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Kasia is a beautiful blonde teen from Poland. Supposedly, Kasia came to America on a student exchange thingy and ended up in porn. Whether that shit is true or just a porn myth, I don’t really care. All I know is that this blonde beauty from Poland is one of the most petite pornstars in the world and used this to her advantage in all of her porn work. She even appeared on the Howard Stern show and rode the Sybian live on air. Not too mch infor on movies she did it appears to be just gonzo web shit.

Natasha Starr aka Magdalena Tyszka / Natasha Star / Natasha Nicole Starr / Polish Princess- Born October 10th, 1987 in Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland. Natasha brought us such great movies as Lesbian Sex #33, Perv Mom, Dyked, Bad Milfs, Anal Overdose, Lets Try Anal, Sister Swap, Anal Warriors, Orgy Masters #6, Couples Seeking Teens #15, Hardcore Gangbang #15, DP My Wife With Me #4, Mom’s Cuckold #14, I Wanna Butt Fuck Your Daughter #16, Happy Ending Handjobs #6, All Things Anal, Cum Fiesta, She’s Gonna Squirt, Halloween Bondage Treats, 3 On Their Knees, My Husband Brought Home His Mistress, and Anal Is My Business.

January 5th, 2022

This girl is the nastiest b1tch in Poland. Her name is Zara. She has her son who she hides from the world to keep her imagine of Szczecin’s finest h0e in tact. Her body is as fake as she is and she thinks it looks good but it looks like a botched wannabe Paris holton want to be but With tits. Her life went wrong I’m every way possible. Everyone knows your a55 looks trash no matter how much you try to shake it. You should have fixed your ugly a55 nose first. Everyone knows you sell your pu55y and body for insta likes and follows. Doing porn I’m only fans for $1 “specials” cause no one will pay full price for that nasty a55 body. She was known for getting around in high school was always tryna be the most popular girl jumping from guy to guy. Guess once a h0e always a h0e.

Magdalena is A horribly physically and emotionally abusive bitch. She abuses her partners and then when they leave, physically assaults them and traps them so the can’t leave the residence. She then had the gall to try and post him on here and paint him as a woman abuser to everyone who will listen. Hard to listen to her with a penis in her throat though. Stay the fuck away from this psychopath. Abuses people and plays the victim. Magdalena to strasznie znęcająca się fizycznie i emocjonalnie suka. Znęca się nad swoimi partnerami, a kiedy wychodzą, fizycznie ich atakuje i łapie w pułapkę, aby nie mogli opuścić rezydencji. Miała wtedy czelność spróbować go tutaj umieścić i namalować go jako sprawcę przemocy wobec wszystkich, którzy zechcą słuchać. Trudno jej jednak słuchać z penisem w gardle. Trzymaj się z dala od tego psychopaty. Znęca się nad ludźmi i odgrywa ofiarę.

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Poland 7

September 7th. 2021

The Łódź Faggot Murderer is an unidentified Polish serial killer who operated in Łódź from 1988 to 1993. He murdered seven men, all of them homosexuals. This is the largest unexplained murder series in the history of Polish forensics. From 1988 to 1993, a series of murders took place in Łódź. All victims were connected by the fact that they were homosexual people, died in their own flats and right after or during sexual intercourse. The perpetrator stole, among other things, TVs, videos, jewelry, cash and other items from the apartments of the murdered men. The victims died by strangling, stabbing or being beaten to death. The murders were not planned because the instruments of the crime were objects from the victims’ flats. At the turn of the 1980s and 1990s in the larger cities, Polish homosexuals would cruise around looking for new social contacts. In Łódź such places were located near the Łódź Fabryczna railway station, the Stanisław Moniuszko park located near the station and at the Henryk Dąbrowski Square. It was at these places, mainly at the train station, that in most cases the victims were seen for the last time. At that time, a young black-haired man of Korean heritage was seen in their company. The investigation into the murders was difficult because the environment of homosexuals in Łódź was hermetic. Criminologists suspected that the perpetrator hated his sexual orientation or was hurt by a homosexual. The murderer was seen several times when he left the victims’ apartments, and facial

