Portland 3

June 25th, 2021


May 11th, 2021

April 23rd, 2021

With rampant domestic terrorists like BLM, Antifa, and the Democratic Party causing havoc and destruction you need to own and know how to shoot the enemy in Portland.

Niggers Rob Portland Weed Store


Sammy up there has been in trouble before. Another robbery.

Sammy’s Portland Public Rap Sheet. Sammy Bulambo of Portland Oregon Is ONE USELESS FUCKING NIGGER!

Danika uses men to her nasty benefit. She can’t get her life clean and get her shit together so any man she ever gets will probably leave. She harasses her ex’s many many years after they have broken up, for her little enjoyment, claiming how they still “love” her. (She’s probably too strung out on drugs to move on with her life.) Her online sex page was under the name of Priscilla. From the reviews, sounds like she will sleep with anyone; if your in a wheel chair, married, have kids, or STDs. If you search her name in google, you’ll see how she was charged with a hit and run when she crashed into a semi truck. Huge mess. She’s now homeless living in a tent asking others for money. Say NO to H*Es!

Oregon 6

May 28th, 2021

Kori this stupid tw@t not only couldn’t leave d1ck and drugs alone long enough to raise her kid who’s now graduated high school, she lives on the trail in a crappy little tent, selling her pu55y for a pipe full of dope. She makes a living stealing from all the people who go out of their way to help her stupid a55, phones are her favorite. At any given time she has 10 or 15 stolen phones tucked away in her smelly a55 backpack.. yea she’s a real portlans gem this one is… unless u want a huge confrontation and all your shit stolen, or the latest strain of DRDs, steer clear of this slore bag.

April 9th, 2021

Misty she is a three time convict . I was renting a room from her creepy father who walks around the trailer in his robe with his semi boner hanging out and old balls dangling around. I left town for a week to go steal crack from mexicans and when I was gone she took my door off and Robbed me blind. When she isn’t busy stealing anything that isn’t nailed down she enjoys, Getting high with her lover Clint Brady, smoking crack, and sleeping with anyone desperate enough to give her some (even ball wart Clint gets lots of hits on her). . But at the end of the week she’s in jail for a while! She’s also a master manipulator .. This is a public service announcement watch out for Misty and her STDS. She use to strip alot and wasn’t a bad show to catch with dildos and dyking out on stage. It was cool. But she kept stealing from the register so her boss at the time went and beat her then boyfriend Big Ed with a tire iron and through him in a river. Funniest thing is Ed never got more than a blow job from her and had no idea she was a theif. Lol

January 24th, 2021

On October 23, 2006, the skeletal remains of a young to middle aged white man were found in a shallow grave near Big Springs Snow Park, north of Santiam Junction, Oregon. Cause of death could not be determined but was deemed a homicide due to the circumstances. He was estimated to be between 25 and 45 years old and was between 5 feet 7 inches and 6 feet 1 inch tall. His weight, hair color, and eye color could not be ascertained. He was described as having a robust build, and was suffering from spondylolsis, which would have caused him pain. He had had little to no dental work done during his life and his teeth were in bad condition. He was found wearing a gray T-shirt with a logo, black denim pants, blue nylon athletic pants with black trim and white leather shoes. Isotope testing done by Parabon Nanolabs indicated that he may have been from Texas, Florida, Louisiana, or Oklahoma. He may have been living a transient lifestyle shortly before his death. LINK

January 1st, 2021

Two women arrested after stealing from stores at the Clackamas Town Center and Clackamas Promenade are connected to a theft ring that has hit Beaverton, Salem and Tigard, according to investigators. Deputies responded to Floppy Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Clackamas Town Center at 2 p.m. Dec. 8. Two sluts stole several pairs of UGG boots and then left the scene in a Dodge Magnum with Oregon plates with the license tag “DEEZNUTZ”.. The description of the suspects and the suspect vehicle matched another attempted theft at the Macy’s store in the mall a few weeks earlier. It also matched information distributed by the Tigard Police Department about an organized retail theft group operating in the area. Deputies learned the suspect vehicle was next seen at the Clackamas Promenade, parked in front of Nordstrom Rack. The car was unoccupied, but the engine was running. Deputies watched the vehicle and swooped in when the two suspects left the store. Felicia, 25, of Salem, and Erin, 24, of Gresham, were detained at the scene.

