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 Where do I start with this tramp Christina. She is a lieing dirty people using thief that will say and do anything for her own gain. This b1tch has 3 kids that she has nothing to do with. She sells drugs and then claims the drugs and kids on her taxes and she’s not even the one who raises them, because shes too busy out chasing the meth and d1ck. She loves to use her kids as a way to get money from people. Shes a snitch and will claim to have your back but when you need her shes nowear to be found. She loves to couch serf with anyone that she can get to feel bad for her but will in return sleep with your man. Just stay clear of this nasty home wrecking drd b1tch.

April 4th, 2021

March 29th, 2021

Shes like herpes in a box on a rainy day. During the holidays last year, I received a text with information and pictures showing Snapchat messages between this slut Amanda and my boyfriend. I chose not to believe it out of stupidity. Now I am regretting it all. I’m currently pregnant with his child, and he has been having unprotected sex with this whole for the last 3 plus years. She cheated on her husband dozens of times with my now ex, and slept with countless others all while browsing social media for men that are in relationships to fuk, because that’s what gets this sloot off.

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This tramp Heather is notorious for smoking crack. Gets cracked up and roams the streets breaking up marriages and peoples fucking mail boxes! I’m fully aware that the men are never responsible. The women are always at fault when it comes to cheating ALWAYS. But this woman is the type of woman that us women should learn from when she is handling cock. She befriends the wives and gfs then begs them to join in! The first marriage she ruined was of a couple with 2 kids. She played him for a fool for a couple years before cheating on him with Mike and stealing all his drugs. Both guys were too high on crack to see what was going on. I watched her lead this guy on and break up with him just to start dating other guys at work. The second marriage she ruined was of a newlywed couple. Heather is on the run from the cops of taking a big bloody hairy stinky shit in a sandwich at Subway where she worked and giving it to old jews.

Laura is the best lay in Peoria everybody knows. She use to date this big fucking loser who thinks he fathered her child. The truth is the kid could be mine, Joeys, Jacks, Ralphs Steves, Jacobs, Pauls, Lukes, Tylers, James, The other Pauls, Ahkmeds, My uncle Gary’s. The list goes on. All this old boyfriend does is cry its sad. And the whole time Laura is enjoying a thick cock in her laughing at her loser ex. She did all that while she was with him too she had to get us money for beer before we fucked her. She paid for everything on that losers time for us. I kind of don’t blame him for being mad.

This is Cassie Everly of Lyndon, Illinois. Shes a big fucking stank bitch times a quadrillion. She has two kids as ugly as she is and she never takes care of them. She makes her stinky diaper wearing crackhead hooker grandmother take care of them all the time just so she can sit home and watch her cats fuck. Now shes knocked up again by her dad, don’t have nothing, and never pays bills because they blew all their money on heroin. She leaches off the grandmother cause she is cracked up high and cant say no to anyone. She drives the grandmothers el camino shit car with her faggot mullet sporting boyfriend and they don’t have licenses. They both have felonies for having raw anal sex using a pitchfork as a dildo at a safe injection site. they are crooks I heard she stole dirty shit and period stained granny panties out of a hamper at the old folks home. They steal dirtbikes and quads out of white peoples yards and blame it on niggers. They got caught by the cops doing it before but they dont care Cassie and her Boyfriend just got on their knees and sucked the cops off while they rammed their flashlights up the pigs assholes. On the weekends Cassie goes to the park crawls around on all fours and chases dogs and eats their poo off the grass. And talks about it on facebook.

Dan Devries will lie to old and young men to get them to sleep with him. Once he gets what he wants (Usually a rim job or some sort of asshole licking game), he will disappear out of your life – not respond to texts or calls and blow off already made plans at the last second usually to fuck his blind and deaf dog Sparky. He’s already divorced from some trans gendered nigger. Don’t waste your time and/or your Viagra fueled pulsing raging erections on him. You’ll only get flaming bum warts if you fuck him. He also goes after short fat aging bald men in drug and alcohol treatment centers and does this.