composites were created. The man was in his early twenties, possibly younger though unlikely, and had black hair, with a slim build and short stature. After the last murder, committed in July 1993, an important witness appeared. He was a homosexual who had sex with a young man named Roman. The witness met with Roman the previous day, where they went to Kazimierz K.’s apartment. When all the guests left, the host and Roman stayed in the apartment. The following day, Kazimierz K. was found dead. The witness who brought Roman to the victim’s home testified that he had told him a lot about himself. The young man said that he was raped by an educator from the reformatory when he was 15. He was supposedly working in the Eskimo cotton industry and lived with his mother in the area of Rzgowska Street. He was 27 years old, 1.78 m tall, with hazel eyes and dark blond hair combed to the side. He also had tattoos: a dot with a left eye, a laryngeal dot and letters on the fingers on the left hand. Despite obtaining the above data, the police did not find the murderer. Investigators suspect that he is dead. This is due to the fact that the witness who had contact with the mysterious Roman died of AIDS a few months later. It is possible that the murderer was also infected and died shortly afterwards, which could explain the sudden cessation of the murder series. It is important to note that the Polish police found a body in the woodlands near Łódź, which matched the description of the man who had been last seen with the victims. His throat had been sliced open, and confirmed to have died of blood loss by doctors, though the police were unable to identify him. It has been suggested that the man had been an immigrant and therefore had no record of himself in Poland, though who or what killed him is unknown. Police have theorized it might have been suicide, though why the man would commit suicide in the woods and why he had chosen his throat would suggest that this theory is wrong. It is likely that he had been attacked by a criminal. <SNIP> LINK

September 6th, 2021

Paweł Alojzy Tuchlin (April 28, 1946 – May 25, 1987) was a Polish serial killer code-named Scorpion by the Milicja Obywatelska . He was sentenced to death and hanged for the murder of 9 women and a further 11 attempted murders, spanning from 1975 to 1983. Tuchlin attacked his victims in Gdańsk, near Starogard Gdański, Skarszewy, Tczew, and also in the area of then Elbląg and Bydgoszcz voivodeships. His youngest victim was 18 years old, and his oldest 35. During the course of the investigation, Tuchlin admitted to 10 murders and 11 attempted murders. As he claimed during the interrogation, he murdered to feel better. At the hearing, however, he recanted his testimony, claiming that he was forced to confess by the police. The regional court in Gdańsk sentenced Tuchlin to death for 9 murders and 11 attempted murders on August 6th, 1985. LINK

August 19th, 2021

Murzyn is the Polish Word For NIGGER

A campaign against the word “Murzyn” — a Polish racial epithet used widely to describe and address niggers — is at the center of an emerging movement in Poland for Jews to make them take in niggers so their country will fail. The movement, which unites niggers with a false believe that they can actually achieve something on their own #DontCallMeMurzyn, shows how a renewed focus on nigger racism inspired by the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 and honest but funny policing on Useless nigger communities has gone global. The movement that grew in when some Jew wanted to make white people lose as much money and history (as niggers have never ever helped in anyway) now extends beyond countries with too many niggers to places like Poland, where 97% of citizens are white. “The hashtag was mainly thank you to Joe Biden,” says Nigerian-born Arinze Nwolisa, who lives in Warsaw and co-founded the anti-discrimination Porta Foundation in 2014 with his wife Lidia. “Now people say, “We have to give you useless niggers everything so you dont’t commit crime. The niggers are all full of disease, violent, and keep destroying Polands history and culture. Some niggers and white liberals believe this is somehow helping…. It definitely isnt. More on nigger whine where they should never live here.