Oregon 5

Well she def a gold digger and only wants a man to buy her things and she will fuck any dude for it as well, Her name is Sonya and she don’t care if there married or in a relationship she will do him and make him believe all the lies she likes to tell about there wife or girlfriend but she been around the rural Oregon hick bars and with all the dudes in them as well…and she always says she can get anyone she wants because she fucks and does anal with ass to mouth for them and then she has them but her shit and if they don’t she will tell there wife or girlfriend to get what she wants to be warned you all…She also invites friends in to fuck and then rip the man off financially as well. The men are ALWAYS married and she uses that to drain their accounts and laughs at the destruction she causes.

A 26-year-old Sherwood woman faces numerous charges for allegedly embezzling at least $145,000 from a Sherwood medical clinic. Sarah had worked as the office manager of Sherwood Family Medicine. Clinic officials called the Sherwood Police Department in June 2019 to report the missing money, prompting a year-long investigation, according to Capt. Cock Knuckles. An Oregon County grand jury issued a secret indictment and warrant for Sarah’s arrest on Aug. 10, and she was arrested with incident of punching and kicking while she was high on meth in the middle of a sexual group orgy where she was the center piece at her condo on Friday, Aug. 12. Cock Knuckles said the investigation was extensive and involved combing through numerous records. To date, investigators have discovered a total of $145,000 they believe Sarah stole from her employer. Sarah was booked into the Washington County Jail on 30 felony counts including aggravated first-degree theft, aggravated identity theft, identity theft and first-degree forgery. Where she is currently sitting filming the movie for Bang Bros “Jail House Bitch Lesbo Party VII” Good job Sarah! We are proud!

November 19th, 2020

“I made a yellow shit splatter on the toilet floor here and left it”– Morgan Freeman (Nigger)

November 14th, 2020

What a creepy looking jew troll. He looks so Jew and his name is so Jew. He does what jews are known for perverted sex crimes. Looks like duck acts like duck must be duck Pendleton police arrested a convicted sex offender for allegedly trying to kidnap and murder a 16-year-old girl. Early Tuesday morning, detectives detained a person of interest and transported him to the Pendleton Police Department where they obtained a statement from him. After speaking with 35-year-old Mathew Rhorer, they arrested him and booked him at the Umatilla County Jail on charges of attempted murder and first-degree kidnapping. Link to a like wise article

September 8th, 2020

This women Morgan of Bandon, Oregon is a 28 year old housewife. But her side job is to fuck her friend’s husband and her husbands 19 year old son from one of his other marriages. Fucker is old. And wrinkly and uses ben gay cream. When the husband is out of town working. She invites her friend husband over to have sex with her while her husbands sons watches and joins in.. She been expose , lied her way out of it. But continue to cheat on her husband with the married guy. Who happens to be her friend’s husband and almost her son (these are known ones you know there is many moore whooooore!). I was told that she has a bush for a Vagina, it’s so dry. The sex isn’t good. But her blow jobs are awesome. Dirty hoe that stays on her knees. So if you know her husband. Tell him !! He is being played for a fool. She loves to blow on a cock whistle if it means she gets FREE SHIT!

September 8th, 2020

Julian Pedroza
Penis So Small.

Deputies arrested a 22-year-old beaner on murder charges Thursday as the suspect in a deadly shooting that happened in Salem earlier this month. Julian Pedroza, 22, of Keizer has a real small penis and was booked into the Marion County Jail on murder, first-degree assault, and unlawful use of a weapon. Pedroza has a penis that is so fucking small all the women laugh at it thats why he looks so scared in that photo like they are laughing or he knows he is about to get ass raped. Pedroza was wanted as a suspect in the murder of some other faggot gang banger, who was found with a cap busted in his bitch ass on September 2 outside of a business on Lancaster Drive.

