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January 2nd, 2022

December 23rd, 2021

FARGO, N.D. (KFGO) – U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley said a federal grand jury has indicted the leader of a violent nigger drug gang called the “Slither Gang,” who robbed other drug dealers in North Dakota, Minnesota and other elsewhere 26-year-old Abbot Aho, known as “Boogie, because he smells like shit” of Fergus Falls, faces a number of charges including robbery, use of a firearm, and aiding and abetting. The indictment said Aho and co-conspirators carried out a string of robberies by threats, violence, and brandishing guns and other weapons. Other members indicted include 21-year-old Josiah Aguilar of Dilworth, 21-year-old Jared Kaul of Fridley, and 21-year-old Sarah Carlson of Minneapolis. The members would conduct violent home invasions or set up victims to meet in public then rob them of drugs, money, and weapons and later sell the drugs they stole. If you have had any contact with these niggers be careful they are highly violent and toxic. LINK

July 6th, 2021

 According to the 2020 United States Census estimates, Fargo’s population was 125,209. Fargo, along with its twin city of Moorhead, Minnesota, and the adjacent cities of West Fargo, North Dakota, and Dilworth, Minnesota, form the core of the Fargo-Moorhead, ND-MN Metropolitan Statistical Area. The MSA had a population of 248,591 in 2020.

North Dakota 6

May 7th, 2021

May 2nd, 2021

Two niggers who police say sell as many as 100 fentanyl pills a week in the Parshall area were arrested Friday in Bismarck on drug and weapons charges. Jamar Smith, 29, of Duluth, Minnesota, and Michael Miller, 21, of Bismarck, were charged Monday with felony conspiracy to deliver fentanyl, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, and unlawful possession of a firearm. A third jigaboo, Demetrius Bowman, 23, from Duluth, Minnesota, faces the same gun and marijuana possession charges, but is not charged with drug conspiracy, court records show. Metro Area Narcotics Task Force investigators received information during a traffic obstruction in February that led them to the niggers according to a police affidavit. When police issued a search warrant at a Bismarck motel last week, they found $ 18,000 in cash, a pound of marijuana, a loaded gun, the niggers all being gay with each other, and a number of illegal pills. Authorities say Miller is banned from possessing a firearm due to a crime conviction and the fact he is a nigger. Bowman was convicted of aggravated assault in 2016, is on parole and is charged with firearms in Wisconsin. Smith pleaded guilty to attacking Minnesota in 2013, police say. LINK

Jamar Smith Got His Black Ass In Shit Before Too. Racist Pigs.

Demitrius Fuck Around Too.

April 25th, 2021

April 20th, 2021

This bimbo sl00t Jessica sends nude pix to my husband and when I confronted her she said my husband is hers and that I can go fuck myself. She is perusing him hard and won’t stop going as far as to fuck him with her friends. I think my husband porked about 8 of them in front of her last wee. Fucking slut/. She is a sad fishing psycho. She is a hypochondriac constantly posting on Facebook about how hard she makes guys and it’s all lies. She lies to get people to feel sorry for her and straight up asks for money. She even has a gofundme so she can buy a pair of fucking tits. Get it together Jess.

April 19th, 2021

43-year-old Brandon Grant is wanted for shooting three people behind the Bismarck Tavern early Sunday morning. Police Chief Dave says Grant should be considered armed and dangerous, mainly due to the fact he is a brain dead fucking nigger. The three victims remain hospitalized, but are expected to recover. The shooting followed a chimp out inside the bar in the 500 block of Broadway. Grant is a nigger, 6’0″ tall, 175 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. Cops says tips help police identify Grant as the suspect. It was not the first time that Fargo police have encountered the fucking shit skin nigger Grant. In Sept. 2019, it reported that he was in violation of a protection order during a domestic argument call which led to the activation of Red River Valley SWAT. It was thought that Grant was in a home near the NDSU campus. Police later discovered that he had escaped prior to their arrival. He was eventually arrested in Forman, ND. But now its Hide A Spook Game Time Again. LINK

North Dakota 5

Bismarck Police arrested a 25-year-old man after a strong-armed robbery at the north Taco Bell early Thursday morning. Around 1:45 a.m. Garen Montreal went into the restaurant at 3310 State Street, waving a knife and a handgun. Police say the gun turned out to be a BB gun, but it resembled a pistol. Montreal demanded money and took the employees’ phones, before taking off in a minivan with $995.62. BPD officers later located the minivan in the 800 block of Interstate Avenue. Montreal was arrested for armed robbery and refusing to halt. LINK No picture of the suspect so you know it is a nigger. They always point out as well as they can if the culprit is white.

