Northern Mariana Islands

This girl Sonya is always having problems with people . She is crazy…No wonder why her bf is always cheating on her. If she doesn’t like that you stand up to her when she is wrong. She will make your life hell. She will go around public making you look like a terrible person..This girl is very two faced she will try and get everyone to hate you once you find out the real amy. She goes around doing this to take the attention off of her…This girl has very few friends anymore…Everyone is finding out who amy really is….She is very narcassitic….putting all the blame on everyone else but herself! Time to grow up and take reposibility for your craziness. We have all had enough. We all know what you really are like. 

February 27th, 2020

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This slut whore barbie doll in a box Melanie is a STD Clinic Wonderland ~ everyone can go outside and take a ride on her. I’d prefer to ride her facedown the hill though. She thinks she’s cool and hot calling people names but she’s just a dirty drug addict Sloot with zero ambitions except for dick and drugs. She talks about how she is a super model. Yeah right of sluts. Just looking at her makes me want to vomit. The pure radiation of dried up tourist jizz in her box basking and steaming in the sun. FILTHY. I’d hate to be this gross. She’s a straight up pig pen and you can catch bugs if you get too close so watch out Hawaii and Tourists this dumb slore thinks she’s hot and she’s Gross. Stay away from dumb slots so you don’t catch the drd.

March 15th, 2021

Emi , originally from Zipperhead Japan Land now resides in Honolulu, HI. She has a history of sleeping with men who are rich and can pay her bills. She just got out of a long-term relationship with her so-called fiancé, who she cheated on with multiple men. She is a disgusting slore who lacks empathy and doesn’t deserve anything. If you’ve recently slept with her, make sure you get checked so you don’t have anything. She is SICK! She use to be known as The Tokyo Globetrotter. Bouncing on cock to cock from town to town. Just a flithy filthy pig. But hse is Japanese, what do you expect??

February 26th, 2021

🎵There’s fear and darkness all around you, and dog wants to go fuck man ass,🎶 The poor rape victims are on the run. 🎶 No use in hiding in the dark he found his son Leland in the Park, 🎶 He ripped his pink poo stained He-man ginch underwear off and started fucking him in the ass 🎶 I’m the dog, The big bad dog. 🎶 The asshole hunter. 🎶 He grabbed Leland by his faggot fucking pony tail 🎶 And raped his faggot ass until it bleed. 🎶 Cause hes the Dog the Big Bad Dog. The Asshole Hunter HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

January 30th, 2021

So this bitch has been sleeping with my Husband for over 2 years now . She has ruined my marriage, crushed my family into pieces and my kids are the ones I really feel for. She’s had a bf from what I was told for over 3 years now. We moved here from Nebraska and to think being stationed in Hawaii was the best thing my ex hasband and I could of asked for… She has given my ex husband DRDs which I have now!!! She ruined my family and to think My Ex husband was being truthull to me and honest he was not. Hawaii allows Adultery to Be okay which is a really a joke to these island poeple. She smokes methand drives a white toyata Corolla and lives with Dog The Bounty Hunter. You can find her info on Google if you search her up “Bitch covered in wiener goo”. My ex husband has come clean about this whole entire heart break situation. Let that drug using meth snorting little DRDs whore bag (trying to become a Nurse b1tch) and ex husband that this is all a blessing for me and my kids.

January 28th, 2021


November 7th, 2020

September 14th, 2020

In July 2020 this women Annette took home my drunk crackhead of an uber driver husband and slept with him for 2 days raw bareback shooting heroin in a shitty hooker fucking motel. This was like the second she got in his fucking car. She managed to turn him against me and his 2 children within a week. He left me for her after just a week of knowing her. I asked her women to slut to fucking bring it on get drunk and go chuck some knuckles on the beach. Sure we had problems she was there at a low point and has a nicer set of tits than I do, so he strayed. She didn’t reply to wanting to fight so I went and throw a moltiv cocktail through her apartment window one night. I spray painted dicks on her car also. She cried and this silicon sister still wouldn’t come and take a bite out of me . There relationship lasted a whole 3 weeks (he came back but he got the hint when my new juice monkey boyfriend hit him in the nuts with a meat tenderizer) in total because she went crazy on him.


The Pacific island of Kiribati isn’t particularly dangerous, it is actually inhabited by fucking pussies who are fat and have no balls. It’s just really fucking difficult to reach. Any airport travel requires a long, costly flight between the stupid fucking islands. There are few amenities to which travelers from normal places like white people countries are accustomed to.

However, local families are willing to accommodate guests to somehow rip them off. A tourist who requires a passport — anyone living outside of the European Union — should schedule an additional trip to Afghanistan to fuck a camel because its about as much fun doing that as it is in Kiribati. The only Kiribati embassy in Europe is in Bono’s bathroom. But hey, we hear U2 rectal holes are nice smelling of nigger this time of year, if you’re feeling particularly ready to — eventually — make your way to Kiribati fuck a whale in the Ocean or one on land. The women are large here.

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