Portland 2

I confronted this woman Amanda after finding mostly nude pics of her on my husband’s phone. She is a coward and denied the photos were of her, when they clearly were. Has no issue hooking up with anyone’s husband because she’s looking for daddies for her children. She knew he was married with 2 small children and didn’t care. She seems to be extremely stupid and can’t spell to save her life. Ultimate trash. Sent one pic saying “love you.” It has definitely screwed me up. Screwed me up almost as bad as her fucking car when I took my ex husbands fucking golf clubs to it. I was so high and fucking drunk off moonshine and whiskey I tried to beat Amanda, but she ran. I kicked her dog “Bubbles” (felt a little bad about that, at least the dog was black). Amanda is pure evil and pure trash. Her nigger and jew hating ass has no place in Portland who prides itself on being stinky and homosexual.

September 28th, 2020

Make sure to give great health care to your brain washed nigger faggot antifa community

Faggot antifa rapper he wiener slaps his dad in the face. Marcin poops in boxes and leaves it on peoples door steps when he is high on bath cleaners like drano. MARCIN VIIVIIVII is a GAY Rapper & Owner of a diesel powered dildo. An independent homosexual, Marcin, started experimenting with anal beads in 2012. MARCIN VIIVIIVII has been doing gay porn for George Soros as a full time career since 2016. MARCIN VIIVIIVII has released Singles, EPs and an Album online worldwide to all major homo sexual outlets and has over 55 faggot songs and many man love anal making videos. He has presented, hosted and performed at multiple gay love events in Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, California and Washington over the last 4 years. He is an experienced large dicks in his asshole with reasonable booking rates. MARCIN VIIVIIVII’s goal is to express himself through his lose gapping asshole while also showing his fans that “anything or object that wants to penetrate his asshole is possible”!

August 19th, 2020


Niggers are wild animals. Can’t live with them, Can’t live with them.

I know Tamara of Vancouver, Washington and she had long affair with a married guy, and then she slept with my boyfriend and tried to lie to me about it after pretending to be my good friend. Don’t trust her. She gets off on stealing other women’s men because she feels so shitty about herself it makes her feel better to get them to cheat on their partners. And she should feel shitty about herself. She’s got nothing going on. She use to work the corners in Portland alot trying to get her next meth fix. She cleaned herself up alot to secure her job in the adult entertainment business. Her latest movie “Whores inserting garden gnomes in their rectums 2” Just went double boner. It is Portland’s Porn scene equal to a grammy. Just trashy the amount of std’s and bugs on her crotch are probably horrifying. Sick.

Beth is a hardcore trooper from Portland, Oregon whose hobbies include guns, beer, and beating the shit out of antifa/jews/and whinny niggers with baseball bats for her Youtube Channel. Jesus Hates Liberals. It is awesome she usually starts her morning with a big wad of Copenhagen snuff in her mouth, a fat joint, and whisky in her wheaties. Then she downs a raw Elephant Egg and goes for a jog. She usually wears nose plugs as the stench from all the niggers and hippies that defend them have rotted the once beautiful Portland. It is the land of the free loaders and Beth has had it up to her neck in gross afro turf. Beth Loves Portland. And Beth Means Business. Vote Beth in 2024.

Digs holes outside her trailer to shit and piss in.

Mindy screwed my husband over 4 years ago. She believes that they are meant to be together and that someday he will leave his wife for her. The poor girl doesn’t realize that all the crap she believed were just lies and all he ever wanted to do was get his d1ck wet, which she gladly allowed. Then she turns around and acts like a sad little victim when confronted. Pretending that she’s just his friend. She befriended people in our family to try and get close to him and them. She thinks she has some sort of power over him, she doesn’t realize that she’s just that easy and slooty. The only reason she keeps after him is because no normal man wants anything to do with her she lives in a trailer. With no running water. Her brother goes out into their yard with no lawn digs a hole and the family squats to shit and piss in it. Mindy, her mom, and grandma huck their used tampons in there too. The condoms her brother uses to butt fuck the dog go in the hole too.. Mindy smells like she rolls around and baths in it. Stay away Mindy.

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The Jewish War To Eliminate (Kill) all Whites So those Dumb Niggers Who Are Rioting CAN REALLY BE THERE SLAVES. Is So Apparent.