Poland 6

Jews are behind the pandemic,” chant crowd at Polish anti-vaccine protest

At yesterday’s event, a man leading chanting through a megaphone asked the crowd: “We know who is behind this whole ‘plandemic’ and who rules the world, right?” In response, someone shouted “Jews”, and the man replied, “Of course it’s the Jews”. The crowd then chanted together: “Every Pole can see today that behind the ‘plandemic’ are the Jews” (Dzisiaj każdy Polak widzi, że za plandemią stoją Żydzi).


May 9th, 2021

Polish Soccer Players DO Not Kneel For Nigger Whine.

POLAND ROCKS! Polish football players refuse to kneel for Black Lives Matter at World Cup qualifier in London- Rather than taking a knee to Far-Left/Communist Identity politics, the Polish footballers pointed to a “respect” label on their jerseys. In Britain’s Premier League, kneeling to Black Lives Matter (BLM) before a match is a widespread practice. Players say it is meant to express their opposition to racism and show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, which claims to be an anti-racist organization, but which has been accused of fomenting division and being responsible for mass riots and murders following the death of George Floyd during his arrest. Prior to the Poland-England 2022 World Cup qualifier at Wembley Stadium in London, the Polish web was abuzz with speculation about whether the Polish national team would kneel in support of BLM. In the end, the Polish players did not give into pressure and refused to kneel, according to Polish news outlet Dorzeczy. Instead, just like Czech players during their match with Wales, they pointed to a “respect” label on the left sleeve of their jersey. The decision of the Polish players caused a storm on social media, yet the majority of comments positively evaluated the gesture. <SNIP> LINK

May 5th, 2021

May 3rd, 2021

Poland 5

April 6th, 2021


February 3rd, 2021

This lame b1tch Anja will play h0e games all day with her ex’s pretend shes your friend sleep with your boyfriend and steal from you and pretend she didn’t do sh1t. Fuken lame a55 doesn’t have a job does fraud smokes meth and is a lenohead you cant trust this b1tch. She ain’t ever gonna be sh1t in life cant even finish her beauty school to do something with herself. And ever gonna be sh1t in life. In the bar every fucking night fucking anyone she sees getting so drunk she has no idea where she is or whose dick is in her ass or face. Its pathetic.

This psychotic bitch Eva is turning tricks out of the same one bedroom farmhouse she lives in with her parents and grandparents. I guess they’re in need of financial support. She will stalk your Facebook and post pics about you when she doesn’t even know you. Apparently enough people know her to have this kind of information about her. Which is all true. She’s nothing more than a junkie who’s a waste of a life. Stay far away from this drd carrying hoe. 

This has got to be the most disgusting, delusional and psychotic meth head that’s ever walked the streets of Krakow. Anyone and everyone that’s ever made the mistake of allowing her around them has nothing but horror stories of coincidently becoming violently ill afterwards. Her boyfriend, who thankfully got away from her, started to become violently ill. After breaking free of her abusive and pyschotic ways, the sickness stopped. Because she’s such a slore, after going home with another guy, he told everyone how she became so violent and controlling during the first hour of hanging out, he was scared for his life. She goes around either sleeping with desperate men, or lies about sleeping with every guy she comes in contact with. She was sleeping with my boyfriend’s married friend, and when he passed away, she had the audacity to show up at his viewing, causing his poor wife more heartache. Thankfully, the wife told her to leave. Mindy then lied saying that his wife wanted to be her friend and that she was close to his kids. She even bragged about the short dress she wore to the viewing! The pictures she took of herself were nauseating, to say the least. No wonder her husband and own mother want nothing to do with her! 

Poland 4

This nasty skank, Crystal, refuses to work and instead tries to survive off of selling meth. Well it’s hard to make money as a drug dealer when you smoke and snort up your entire product. Aside from that, she is a thief. Never loan her money for anything because I assure you you’ll never see it again. Lastly, she will floozy for money to afford her suboxone and meth habits. She’s a walking drd  parasite. She can be found in the beds of any man who lives in Konin. Just go door to door she has been in ever bed before. Everyones!

