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If your boyfriend lying about his extra friendly “friend Lori” isn’t bad enough, she’ll also lie for him while she’s laying with him! Some skank looking for attention and she doesn’t care who it’s from. If she’s friends with your man ladies you need to do some investigating she thinks she a goddess and claims to be psychic.. wonder if she’ll see this coming?! She waltzes around Amsterdam hanging out in parks all fucking stoned on dope people buy her for flashing them. She drink and never pays tabs. Gets high and drunk crashes up cars and gets more. Yells at black women and muslim women and taunts them of the color of their skin. She is a low life FUCK YOU LORI!

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Rolling off the couch in her companies office
Where she sleeps, lives, and sucks cock!

Anna of The Hague in her new role as the office slore for an airline, this sloot has proven to be a, dirty, desperate, worthless, ugly, pathetic, jealous, slore. If you are a transient employee who periodically visits her office she will follow up by inviting you for dinner and a sleep over. That’s probably why she lives so close to the hotel her coworkers stay at when they are in town, just a quick trip down the road for booty call. I would be terrified to see what this sloots apartment looks like under black light – it’s probably swarming with DRDs. She will f*ck anyone in sight and especially loves to CHASE after married men. Work to find cock, smoke meth, suck cock, Repeat. Anna’s daily routine.

This old bitch her is called Eva. She works at ****** Hostel in Amsterdam. She is very flirtatious and horny. I got really high on crack and meth and was drinking all night when I came back to the hostel which I shared my room with some other people. I woke up to her playing that stupid ukulele in our room and she had no shirt on. Then she pulled up a chair and started ramming the ukulele up her vagina and asshole with raspberry jelly as lube. All 7 dudes and the 1 chick in there fucked her in some way or how. Eva had a hairy fucking bush and arm pits to match. Her asshole stunk like an Arab Man’s breath. It was so loud and fun. She got fired for some reason and is now a homeless heroin junkie sleeping under the bridge. She is a very libtarded idiot. I laugh at her now.

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You must be doing something right when your country lets me come in go on a bike ride, get stoned as fuck, grab a bitch who is wearing wooden shoes, take her behind a windmill and give it to her doggy for a few hours. Bikes rule over cars. Dutch women are cock hungry jizz rags 24/7. The cities are organized, clean, and the standard of living is as high as the tourists in Amsterdam’s red-light district.   Other than the quickly spreading Muslim epidemic, it is a nice country. But you have to enjoy it while you can. The Black People Plague is rotting the country to the core.

Singer Corina from The Hague Netherlands With her Hit Single “Take A Look At My Poo Now”.

Corina left the hard gangster life and got of the streets of thug life Netherlands and made it big in Nashville. She never forgot her Dutch roots and what it means to be windmill style nigger hanging gangster. She made it in the Music game to make all little girls in the country proud. She was known as a kid there with pig tails and bicycles that were not stolen by niggers. She came out with the hit song a true story “Take A Look At My Poo Now”. “It is so big and Brown”, “It pollutes the world with its sour stench and makes me feel so good, my poo is the only one I need, Take A Look At My Poo Now!”. The music video plays non stop and rumor has it the Dutch government may actually make it the new national anthem of The Netherlands. Flocks of Dutch kids take shits on the street now because of Corina and all the kids point at there poo logs and say “Take a look at my poo now, Im Corina” She is a national hero.

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