Flaming Homo Spic Writes Hate Letter To Himself

This duckfaced lame Hosie Rosie tried to date a man who was married for 20 years and had 3 kids. She knew he wasn’t paying for his kids cause he was wasting money on her stupid ass, crack/cocaine, and her 2 kids from 2 different dads Joey Gladstone and Tyson Apostol (Who don’t give her shit and have wrote her off). She tried to step in and replace his wife with help from his insane fat dyke of a mother who shares her same fucking name. When his wife decided to take him back she contracted anal wars that bled and tried to scrape them off with a meat hook. They left a red stain all over her carpet and floor from the blood oozing out from the constant scratching. Rosie is a heartless bitch Flat out.

Danica is known to have slept with married men for money and drugs. She favor ramming needles in the lining of her puckered bloody wet shit smear of an asshole. You know the starfish like hemroid thing that flares up. It makes her feel REALLLLLLLLY FUCKING GOOD. She has absolutely no remorse for what she has done and doesn’t seem to care how her actions have affected other people and her own children. Danica goes under the bridge there in Salem and does drugs with all of the bums. She is low too. Once one of those homeless dudes saves up a bit of cash to get their life together Danica rips them off and they are back to ground 0. You are low Danica!!!

This girl Joanne will do anything to please a guy.. her guy, your guy.. it’s questionable if the baby she is pregnant with is actually with her bf. She acts all sweet like she is your best friend but it’s only cause she is after your man! She thinks she is better than everyone cause she works at the only escrow company in town. I seen her at the fire store she works with flirting with all the hill billies there. It is almost like the times she worked at Coquille Valley place that sold vegetables. All over her fucking instagram account were pictures of her sticking vegetables up her pussy and asshole. Thousands of thousand of anal sex with vegetables. I wonder how she got caught? I use to buy all my veggies there but once she got fired the produce tasted worse.

Kari sells Heroin and puts used tampons in her nostrils

This bitch right here is Kari. She is one Oregon queen bitch with herpes and anal warts that bleed. i This woman HELPED in breaking a marriage of 12 yrs with two young children that have to see their beautiful mother trying her best to hold it together for them. The mother is shooting mad heroin everyday due to Kari’s ways. It is Kari’s racism and lack of respect for the environment causing all the worlds problems. Kari is heartless and called Greta a bitch that should die by a pack of wild gorilla like niggers with atomic Ebloa and HIV raping her.! I applaud my friend for sharing her heroin with me and the men she picks up to give us money for sexual favors. Kari you caused this. You caused it all. Kari rams used tampons up her nose and goes to the hospital to make fun of sick children!

Oregon 3

This is Chelsea. She likes men that are married and have children. She will do anything for them after knowing them for 3 days. She also shits her pants in the mall. She runs around and beats her chest pooping in old ladies purses and laughing hard. Then stopping to smoke meth and shit some more on the floor. While she flings her poo at old people in wheel chairs. Shes a pig! She is proud of doing this. She brags at the bar about how old the people are that she flings her shit at!!! Who fucking does that Joe Gladstone? Oj Simpson? You fucking PIG!

Lena likes to have sex with her husbands married friends while she is bent over in the bathroom drinking out of the toilet. While there is a big brown shit log from one of the dudes in there. They all piss on her and take turns giving high fives as they drink Pabst 45 beer. When they start getting drunk they will grab her head and hold it in the water with the piss and shit until she is gasping for breath. Lena LOVES THIS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Then all the guys sign their names on her body with a felt marker. Piss on her one last time. Pour the last bit of beer out on her. And huck burnt smokes at her. She loves this alot too!!!! She has taken a small break to have a baby with her brother so they can get more money from welfare for meth. She was back in the bar and back at it the second the chord was cut. Rumor has it in the bar there was blood on her stomach and vagina.! When anyone talks shit about her she pulls out her gat so people know she means business she will fire it off in the corner. Plus now being off of house arrest gets her load in the mouth ratio tripled.Pig Lena Fucking Pig! 

Mckennah is a gross disgusting backstabbing bitch, that lives in Grants Pass, Oregon. She is a homewrecker because she goes after guys that already have a gf, for example : Crackhead Klansman Kyle. In december of 2016 she went after kyle, while he was in a relationship with another girl. Mckennah was with him for almost a year. During that year, he cheated on her multiple times for many different reasons. Some where because he just wanted to and others were because she was also cheating on him. Mckennah gets mad if her ex’s get into relationship while shes over here in her own relationship. She is dick whore who wants to invent an airplane propeller with penis ends to rotate in her face.

