I need to check out if I can get a mug on E bay or Amazon of this. These would make great Christmas gifts.


Ireland Invaders

Yeah it must be great to be in Ireland for your worthless muslims Now your husbands can kick your ass with all the welfare he gets. You better thank the Irish people for those phones or did your guys husband steal it.
I am shocked that many negros know their fathers. Probably an older brother they need around to commit crime so they can eat.
Yeah sure you fucking are. Nice try Scamrock BlackClover O’nigger. When your dad gets deported he better take all of his shitlets with him also.

When ever I think of Ireland I think of green, clovers, beer But not niggers. Nigerians? In Ireland. These immigrant scum seem to be everywherre but their own fucking countries. I thought they just did internet scams.
   They are smuggling into Ireland underage girls for sex. It doesn’t say where they get the girls but I am assuming the west or somewhere else in Europe. Because not even a sick pedo rapist wants to sleep with a nigger sow. They are that ugly that sickos will not even touch them.

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