December 28th, 2020

This piece of garbage Tara had a 4-5 month affair with my husband. She would invite him over to her house while her piece of shit drug addict husband was off pretending to be working. She knew my husband was married and had children and had lots of hook ups for drugs. But she didn’t care about the family just her fix and getting her holes stuffed. Nor did she care for the fact that she is also married. Be careful as she is now spreading her legs in Grand Forks. For all to see. She has served a few stints in big time jail the one where the girls dyke out alot and Tara keeps going back she seems to like it there. She is often seen around town hanging out with the faggot s that work at the prison. What a slut bitch.

DICKINSON, N.D. – A 29-year-old woman was arrested for prostitution early Friday morning by the Dickinson Police Department, Sgt. Tony Vlachos said. Police, acting on a tip about the best cock sucking mouth Western North Dakota had ever seen, went to the AmericInn to speak with Ashley , who let him put peanut butter on his cock while she licked it off and took it anally from him. No one was caught in the act, Vlachos said. She was taken to Southwest Multi-County Corrections Center where she performed oral on all of the officers there. Prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a maximum sentence of one year imprisonment and a maximum fine of $1,000 if you are ugly or a nigger (which is the same thing). This is the second time suspected prostitutes have been caught in Dickinson this year; the first was in April when two California women were arrested at the Quality Inn. The charges were later dropped.

November 19th, 2020

This girl Stacey is the team lead for her group. She likes to invite married coworkers, the same ones she supervises, into her hotel rooms on business trips, and then home to her house, to share her bed. They smoke huge crack rocks together first. Then she has unprotected sex with them as her brother watches and jerks off to it with camcorder so they can show their grandfather later. and spreads her DRD, so these men bring it home to their fat fucking wives. There really should be a billboard with her picture and the quickest way to get laid. Look how fucking meth out zonked she looks there. She loves to fuck rides a pogo stick in her twat sucks till its dry whore skank..

November 10th, 2020

I was stunned when I seen this house one night leaving the bar. I just had a big burger. I unzipped my pants and laid a big shit egg on their front lawn. The fat chick I took home with me from the bar left me after I did that. But I showed that house. I showed that house.

North Dakota 4

October 6th, 2020

This woman Rachel is married and looking for guys to play damsel in distress with. She has trashed her faggot husband’s name to pretty much every guy she meets. She is also cheating on him with another man, and wait, there’s more! She also is trying to move in on another guy who is married with kids. Apparently she contacts him in the middle of the night and cries about how mean her husband is, plus brings him lunch at work. She is a wonderful actress and can fool anyone into thinking she’s just a little princess that needs saving. She claims she needs money for all her bills and how people ripped her off. Rachel is Jamestown, North Dakota’s Mooch. Have fun paying for herpes guys.

Kaitlyn knew my boyfriend and I were together and we have a daughter who has a chronic illness. She went after my old man anyway and did so for months before I found out. She is a nasty, dirty, slut and she’ll never be anything but a nasty slut. She went straight for my friend’s boyfriend next and my friend was pregnant with her first child and had only been with her boyfriend ever her whole life. This girl is a nasty, sneaky, devious, low life and she doesn’t care who she sleeps with as long as they have a boyfriend. She is an elementary school teacher in Casselton, North Dakota and she blows all the dads and laughs when she meets the mothers. Bitch.

September 30th, 2020

Danika is one of the biggest homewreckers in this area. She worked with my friend’s husband at a carwash and sucked his warty sweaty balls and was very much aware he was married and eventually snuck her into their marriage and she ended up being his side bitch. Fucking behind the carwash near a grease trap used for the chink restaurant nearby. Just filthy like Danika’s raunchy box. Grimey! They continued there affair til he decided he no longer wanted to see her(or in other words she was getting too fucking loose. Her mud flap pussy lips were fucking sagging!)… he made it very clear to this desperate homewrecker it was over that he loved his wife and wasn’t going to lose his family and his amazing meth lab on a farm outside of Verona, North Dakota. What a pity! because of her. 

August 19th, 2020

Juliette of Grand Forks is a man stealing wh@#e witch. You may not believe but she does witchcraft to break up couples and takes the man and all his money and moves on to the next. I seen the pictures and spells that she and friends used. She has been married many times and always takes the money and leaves when she has used them all up or they find out she is cheating on them and leave her. She has blackmailed married men and told men she is pregnant when she is not. She uses every trick she can and stupid men fall for it. She got the last one to marry her while she is still having sex with others and always looking for the next man to come along that she can leave him for. She does not care if the man is taken or not or if he cheats on her because she is only there for his money. If ur man is stupid enough to fall for her tricks and go to her let him but make sure she can’t take ur money too! You can see her a lot hanging around NDSU trying to fuck hockey players or the next day at the library fucking some four eyed pencil dick for crack money. Juliette is quite well known at NDU. I haven’t talked to her since I beat the shit out of her for fucking my man awhile back. But I thought I would bring the skank up again as she is 25 and keeps going after high school guys with money. Sick and stupid.