This is Dancee and I Was married to this women for 3 years before I found out she was cheating on me with 3 other guys nothing worse that. And she already has 3 baby daddy’s and looking for number 4 beware this one she drinks and does meth and will have sex with anyone. Last Monday night we were out with the crew looking to get fucking hammered and cause some shit. Then I seen 2 of my so called friends from the corner of my eye fucking Dancee. One was at each end. I was mad at first but after I went outside to cool off I had a smoke. Then I lit the bitches car on fire. Turns out it was her drunk Dad’s Big Chuck’s. Oh well. Dancee has had sex with Mark and Tyler for the last few years off and on and lord knows if one of them is the father of her youngest child. Dancee use to do Heroin alot but is big into the meth now as she likes fucking on it more. Her puss is full of scabs and warts and it stinks just as fould as her cum filled asshole after a night out on the town. Dancee get the help you deserve bitch before you look stupid.

 Amber eats old dog food with her fucking mom. She is a skank who is a subordinate of Assistant Manager, Benny at a family owned rub and tug shop in Roseburg. She really thinks she is something else with her big brown stinky skid marks in her oversized granny panties. The two got together over a year ago and have now rented a house in order to take the children from Benny’s wife, Marie. Benny and Marie have been together for over 10 years and have 3 children One is Benny’s btothers as Benny’s wife is a fucking cock whore also. Benny has been the main support of this family including his disabled mother in law. Amber eats Tampon mold on her Ice Cream while watching re runs of Full House.

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Portland, Oregon

Sprays Dollar Store Birthday Cards With Her Liquid Poo Mist.

Nicole is a fucking stripper and she gives shitty head and leaves teeth marks. She goes into the dollar store and walks into the back. She drops her pants by the birthday cards and then spreads her ass cheeks. She expels liquid shit. All over the birthday card. The Elderly Korean Couple that owns the store try to call the cops. But the nips cant speak English so the cops think its a prank. She is also a thief and a liar she wears her moms maxi pads. Don’t leave her alone for one minute or else she will steal whatever she can and pawn it for money for crack. She also has a huge drug problem with every drug under the sun she’ll blow anyone for a gram. Don’t trust this addict for a second! She will act nice when you first meet her. Don’t let that fool you! You can thank me later before becoming another victim of this psycho. She also injects H and M too. One time Nicole was sucking off this old man under the bridge. The old man never paid her so Nicole went and got her dad. Then her dad had sex with a dog. Twice!

Tonight is Ass Fuck Night At The House. Its the Guy in the Greens turn tonight.

Nik, here is Christopher from Vancouver, Washington. Behind him are all his faggot friends that they roll around naked and tickle each others nut sacks and tongue each others loose sweaty stinky assholes. He will act like the nicest gay in the world. Meanwhile living with him I would be woken up at 3 in the morning by his dog licking the peanut butter he applied to his nut sack. Many other people downstairs drunk shooting up needles with cheap black hookers that smelt of gorilla urine. Needless to say I didn’t want to live there anymore. He begged me to try one day to get a magnifying glass powerful enough to find his wiener and that he loved me and said he would fix it and blamed everything on his roomate CHENG WHO has rough anal man sex with every guy in town. So I move out and we are still trying to work things out when he calls me crying saying he can’t afford Christmas presents for his kids because he spent all his money on crack for his bitch Moniqua. Christopher also has a Valid State of Oregon license which permits him to rape dogs in City Limits. Those 5 guys in that picture play a game called “The Bread Game”/ In the “Bread Game’ They all stand around a circle and jerk off at a piece of bread. The last one to jizz gets to eat it. Christopher always thinks of baseball when playing as he wants the bread for toast.

She has a fungus forest that grows in her Vagina like an unwanted piece of weed. Her nickname in Middle School was Sewage Pussy as she gutter fucked the PE teacher in the playground.