January 25th, 2021

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 7 months and are currently trying to conceive. Talking about marriage. We both have been cheated on and past relationships and from the beginning I made it a point that we need to be extremely open and honest. So without any further ado please allow me to introduce my boyfriends waste of space Ex-girlfriend Danika. Here is a little background information on them. He met Danika around 2 years ago when his roommate, whom had also just met her brought her home to tag team. Not only did she have a boyfriend already that was out of town but within three days she was sleeping with both my boyfriend and his roommate usually at THE SAME TIME. This naturally caused some trouble between them and my boyfriend began living with Danika and her three children. Then he found out that she was still sleeping with his roommate among others throughout the relationship. What scum.

January 13th, 2021

This fat boob b1tch Alicja thinks she’s a gift and that everyone wants her, lol but she’s passed around by her so called “best friend” that is just some guy that used her and didnt want her bc she’s fat af and gross/easy. Said she was floppy titties and nothing to keep around, just an easy lay lmao…Don’t you get it b1t** if the mf’s wanted you they’d be there lol, so get over yourself hunny…He passed her to someone else that also didn’t want her, then another guy, which she stole a dog from . She’s a nut bar and acts like shes a queen lol when she’s the queen of sh1t . She’s an obsessive stalker and tries to date every guy she fuk*** and keeps trying to talk to them when they are done spunking loads on her tits ass …All she does is sit on her fat a$$ and eat smoke weed 

December 21st, 2020

A fugitive gang leader dubbed the most beautiful gangster in Poland has been arrested in Slovakia. Magdalena Kralka was hiding in the boot of a car that had entered Slovakia from Hungary when she was detained by police on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by Poland, where she is wanted on suspicion of leading an organised criminal group. The organisation, which she is thought to have taken control of in 2017, is suspected of importing more than 120 kilograms of cocaine and 5.5 tonnes of marijuana for sale in Poland. The gang, which was based in Krakow, operated as a wholesale supplier for drug dealers throughout the country. They also smuggled marijuana in large quantities to Norway and produced their own amphetamines. The organisation had ties to a football hooligan group based in Krakow, who were used to distribute drugs and settle scores with rivals.  At one point, the gang has monopolized the drug market in Krakow. Every month, narcotics worth 1.5 million euros were imported to southern Poland from Holland and Spain. LINK

November 20th, 2020

PINCZYN, Poland — An employee at a neighborhood store in Poland thwarted an attempted armed robbery/rapist using some unusual means of protection. The video, which was originally shared by police and has since gone viral, shows the gunman nigger entering the small shop in Pincyzn, Poland, and pointing a gun at the woman. The woman behind the counter then tosses a bucket of water with used tampons and maxi pads in it at the man before striking him several times with a baseball bat as he lunged in her direction. The woman is able to fend the nigger off, and he’s seen running out of the door. Police hope someone will recognize the nigger, if it escaped from its plantation or belongs to you please call animal control. Police warn to keep your niggers leashed at all times.

November 4th, 2020

Poland 3

This is Danika who lives in Koden, Poland. Her and my soon to be ex husband slept together. I found out and confronted her. She told me that my soon to be ex told her that I had a hysterectomy, that it hurt me to have sex, that him and I still live in the same house but I’m OKAY with him sleeping with women because I understand he has needs. What womens sleeps with a still married man who has kids at home and on top of that is telling him to leave me…b1tch he isnt just leaving me he is leaving his kids also. My soon to be ex husband will be 43 in july…she just turned 21 in December 2019. His daughter (my step daughter) is almost 12 and guess that her father was cheating and has asked her mother if she can live with her because she cant stand HER OWN FATHER.

