Manila 2

This nasty sl00t pretends to be friends with a guy and then sends him sexts and pictures of herself in a desperate bid for attention, she doesn’t care if he’s in a serious relationship because she has no morals. Anyone who knows Raquel should be extremely wary of her if you have a husband/ boyfriend or your husband/boyfriend is friends with her do not trust the pathetic sl00t. She will drain them dry. She really wants to get a stupid American man. She spends most of her free time along with fucking and doing drugs, baiting dumb men for money on the internet cafe. Good job Raquel slut bag. Ricepicking bitch.

This slore Megan likes to have missionary sex in the dorms in the US army military barracks. She loves to wreck homes. She tries her best to ruin your life, if your married. She gets turned on from trying to mess up peoples family & lives. She was SCREWING AT LEAST 5 guys at once all in their army gi joe fag outfits too!, She was married to her first husband then also. It’s been said she’s still screwing around on her now husband. Also Known As Barracks Bunny cuz she’ll fuk anyone anytime. Megan will threaten you with many years in jail if you expose the truth about her & her lies. Meg will say she don’t even know you & she don’t know why you would say these things. Well if you don’t want the truth told, then I guess you shouldn’t be doing those things. Then she will try & say because you told the truth about her that your stalking her & more lies to the police trying to further hurt you. She doesn’t want anyone to know the real Meg. 

This guys wife makes more sucking cock than he does selling apples or what ever he steals from others.

Philippines 3

This terrible mother of two Dani decided to leave her children two days before Christmas alone in her hut to go fuck my husband. She lied their father to believe that she was unhappy and wanted a divorce but her friends and family found out the truth. She was sleeping with a married man. She didn’t want to ruin just one marriage, she wanted to ruin two. Not only was she fucking my husband but lots of dudes. She is an escort in the Philippines who does “dates” for foreign men. I found all the videos my husband took of him fucking her and her slutty whore friends. This is common for these women. They fuck to get out of their country. My now ex husband is such a cheap bastard he probably didn’t pay her. What a bitch. Watch your men if they go to this rice picker land.

Lisa is a single mom lazy ass Not working by day, Not working by night ,there for have all the time available to go manipulate ruin and destroy other people relationship.She was my lesbian carpet munching girlfriend she is an expert liar come to found out she betray me with a married man, after checking in depth her friends told me its the second time she goes and destroy Married people life,she seem to enjoy making other people suffer, Just a warning for those who knows her or are related to her! She is from Baguio City she had like 8 Facebook accounts at the same time looking and collecting men , Don’t let her near your man, She might ruin your relationship/marriage next just a low life cold heart little 5ft monster, be careful from her she looks very innocent and sweet. But she is a meth head cum loving whore when unleashed who has no morals what so ever. I have seen her hold a butcher knife up to an old ladies neck once for drug money.!!!!!

Filipino cuisine is an oxymoron. You never see any Filipino restaurants around the world except for a few to service the local Filipino communities. The reason is it’s truly one of the worst foods on the planet. Maybe only Australian Aboriginals and some remote African tribes might eat worse shit than this. Filipino food typically uses the following spices and additives but not much else; sugar (lots), salt, vinegar, Soy sauce and MSG. Filipino Women specialize on gold digging, they are very fond of marrying some old man in order to get out of their shitty islands. Then, as expected, they divorce him and take half his earnings. Some women want to get a foreign husband just to interbreed, because they instinctively know how very much superior every other race is (Excluding niggers). Due to the fact that Filipinos were raped by Spanish Catholics, they have the ability to swim long distances. The are arguably better swimmers than Cubans. Filipenis hard gangster thugs regularly hang around together at various 7-11 shops. Funny enough, they will ALWAYS chicken out in a fight one on one, but even bashing two or three of their midget buddies at the same time, wouldn’t pose a problem to any individual from the superior race.

Philippines 2

Ahhh Camile from Quezon. What a gem. Guys, please be advised that there are women in the world who are just flat out fucking whores worth???? 2000.00 because that was what my husband spent for that getaway to anally ass hack Camile until she bled violently and now leaks shit. She willingly open her ass cheeks to him and got freely rectal throbbed knowing that I’ll never find out the feeling of his warm jizz getting shot in my asshole and immorality. She then still goes to the nut sack and still continues to drain it like a whore. She said she didn’t know how much jizz those balls could hold and that I am the guy’s wife and I should know how to service his cock. Also, her friends suck him off too while she video tapes it. Camile Fuck you skank.

Complains about her electric bill due to using the freezer too much to make cum popsicles.

Jesse Marie is an aspiring cock doctor that ruined the lives of two boys by having an affair with their father for money for rice. She is a high profile prostitute who financed her medical school by being a whore. She asks for money for sex from poloticians and businessmen in Manila. She is crazy and selfish. She doesn’t care if she ruins innocent lives just to satisfy her sexual desires. She will tell men to fuck her in the ass and blow their load in there so she doesn’t get pregnant. What the men don’t know is she hides a cork by the bed. After the dude blows his load in her ass she plugs her hole with the cork. She then makes an excuse to go in the bathroom and drips the cum from her ass in a jar she stores in the bathroom. Then she takes the cum home and puts it in a popsicle molding in her freezer. Then she has a sperm popsicle dildo to play with herself and get money from the man and move to his white country eventually.

Probably just piss fucking warm pop too. Sitting in the sun. That little shade is unacceptable. There is a reason their countries are failures to. Stupid moves like leaving pop near sun. It all starts somewhere.
Shocked that isn’t trade mark violation in some way. Probably not many whiny jews in the Philippines.
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