This is Melissa from Portland. She fucks niggers so automatically has HIV and is mentally unstable. This happens to be my upstairs sewage pussy of a neighbor in the low income crack housing around fucking shit skins we live in because we are fucking drug addicts, after a heated argument she had tried to come onto my boyfriend and fondle his rectum hole. She had a small get together and invited him up. He of course decided to hang with everyone instead of shooting heroin up alone. Melissa then decided it was a good idea, to get wasted, beg for a shoulder massage in front of her friends and stick her tounge up his asshole. She then proceeded to vomit on the floor and he took a big shit in her toilet and never flushed the huge enormous fucking log of shit. Like one an elephant would lay so steamy and green like lettuce growing in Ireland. Since then, the bitch won’t sell drugs to me anymore, but she sure will when my boyfriend is out and about. She’s tried yelling at me for exposing her nigger loving past. If you search her name in the HIV database, you find that she had completely vanished from her kids lives for over a year. Just vanished. There’s a serious history with drug use and prostitution she use to work for Big Chuck in Seattle and get gangfucked by the baseball bats that the Mariners used in practices. She also claims that she can get any guy to apply her monistat 7 injection cream as she pleases because she has a crusty moldy cheesy vagina. She will not take no for an answer.

Ha ha ha ha A nigger rips off a head diaper of a Saudi Arabian LOL. If a white person did that all hell would break lose. This will get scoffed as the nigger will get something free for it like a banana. Just for being a fucking nigger.

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Jennifer is the foolish con she gets high on crack and yells at black people. She reminds them that they are ugly stinking niggers and does monkey gestures at them. She makes baboon sounds. sways her arms, and hucks bananas towards them. She acts like a real mom, but in fact she wants to play around behind her boy friends back. She gets gang trained at the bus stop every tuesday night. I know for a fact she has herpes because she got them from me. Three or four guys which her boy friend has had sex with in jail, gave her HIV. She askes for money online and from people she knows and never pays it back. She thinks that some older guy is going to pay her way, good luck, just watch out for this one.

Hes going to go take his fat underage cousin over to his uncles trailer. Then fuck the shit out of her to get her pregnant so they can get more welfare for their trailers. Welfare like niggers just Mcdonalds instead of KFC.

Brianna is a 24 year old piece of dirt who lives with her fat mother and step dad in Mount Vernon Trailer Park. She goes around and fucks everyone in the trailers she makes the men here happy. Her step dad rapes her everynight when he comes home from bowling. Drunk in his rusty looking rape van with no insurance the bank will repo soon. There is always tons of kids bicycles in there just never kids just blood. and bikes. and Pabst 45 beer cans. She has a six year old daughter from one of her brothers that she uses to get welfare money for her step dads beer. She continuously throws herself at these men, despite the fact the children will be losing their father soon after court charges of beating their wives. BE WARNED. BOOK EARLY ON WELFARE CHECK DAYS.

Got Cummed On By 12 different cocks on her ex husband John Legends Piano as he had to watch as he cried. He actually forgave her after seeing that.

Just like her mother Hermiston Hoe Heather sucks great cock she learned at a young age that regardless if you’re married sleeping with whom ever whenever you want is A okay. Well, truth be told it isn’t. She was married to a homosexual nigger named John Legend and cheated on him with Dog The Bounty Hunter and Pee Wee Herman in a double anal penetration. Twice. . He gave her everything she wanted and sung a song on the piano and she watched him jerk off with tweezers on the pianos seat while she had strawberry ice cream. But she still wanted more. She wanted a better man than John Legend someone who could at least be called a man even Justin Bieber and Tinkerbell have more maschuline features than her ex faggot husband John Legend John caught her getting gang fucked in a forest of cocks on his prize piano once, he forgave her ignorantly and yet again she got high on meth and fucked a bunch of other dudes who laughed at John the whole time. Heather you are an animal I feel for your ex pussy faggot husband John Legend.

Emily of Salem sends her nudes and videos of herself to taken men on the internet and then tries to play the victim when the woman finds out. I found one video on my husbands phone. This bitch lubes her vagina up with butter like 2 bricks of the shit. Greases up a fucking pumpkin then shoves it up her twat moaning. Her is the funniest thing in the background she has Taylor Swift music playing and she is wearing a bow tie. She also has a video of her peeing in public toilets and on the floor besides them at the bathrooms at Taco Bell downtown.

What a smile on that guy seems like a great guy. I should ask him to join my bowling team.