This home wrecking Silicon Slut Courtney weaseled her way into my best friends marriage. She started out as a friend/work acquaintance to my best friends husband. After becoming flirty and a “listening ear” to him, she talked him into sleeping with her and her friends at a Garth Brooks Concert. They began hooking up behind my best friends back, taking pictures of it and laughing about it. Then the whore tried to turn it around on my best friend by saying stuff like “well if you would blow him once in a while he wouldn’t of needed me..” She is an absolute disgrace to working women. No morals. No dignity. Watch out for her! Photo was found on her now ex husbands phone! If you ever see this slut walking down the streets of Grand Forks kick her square in the box and take her fucking hand bag. Bitch.

North Dakota 2

This girl is Jen. And shes from Mott, North Dakota. She is on the super cool welcome wagon there and she shits in welcome packages for Somali niggers. You know those niggers that collect welfare, stink, dumb as rocks, but somehow society is told their culture is rich and they benefit us?. If you think that is mean, it isn’t for that purpose. The shit smell reminds the niggers of their African Homeland and it is like looking in a mirror in a box. It is uncertain if the pieces of shit can be used by the Somali hiv infected niggers as welfare tickets but it is believed it is. Some liberal white douch said niggers deserve all the free shit that they get because the are worthless niggers and the jewish TV told me to. This way if we let all the niggers kill us the Jews can own the world via stupid white peoples guilt and niggers just being flat out themselves,stupid niggers.

Tarina Henderson: Alright, ladies, I have a story for you!!! This little bitch, who works at Mandan Walmart, likes to fuck with the wrong people. Tarina finds the most attractive thing about a man is his sweaty prickly pimply sagging ball sack on her tounge. Not only is she FUCKING my husbands warty scholng, but she is also getting brought into MY home and around OUR daughter (I had with my father). My daughter just told me all about how daddy’s “friend” was there and her and daddy had alone time. Watch your men, ladies! We’ve got another nasty one. She blows all the teenagers that work at walmart and fucks old men in the pharmacy there while she steals beer from the back. Tarina I know you lick the maxi pads in the tampon section you rank skunt bitch.

Jordan Smith The Hannaford Bird Seed Ho I would like everyone to know to date this horny bird fetish psycho mega slut. Her bird wont leave her ex boyfriends alone. And there new girlfriend as well. She will make fake bird profiles of them and then fake bird chirpping conversation to make it look like it’s them. Then she will say dirty bird talk to multiple guys there the dad of her bird’s eggs, I don’t even think she knows who jerks off to her birds anymore. She also kept bugging a pregnant girl because she wanted crack shipped in dildos to Fargo which wouldnt add up. On that note she doesn’t have a car seat for her child who she just hucks in the trunk anyway (useless wad of sperm she wishes she swallowed now)and she never sees her child it’s always with her mom so she can bang needles with ex NBA allstar Larry Bird. She only uses it to get likes on facebook. She even said she never wanted kids, she’s hateful and nasty. She had sex with 2000 plus guys. I found all this shit out after she put bird seed on my dick and pecked it off AFTER.

North Dakota



October-10-13 7:09pm

When your in Elgin go visit Michaela she services dudes underneath the water tower for a cheap rate. Here is a customer review  Introducing you the BIGGEST WHORE In north dakota. she has been pregnant 23 times, by 23 different men, she grew up in a barn, shes a nasty gold digging big slut nosed swallowing whore. she works at the past time bar right in marmath north dakota.. she works as a WHORE and bartender raking in any LONLEY married man thats workin for the oil field.. watch out boys..shes been doin this for years..shes still hangin around with her fat little worn out whore legs wide open smellin like rotten moldy groid puked up chicken..shes a LIEING LITTLE WHORE.?? shes a sick little midget cock suckijn WHORE..her clit is so streched out,its nasty It is like a mud flap on a semi truck driving through mud for weeks.. SHE I NASTY.. if ur man is workin the oil field in marmath, watch out.. she is there becuz she loves to be surrounded my men loads.. ?? shes a sick little midget cock suckijn WHORE..she loves money and anal sex with donkeys.. warn these guys about her.. shes nasty.. and she dont wear condoms because she can’t afford them so she can PURPOSly get pregnant and collect child support for crack money.. [removed] .she made some guy pay for her boob job in black mail or else she would tell his wife they fuked..she thinks because shes blonde, that makes her hot.. shes a DUMB GIRL and nothing helps..

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