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The owner of Happy Wood, a massage spa in Tallinn, has been arrested after a months-long investigation. Variya, 25, was charged with one misdemeanor count each of aiding and abetting prostitution, soliciting prostitution and practicing massage therapy without a license. She was also charged with a felony count of promoting prostitution by providing an establishment and intent to distribute cocaine. Happy Wood, located at a drug house that Variya owns, is marketed online as a “Weiner Explosion To The MAX!!!!” According to their now off line myspace website, the spa offers “various kinds of Asian massages, reflexology, hot stone therapy much more.” Vairya and her fucking tits were arrested after the Tallinn Police Department received tips and complaints that the business was involved with prostitution.

Estonians are descended of caveman neanderthals who started to infest the region after the end of the Ice Age. Even though the continent of fail known today as Europe was practically uninhabitable at the time, these cavemen were apparently stupid even by their day’s standards. Leaving the warmth of their remote mountain caves, they settled in the flat, snowy, open ground which was practically useless. These dumfucks somehow found a way to survive (our loss), and kept on breeding and surviving.

A STUDY IN ESTONIA SHOWS THAT FINNISH MEN ARE THE LARGEST SINGLE GROUP OF CLIENTS OF PROSTITUTES IN THE CAPITAL TALLINN Of the 210 women interviewed, 172 had sold sexual services to Finnish men. For the study, Estonia’s National Institute for Health Development interviewed 210 prostitutes in Tallinn, most of whom reported that they have had Finnish clients. The next largest groups using their services are men from Estonia itself and from Sweden. The main purpose of the study was to investigate the health of prostitutes in the city. None of the women interviewed in 2011 reported that they had contracted any sexually transmitted disease during the previous 12 months. Because they refuse to sleep with stinky niggers. The most common diseases that niggers have are AIDS and chlamydia, which is a piece of African Heritage and culture not welcome in Estonia. Those taking part in the study were tested for HIV. 0 percent were found to be carriers. Almost all said that they never used condoms when with clients. The study was reported in Estonia. LINK

August 23rd, 2021

An Estonian woman has been charged with stealing more than 400,000 Percocet tablets from the pharmacy where she worked. The tablets have an estimated street value of $2 million, Tallinn police said Tuesday in a news release. Police said they will not release the woman’s name to protect the identities of two children who were living in her home. But us at the blog here have no issues as naming her she is Aemilie P. “The investigation was actually initiated by the Jews,” said Andre the Moldovan spokesperson for the Tallinn Police Service. “They noticed a discrepancy in the amount to Percocet being ordered, versus the amount being distributed, and when they tried t bribe her with sexual favors to get off she told the cops to fuck themselves. Big Mistake!” The police investigation found that a total of 401,500 Percocet tablets were stolen from a pharmacy that Aemile P. worked at in the neighbourhood between January 2017 and April 2018. That amounts to an average of more than 26,000 stolen pills each month. Percocet is a combined opioid/non-opioid pain reliever.

Police at Tallinn International Airport have arrested two women after surveillance video showed them helping themselves to travelers’ luggage on the carousels. Ashlee was arrested Tuesday night. Eermi was picked up the day before. Both sluts are charged with three counts of theft between $1,000 and $10,000. The Commercial Appeal cited a police report that said victims identified their bags from watching surveillance video of the 2 with their tits hanging out grabbing bags. The report said Ashlee took a bag from one carousel in mid-February, put it in a truck and then drove to another carousel where Eermi had taken one. Both remained in jail Tuesday night in lieu of $75,000. Police estimate the loss at more than $70,000.

British troops soldiers sent to Estonia to bolster local forces against the threat from fake Russias attacks Jews and the US have made up, have been involved in a mass punch-up knife and brass knuckle brawl with locals in a row about a woman. Some faggot news website reported that eight and 10 soldiers had gone to a fast-food restaurant in the Estonian city of Tapa when trouble flared after a group of local men objected to the soldiers chatting to a woman. The brawl then spilled out onto the street. Military police were called, but by the time they arrived local police were on the scene and the the fight was over, with both sides refusing to press charges. Witnesses said that one local man was in handcuffs. That is what the Brits told cops. Truth is 2 of the Brits were niggers and the woman was scared she would get raped or air born AIDS from them. Brits protect their pet niggers their boss Harry loves his boys guarded.

Robert Pickton

  Robert Pickton is a jailed serial killer fuck head from just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. From 1983 to 2002 he cruised hooker row in Vancouver’s downtown east side and picked up greasy prostitutes fucked them, smoked crack with them, and then later fed them to his pigs on his pig farm in Port Coquitlam. Port Coquitlam or PoCo as it is know to the locals is just 27 kilometers to the east outside of Vancouver.
  Now if you have never been to Vancouver the east end there is full of drug addicts and hookers and makes places like Winnipeg, Johannesburg, and African slums look like a tropical paradise.

