Peter Unhappy With Plantation Operations

Pete had to remind Natasha that White People Pay For their Meals And Don’t Run Out When The Tab Comes

Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ are not happy with its latest break up. Peter Weber sent that useless ugly nigger that never spoke home after finally giving her just one piece of fried chicken throughout her entire time in the mansion. “I think Natasha got lost going to the cotton field. He waited way too long, put 2 other girls before her and literally just kept her around to make niggers think they are equal in society to real humans” said a fan, adding, “I honestly believe he kept her just for someone to blame his farts on and wasn’t serious about her at all. That’s acceptable. Sorry not sorry #TheBachelor. We have to remind niggers they are niggers right away and not let them get their hopes up” 

Another fan agreed that it was because Peter was actually never into an ugly piece of broken farm equipment. “Let’s be honest, Peter was never interested in Natasha or any other jigaboo for that matter. Why must #TheBachelor keep recruiting niggers to be on the show for men that aren’t interested animals and only want human being mates?” tweeted another. A third one said, “Why string Natasha along if he was going to buy a brand new John Deere 9000 Tractor to pick cotton anyway? Yikes. I even saw that coming. That was so pointless, the new tractors are so nice I can’t fucking blame Pete. #TheBachelor” 

Natasha’s time in the house has been riddled with stolen silverware, banana peels left everywhere, and her negro stench. She was the voice of Watermelons and always talked about Black Lives Matter, leading her to be one of the laughing stock niggers this season. While fans had speculated that she was a ex convict who escaped jail and wanted to plant the drama to get the black votes, fans seem to feel she was treated like the stupid nigger she deserved to be treated like.. 

Pete Gave Natasha A Type Of Super Crack/Cocaine Which He Thought Would Make Her Run Faster And Steal TV’s Better. No It just still made her a useless nigger.

Peter picking up the watermelon slice then not giving it to Natasha was one of the funniest fuckkking things I’ve ever seen. This guy rules. #TheBachelor #KKK #MAKAMERICAGREATAGAIN,” tweeted a fan. Another said, “I knew Natasha was going home to Africa. The sheboon gorilla ape lady hardly ever makes it to the hometowns #TheBachelor”. Tweeted another, “Color me nigger. Peter is sending Natasha home to Africa #TheBachelor”

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What You Need To Know About The Skanks From The Bachelor

Pete Shits Out Sparkles


Things You Need to Know About A Few Skanks on the Bachelor

He is holding in a fart in that picture.

It’s the world of the Internet we can find out anything about anyone. Here are some tid bits I dug up while doing some research on three of them.

Megan the 26 year old flight attendant from San Francisco…….Not Exactly

Its been a rocky battle with addiction. Step by step. Day by day.

We all know they build people up a little bit on a show and they did that just a tad with Megan too. Flight attendant not quite. In reality she has never been on an airplane or an airport. She is from San Francisco but took the greyhound. She was shooting up meth, speed, and heroin a few weeks before the show started. One of her prostitution clients is a Mexican janitor named Jose at CBS studios. Megan needed money and these reality shows are desperate for contestants. She is using methadone while filming the Bachelor and with her winnings wants to move into an alley or under a bridge in the Bay area or Fresno.

Kylie is a 26 year old entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, California. Not exactly

Kylie depends financially on the income she gets from tampon commercials.

Kylie’s lie isn’t all that bad as she is in entertainment to an extent. She did never specify but she is an out of work commercial actress. She specializes in products for feminine relief. She got the gig from constant visits to her doctor and all the flaming itchy shit that goes on in her sewage box. She likes playing softball and wants her dream vacation to be in Africa so she can get AIDS and Ebola before being gang raped by some stick nigger with a bone stuck in its nose.

Courtney is a 26 year old make up girl from Florida. Not exactly.

Lori Loughlin needs to check her white privilege at the door. How did she pull this off. Make up does alot and she caked it on her lying fucking face. This is a new fucking low. First she scams to get her kid into school. Then she scams to win Peters heart. I bet her whole goal is to have a bunch of babies with Pete and get them all into school with fake grades. Doing stuff like that is as much an addiction as gambling, crack, and global warming. Shame on you Lori! Shame on you! Greta will see you soon you liar.

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