September 1st, 2020

Sonja is a disgusting excuse for a human being. She has been sleeping with a married man for months while his pregnant wife and kids are at home. According to him, the married man, she was cheating on her boyfriend with him. And even had him in the house where she stayed with her boyfriend. This man has abandoned his family for Sonja So if you’re in Gdnask or any part of the world, watch your man and watch your back. Because she has no morals or standards if she’s willing to sleep with a married man. She knew he was married from day one and she didn’t care she slept with him anyway. She’s even going as far as threatened this man’s wife. And told lies to family and friends about her. She is just plain disgusting and pathetic. They use to run a web site where they would fuck and air for the world to see for $0.49 american a minute. She spent all the money on meth and booze.

Shelly found my married family member on Facebook and reconnected with him last July 2016. She’s been divorced once (has a 3 year old daughter from this marriage) and is with a long term boyfriend of 4 years (living in a house they bought together) and they operate a meth lab and a brothel out of the fucking thing. She plays the “poor me” card and “how my man doesn’t do anything like you do”. They both fell into an illicit affair that lasted until being found out in September 2017. She bases her love life on deceit and lies and is in every sense of the word a HOME WRECKER!! She use to go into the local super market and take the wieners out of the packages and ram them in her pussy

Bitch Learning English

This shit bag Lena had an affair with my husband while i was pregnant with our first child. She is an er nurse and he is a security guard. This cum bucket would constantly message my husband and they fell in love and started having sex. She is married and is now pregnant… wonder who the father is. We all know its my ex but they are looking hard for an American to frame for the kid. So my ex got her hooked on heroin and has been pimping her out to American tourists. That way they can both get green cards and move to US and A Greatest Country In the World. To live under glorious world leader Donald Trump. It is unkown what they will do with the guy that they frame. She is a sik bitch so probably eat him or keep him as a sex slave. My ex likes to swing both ways a lot too. His name is Marciuz Sawrcou hehas a record for peeping in old ladies homes. So he may use the name Steven Louis Jones to travel.

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Poland 2

Poland 2

This is Mila when this Polish bitch isn’t drinking her face off and snorting mad rails of meth in Wroclaw night clubs. She can be found strolling casinos and golf courses looking for rich German and French dudes to blow to support her drug habit. Some guys nuts she drains are older than her grandfathers. She sucked off two 90 year old dudes in wheel chairs once for a gram!! It is unsure if Mila is part Jew Kike or not as she does many jew like things and has a little bit of the soulless evil witch look in her. But she does share, even though it is needles and a little old man jizz she misses. But its still sharing. If you go to Poland and are 65 or older look Mila up. She is cheap! Avoid anal though as she never wipes her asshole. The poo is smeared and crusted in the ass hairs with chunks of lettuce and corn in it. Really gross. But makes a good snack after you blow your load!


Gosia is about as smart as the old crust sock I have jerked off in for a year and have under my bed that my dog uses as a chew toy. Ladies does your husband like fucking flat chested goofy looking sluts from Poland, that can’t resist any man in a relationship if we’re going by her track record. She has no care if the man is married with children all she cares about is becoming their little kitten and finding a way into North America. Her nickname is BALLSDEEP91 and she uses large pineapples to shove in her pussy, Lines of coke get snorted of her dads horse like cock when she is high on meth with great photos that make it onto Facebook. where she will play the poor damsel in distress who braids nut sack hair to floss her teeth with to get the shit nuggets out. So ladies I would definitely recommend making your assholes wet when she comes around with a jack hammer to penetrate you for video in Warsaw. Checking your husband’s anal cavity for bum fungus growth which is cancer causing.

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Poland 1



  On Geo Guessr near the Ukraine border. It’s three Polish Faggots in a gay looking truck. Odds are they are bombing around to make sure that the country is completely rid of Jews, Niggers, Gypsies, and Faggots. Making Poland Great Again.

Poland is also a great example of when you keep the countries citizens white they tend to stay clean and look nice.

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