   To the right there a hooker tries to sell her body on Hastings street.
Pickton Sentencing: Pickton was charged with 20 murders in 2007 but lord knows it was probably way more. Due to the fact that Canada has no death penalty Pickton will serve life in jail. But has the possibility of parole in 25 years which he most certainly will not get. But then again we have Justin the fag Trudeau in office so anything is possible with that clown.
Pickton admitted to an undercover cop that he killed 49 women and that he wanted to kill one more to make it an even 50. He told the undercover that he got caught because he got sloppy. Although on his pig farm the DNA and or remains of only 33 women were found.

Pickton was ranked #6 on List Verse’s Influential Profiles of Notorious Criminals. 

As of June 2018 Pickton has been transferred to a maximum security prison in Quebec. It is located 600 kilometers northeast of Quebec City, where he can get raped by a hairy frenchman named Jaques.


Just some of Pickton’s possible victims.


Pickton deserves to eat worse than his pigs did. They should feed Pickton Muslim Rapists for lunch.
Pickton working at one of the many shops on his pig farm. I bet he fucked that pig hanging up there.
He picked the women up from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, several square blocks of squalid hotels, drug dealers and street-level, survival prostitution.
He then lured them to his muddy, garbage-strewn farm with promises of money, alcohol and drugs before killing them by injecting antifreeze into their veins.
There were rumours about wild parties attended by Hell’s Angels and suspicious activity at the pig farm, but they were initially dismissed by local cops – who sometimes bought meat from him.
He remained at large even after one woman managed to escape the killer and ran, naked and bleeding, after stabbing Pickton with his own knife in 1997
Pickton’s brother David who claims he had no idea sex workers were being killed on the farm. He looks like a fucking hill billy rapist. GI Fucking Joe.
Pickton at his farm. A place he called “Piggy Palace”.
Nice up keep on the Piggy Palace I see.
Tid Bits
Pickton’s younger brother David was under investigation as a prime suspect in the murders, but no evidence ever emerged to link him to any of the crimes and he was not charged. David Pickton still lives close to the farm
Pickton’s suburban farm became the biggest crime scene in Canadian history.

Kendall Francois

There are no black serial killers. Says the little nigger bitch as she gets upset as little white girls are better looking than she is. Per capita and population blacks are more likely to be serial killers than whites. You can read on it here. Lets throw race under the ringer here. Lets be civil although this pig here was a nigger and took advantage of white women. This is Kendall Francois. Most women in Poughkeepsie, New York call him stinky. But he is a nigger and remember this is the same town where Snookie from Jersey Shore is so standards cant be that high here. He was apparently use to these hookers and rough during sex. These women must of known you fuck a nigger you will get burned eventually.
Kendall Francois (July 26th. 1971-Sept 11th 2014) He was convicted of killing eight women. He died in prison when he was sentenced to life. He was HIV positive. But he is a nigger all niggers are HIV positive.
He stored the women’s dead bodies in his attic in the house that he shared with his parents and sister. The smell of all the other shit in the house was so foul that they could not figure out there were dead bodies in there, Francois was a large groid. He was like Robo Nigger.
Gina Barone: 29 Known prostitute and drug addict. What a good looking girl until the drugs hit her. It is too bad no one got to her soon enough. She was a mother.
Wendy Meyers: 30 
Kathleen Hurley: 47 
Catherine Marsh: 31 Was killed 2 days after he killed Gina Barone.
Sandra Jean French: 51 a mother of three. Reported missing from the small town of Dover just 20 miles east of Poughkeepsie.
Mary Healy Glaccone: 29
Catina Newmaster: 25
Audrey Pugliese: 34
  • Kendall Francois lived with his parents and sister the house was apparently so gross that even the smell of decaying bodies upstairs left no signs.
  • Francois was a wrestler and football player in high school

Kendall Francois died of natural causes on September 11th. 2014. Natural Causes to a nigger I always assumed was a drive by or AIDS.

Wake the fuck up and ditch the PC Bull shit

Research has determined that  African American serial killers are rare.Serial killings are usually committed by white males. 

Niggers are more likely to be serial killers its in their monkey blood.

  Francois parents and sister deny that they had any knowledge of his killings. I believe them. They are stupid niggers and don’t know any better. I really believe they are telling the truth. It isn’t hard to fool a nigger. I really think they had no idea what was going on. As for the smell? They probably thought it was just them.


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