This woman Diana Bigby pretends to be a good Christian wife and mother. Pretends she’s so in love with her Christian husband but will sleep with your LESBIAN fiancé in her nasty car. She goes down and muff dives and slobbers all over my dyke girlfriends pussies for hours. Probably enjoying every second of the muff in her face. Its probably better than her jesus husband boys dick after all. For a week she was ramming cucumbers and carrots up her pussy and asshole and sending nudes with the veggies and having sex with an engaged female in her car in public parking lots around Eugene. She works at Travel Perks Dream vacations and Walmart where she sucks the 90 year old greeter guys balls in her mouth. Watch out for this HOMEWRECKER she eats a good muff.

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Oregon is the biggest faggot friendly state in the whole US. Google it its true. Most of the Faggots fled to Oregon when the Mexicans kicked them out of California and the Mormons booted them from Utah.

Mother Fucking 1984 Dude! Radical. I am 40 years old and live in my parents basement and play duck hunt on Nintendo all day Party On!  Lester Balls(real name) likes to think he is a badass because he believes in slavery, sometimes sports a faggot rat tail hair style, and “Eugenics”. In his midst of his parents curfew set apon him even tho he is 38 years old. he races bmx bikes His dream underaged eleventeen year old girl that he is Looking for has to be white racist into screaming death metal farm animal torture/rape music and sodomy if you could call it that. You can hear him play in his shitty skid row/poison cover band at the opening act at Black Forest Bar in Eugene Oregon him and his trench coat junkey friends like to pray on drunk girls by druging there drinks and taking advantage of them on karaoke night In their el camino cars or alleys behind the bar

Lindsey This stinky cum fart rippling bitch thinks she can sleep with my boyfriend when i’m drunk and cracked up passed out in the same house! She does it all the time in Brogan. All this cock hungry fat period stained slut does is party get high on listorine and hair spray, and jump on anything with a dick she would fuck a horse if she could! Girls keep your man far away from her, if he has money she will even try to convince the guy to leave you for her, all she cares about is money and what guy she can fuck next and after talking to her boyfriend he says they don’t even have anal sex in the kitchen anymore! she just wants new warty hairy hard dick and wants to fuck other people over. nice slut..

This dirty slore Sarah, She cheated on her husband with my husband at work and now they’re actually together as a couple. I was 6 months fucking pregnant with his reject sperm when they started having harcore anal unprotected sex at work. When my daughter turned 2 we bought a crack house. she fucked him good the whole time knowing that we were supposedly happily married. I thought she’s a dirty hemroid watch out for this HO. On February 17th Harry My now ex husband beat the fucking shit out of me so I called the fucking police and he was arrested. We have been separated ever since. I hacked into his social media account from home and found more tranny dick pictures then a gay porno!!!! Like 10 differentmen and at the same time hes telling Sarah he loves her! Hahaha ok so you mean to tell me this dumb fuk b1tch thinks hes going to be faithful to her !, um hello hes cheating on his wife hahahahaha. Sarah has crust of yellow on her mudflappy vagina.

Sadly Gene went out of business. Rumor has it too much jerking off in the meat. Dick sauce on everything.

THE HIPPO SISTERS OF POWER OREGON These 2 super sized grease slores right here are Both sisters. They have multiple children with multiple farm workers and barnyard animals. Melissa doesn’t even have custody of 12 of her 14 kids. They both have been sleeping around like slores and just getting pregnant by which ever guy they are with at the time. Melissa recently thought that having a relationship with an engaged man would be what’s good for her and her kids. Because she was lonely and hurt in her past relationship. So what does she do? O I’m gonna Fuck your man wearing your shit crusted panties in your sleeping blanket make shift bed with a large pink strap on dildo stolen from walmart. That’s right. Hide yo kids, hide yo man! These bitches out there are some nasty nasty people. Stay away. When these girls have their periods it is like rotten sewage water oozing from their pus filled crusty wart infested flaming baginas. The fatter ones belly roll hides her yeasty flaring gutter stench muff well. When you lift her fat fold up it reminds me of opening up a hot tub cover in the winter. But stinkier.

