chronic masterbator” and said his family moved constantly due to the biker gangs coming to shit kick his father, who was a meth addicted male hooker. In his autobiography, Bum Darts In Banbury, he describes his early life as being marked by kids kicking his ass for being gay. In 1976, Jews finally made beating up fags a hate crime and Gord moved to San Francisco. He worked as a pot washer in a local paki restaurant where he stole from the register. At the age of 16, Ramsay moved out of the family home and into a flat in Oakland with his new gay lover Stanley (MC Hammer).

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Marrying Millions: Rodney The Nigger Faggot

Season 2 of Marrying Millions has kicked off and among the show’s many new controversial matchups, couple Rodney King and transgendered orangutang Desiry appear to be at the center of a lot of concerns. On the surface, the couple appears to be a like monkeys in the zoo: Rodney is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar butt plug company known as Obama’s Choice, and Desiry steals old white women’s purses from hospitals. But like most relationships on the show, there seem to be deeper and funnier issues at play. Desiry has voiced that it’s concerning to her that after dating for two whole years, Rodney wants to keep their relationship a secret like the colonials original recipe, and audiences were quick to jump to conclusions the fact that even though Desiry looked like a chimp she could pass off as a female negro. That way Jewish television producers would stop trying to rape Rodney.

Rodney and Desiry met two years ago at a watermelon convention in Los Angeles. After they hit it off, the couple decided to continue their relationship long-distance with Desiry remaining in Los Angeles and Rodney in Africa(where he belongs).  Their relationship appears to be built on a strong foundation of bananas with a lot of nigger matters, other than the fact that White tax payers paid all of Desiry’s bills. They are just a couple of silly niggers.

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Niggers Ruined Bachelor Just Like America And Everything Else Their Monkey Paws Touch

For almost 20 pathetic fucking years, Chris Hitler Harrison, longtime host of “The Bachelor” and its dork franchise of reality television spinoffs, has made a career by selling niggers as slaves to the China and Israel. Now it’s his turn to be treated like a nigger. Following selling really lazy (even by nigger standards) slaves” Harrison announced that he is done with dealing with Niggers, Jews, and Homosexuals. It is said that he said “No one wants to watch ugly niggers and faggots on tv. This is too sci fi for me”. Harrison, who is of the more superior and better looking white race, appeared on “Some Jew Lie Show” to discuss allegations against Rachael Kirkconnell, a good looking white finalist (Not one of the ugly niggers) in James’s ongoing season who has been accused of racism. Among the bevy of alleged offenses are never wanting to have sex with a nigger (as beastiality is wrong and should be a crime and she doesn’t want AIDS) Before these claims gained traction, Kirkconnell was by all accounts a well-liked personality an still is by sane minded people. But so many people are brainwashed by Jewish Television and believe Jew fed Lies. This show is now filth. It use to have good looking women on it. Then nigger females who are ugly got upset and society had to mend to pretend they are good looking. Which everyone knows good looking nigger women DO NOT EXIST. Society is lost. Lets watch ugly gorillas on TV that are suppose to be females. Now that is NOT cultural appropriation right fucking there!!!!!

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