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Where is the outrage? Even for one of your own niggers? How does this not wake people up?

For the second time in recent weeks, Portland protest leader Micah Isaiah Rhodes stood before an Oregon judge ready to go to prison for having sexual contact with an underage teen boy. But due to the fact he is a weapon for Jews to use as a racist pawn. And an openly gay Obama and Biden lover. He got a reward from Jews in cash and fried chicken to attack more white people due to fake claims of police abuse. He also plans on raping more kids too. GO BIDEN SUPPORTERS!!!!! LINK

Nice nigger bun in the right upper pic fucking spook.

Funny Pictures #13

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Of course the jews never published that article. But the link is here.

You would think that ass Bandit Anderson Cooper would of had a line wrote for her.


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I heard on the radio Biden actually say he wishes Trump and his wife get better. But even with that you know he said it because he had to and he doesn’t mean it. Anyone stupid enough to vote liberal should be forced to live among all niggers and faggots. And all their taxes should go to fund the lazy scum that will eventually kill them.

Knew this was a liberal jew move. It will drop from news now.

Fuck I could almost make a thread on just these alone. LINK

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Niggers and Faggots with purple hair at an Ivy league school? Tell me again why are we going backwards and failing in society?

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Funny Pictures 3

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Coming in the Summer of 2020 Vote for the Official Female Site Rep.

This is what Jews do when they buy and sell homes. Always check with your neighbors and references when buying and selling homes. I think it should be in a community signed agreement. Niggers drop house values HUGE. That is lost money again due to niggers living among us.

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If Germany won ww 2

A little far fetched I guess. The nigger wouldn’t have the shirt. Or a written language as they never had. Oh yeah the buildings would be sticks with cow and nigger shit at best. So yeah this is not done by just niggers.

Ha ha ha Cry now dumb bitch. You dug your own grave the second you beastiality fucked that nigger you sick pig. Fucking disgusting.

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