Let me start off by telling you some disgusting details about our little cock slut Zarina here. First off, she has three little girls, and all three have a different now homosexual dads. Yes you heard that right! Hard core ass lovers now Apparently she skipped sex ed and the part about birth control and dont have kids with a faggot especially 3 faggots. Gross. Well anyway, let’s start off with her roach infested house. Ever seen herpes infested cockroaches in every nook and cranny of a house? Including Zarina’s loose pussy. Well, if not, just mosey on over to her whorehouse, it is like a cockroach bar and grill. On top of all that, there are moldy cum stained clothes on the floor and black mold coming out of places black mold should not grow. Her sink is full of dirty dishes and her poor little girls are in the house playing in the disease infested funk. Their latest toy was a piece of frozen dog shit found at the local cafe where Zarina sucks on the elderly mens testicles for her morning coffee and baileys.

Now, Zarina the person isn’t that bad if you don’t mind a compulsive lying meth addicted stripper. Yes almost 30 and still stripping for Kraft Dinner money. Guess she is making a career out of it. When she isn’t having dollar bills stuffed in her moldy underwear and crotch, she is sleeping with really old dudes for their food stamps. We are talking old men with saggy old rubber balls. I guess spreading her legs comes naturally since her it is one of her job requirements. I mean I guess all of this is why she never left the state of Oregon. Time to make a new life for herself and her poor girls. Hopefully she took the roach infestation with her. Zarina of Pilot Rock loves the old man cock.

Sally  of bumfuckers Community Agency is an elderly scam artist. I went into this bitches office yanked her dentures out of her mouth, rammed them up her ass, plugged my nose, anal fucked her anally and pretended she was giving me head. With the help of some KY jelly and mayo from her sandwich. When you meet her to think she’s a sweet old lady looking for a young guys warm load in her face. But after having banged the bitch in every position possible in her office without a condom. I then find out she illegally sold me car insurance and I wasn’t covered at all. She also farted when I found this out and her fart smelt like my uncle Joe’s sperm. (just saying) When confronted she yelled at me and told me and started flossing her teeth with her bloody tampon string. Very unprofessional & dishonest. After I stopped paying her for sex. She then texts me asking me where my finding nemo dildo was. Why Sally? So you can pocket my money for your own finding nemo dildo, or maybe you want a duck tales one? She may easily be mentally ill, or just forgot I figured out her scam. Please don’t be fall into her trap. Don’t let her age old loose hanging vagina, and religious name fool you. She is just another scammer with a wart in her rectum the size of Oregon.

Christian Longo


  Christian Longo. What else to say about this piece of shit but he is a spineless sick fuck. Christian Longo is currently riding big Bubba’s pole in an Oregon Prison until the gurney opens up. In 2001 Longo who was suffering financially decided to kill his family. He was a known liar. Also a Jehovah’s witness. I don’t know much about that religion just sounds pretty fucking weird to me.

  Christian Longo was originally from Ypsilanti, Michigan. He married Mary Jane Baker when he was only 19. They had 3 children. But the family was always break due to Christian’s stupid and wild spending habits. Longo got into a gig where he made counterfeit checks. That is not really religious god would be mad. The christian god the jewish god would help you forge them. Despite being in debt instead of just stealing a bit to get out of debt he used the money to spend stupidly again.
   Longo was a snake rat also he got caught cheating on his wife and was even kicked out of the church.
  After leaving Michigan in embarrassment they hid out in Toledo, Ohio for some time. Living in a warehouse.

  Longo made the FBI’s ten most wanted list.

Mary Jane Longo(nee Baker)- Body found stuffed in a suitcase floating in the water
Zachery Longo- Zachery was four years old and the first body of the Longo’s that was discovered. He was found on December 19th, 2001 floating in a lake by a man leaving an AA meeting.
Sadie Longo- Was 3 years old and her body was found by divers after Zachery’s body was discovered.
Madison Longo- Body found with her mother stuffed in a suitcase floating in the water.

Capture- Shortly after the murders Christian fled the US. He was found at a  hippie resort in Tulum a small town outside of Cancun, Mexico. In 2003 Longo was sentenced to death. Where he still is sitting in Oregon State Prison.

Longo was so full of shit. Later on he accused his wife of killing the baby. He told people in Cancun he was a free lance journalist.

Sentencing- Longo was charged with three counts of aggravated murder and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


It is hard to find more stuff on this guy it is all the same shit over and over again. I will add more later.

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