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Ottawa Problems

For starters, this girl is fuking underdeveloped as evidenced by the number of times she has slept with half of the Ottawa population. She lied straight to my face about being my friend while simultaneously tried fuking my boyfriend of 7 years behind my back. Not to mention, her whole family are bums and her mom tried fuking me too. I think the reason why Jillian is on this website is because everyone knows the taste of her nasty crusty dusty snatch. Keep h0eing boo, it looks good on you 😉 She roams around the wal mart parking lot picking up old men to fuck for crack money. She loves hanging out there on welfare day. She robbed a dominos pizza guy last May and made the news that is when all the rumors about her stripping came into play. Her mother denied these rumors and got her faggot boyfriend involved but he kept vomiting and farting up cum as he was at the gay bar before smoking crack and getting butt fucked.

Coke Headed Transgender

Nicole loves snorting lines she aint good for much else. She looks like a 10 year old boy so best she is is someone to trade sexual favors to Jewish Rabbis for. She is a massive Coke Head and alcoholic and everything in between she does drugs her and her friend Michelle (Who I dump a load in her every night) tried to get me in trouble with her I guess new stupid boyfriend doing coke taking my money using my name and her mom was the worst of all she robbed me Nicole rob me and her mom rob me she deserves to be put on this site and everybody should be where. She is on these hormone pills to become a man so her voice is getting deeper and she is growing a beard. Watch out for this Coke Fueled Fuck Head Nicole in Ottawa.

Diversity IS OUR STRENGTH. Probably some of Justin Trudeau’s black sons who claim to be Syrian child refugees who claim to be 13 but are 35.

Mel loves to get urinated on in public washrooms by strange men for money.

Mel  is the biggest cock sucking slob in downtown Ottawa she’ll steal your man when you’re not looking and beg him to fcuk her up the poop shoot. All this while snorting blow off his stiff shaft right before it is going to penetrate her waiting shit hole. And popping pills to ease the pain of a foreign object getting crammed where it doesn’t fucking belong. When she’s done she’ll move onto to the next dude while she is still drenched in the first dudes love juice to get what she’s begging for grade A drugs and a throbbing d1ck in her ass all night long You can find her in the mens rest room at the Mercury lounge on her knees on the cold tile floor begging for dudes to jizz and piss on her. You are an all star Mel A fucking All Star..

Hey this girl Ciara  is the biggest dirtiest slore you will ever meet she d1ck rides any nigger/ Somalian she can find that will support her smoking habit with her best friends Eva Maria and Ranisha. She’s had AIDS since the age of 13 she got pregnant at the same age while having that drd then aborted it because she didn’t know who the baby dad was . Catch her at any trap in the east, west south sucking d1ck with her monkey rapist homies. Her hole family smokes crack I wouldn’t doubt it if she was the next one in line. She’s a filthy animal . It’s too a point her own mother doesn’t have love for her crazy a55. Find her at A&W in Barhaven flipping burgers or at Justin Trudeau’s house. And sucking off her customers on the side for tips. Watch out guys she’s a man stealer. & a drd giver.

Lots of beastiality going on in the Ottawa region. Sex with animals is a crime and fucking gross Ok so the picture pf Manine the monkey fucker says enough about this b1tch . There is something missing here, the Stripper pole because that’s all your good at is being a fulltime Dancer and kissing different niggers. Let’s not forget about your drds and your Dirty underwear. Your a Disgrace to your family and especially to your KIDS. You should have been put to shame from Way back but now is the Time for your Filthy a55 to be Displayed. Oh yeah and one other thing one of her baby dad is the lowest Scum of the Earth . Girls like her shouldn’t be out on the road , the streets of Ottawa are dirty because of this Ratchet b1tch with a moldy yeast infection due to nigger jizz she never washes. Filthy fucking pig.

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A bunch of shit from the old site. Screen shots and links. If you are single get on these people. They are just misunderstood. Especially the blacks in jail. Everyone knows all black people in jail are just there because of the racist white man and not for crime.

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