Mississippi 6

Mississippi has the highest obesity rate in the nation. According to Calorie Lab, the state’s 2014 obesity rate was 35.5%. It is no fucking surprise that that whale Oprah is from here. I thought she was from Africa.
Overall, Mississippi has a high school completion rate of 77.3%. According to Mississippi Business Journal, the state came in 51st among the rest of the states and Washington D.C. in K-12 student achievement. The state had an unemployment rate of 6.5% in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly unemployment rankings for February 2016. This is the highest percentage in the nation. According to a recent study, more than a quarter of the people surveyed admitted they didn’t have money for food at some point in the previous year. The state ranked 49th, and while this is high, it’s important to note that this rate has declined tremendously over the years. According to Business Insider, Mississippi had the lowest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of any of the states. Additionally, the state had the second lowest GDP growth rate. A recent study by Car Insurance Comparison determined that Mississippi drivers are the tenth worst in the nation. Factors such as speeding, fatalities, and drunk driving were taken into consideration. According to Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the state has a well-being index score of 63.7, which is a result of things such as residents being unhappy with working conditions, living below poverty level, and not having access to basic needs, such as food and healthcare. link WHY IS THIS? MISSISSIPPI HAS THE HIGHEST RATIO OF NIGGERS OF ANY STATE IN THE NATION AT 40%.

June 14th, 2021


May 1st, 2021

Mississippi 3

Amanda Makes Reading Fun!

She knew my husband was married when she met him. We were separated and trying to work things out and now she won’t leave him alone!!!  Her name is Amanda she lives in Columbus, Mississippi. On the weekends she goes to the grocery and buys a pack of Oscar Myer Wieners. Then she goes into the public library and grabs some Curious George books. She sits in a chair and inserts the wieners slowly in her pussy as she draws dicks in the Curious George books with felt markers. This is why people who are homeless and on crack or other household goods they sniff should not be allowed to breed. While everyone is staring at her fucking her self with the hot dogs she pulls down her pants and shits on the carpet children’s reading circle and starts barking like a dog. She rips out pages of the Curious George book and wipes her ass with them. Keeps them in her hands and runs around the library naked leaking shit trail on the white carpet while finding books to put the poo pages in as she has some pages in her mouth.

Actually Louisiana Oh Well Lol.
Bitch Needs To Check Her White Privilege It is her FAULT That niggers are ugly and stink Due to her whiteness.

Claire likes to work at male dominated jobs so she can get fucked in the ass hard on her lunch breaks. She’s a total hoe bag full of old men spunk and flirts with and texts married men from her jobs. She’s been terminated from several jobs for this reason, stealing, and one termination is on camera of her snorting a rail off her bosses cock. She broke up 2 marriages and one long term relationship. Once she wrecks their relationship and sleeps with him, she’s on to the next. She also got 2 of these men hooked on drugs she was using. Bitch came over to my house last week and stole an 8 ball from T Dogg and Mikey. Bitch needs to recognize Bitch Ass Rat Ho Claire. Your pussy does more talking than yo meth mouth check your white ho privilege bitch.

Known for Spitting Vinegar On Cut Up Cocks.

This chick Ashley from Jackson right here likes to date married men an send pictures of herself in her bra an panties to men before she even goes out..so ladies you might wanna watch your husbands… I heard that she begs men to fuck her from behind and as they pound her she spreads her ass cheeks, nays like a horse, and sprays shit chunks of macarnoi and cheese all over them and then licks it up her for her Porn Hub channel. This four eyed bitch will suck the fucking brine off a pickle scratch a mans cock with a rusty nail, then spit the vinegar all over the cut and bloody cock of the loser. She loves watching them in pain and as they cry and moan she rifles through their pants pockets, steals their wallets and cash and goes to buy crack from spics. Dirty meth mouth bitch also stole my yeast infection cream to hand out to kids at Halloween.

Niggers on the cotton field plantation pay nickles to get Debs picture to jerk off to.

This piece of walrus lard has been after my husband for years. She trolls around town with an ice cream scoop she stole from the dollar general, tackles men, scoops the shit out of their ass with the ice cream scooper, then sits in the middle of the street eating it looking all proud of herself. Fucking shit and drool just dripping out of her fat mouth hitting her multiple chins like a brown waterfall. Hangs out at horse shows and eats out of the fucking troff. It has been rumored by farmers they caught her eating the fresh horse shit off the ground. She is such a fucking hippo walrus her farts measure on the ricter scale. Last year I seen her at a baseball game and she had a big shit stain in her white spandex. A fuking smear right up the middle of the crack. All the niggers in Yazzo city Mississippi jerk off to Deb. Fuck you Deb you blue whale. Moo.

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Mississippi 2

Mississippi 2

This is Ivy and She likes to come into your home and while you’re not looking make out with your husband and continue to gargle his balls on her tonsils. To him it feels better than my mouth and tell him how horrible her marriage is and how much better they would be together. I first met Ivy at a KKK rally where we were making up donation bins for starving niggers in Africa. She stunk like jizz there so I followed her around for a bit. I found out she was selling meth and crack to niggers right behind our backs. Making the niggers crazier and more violent just so she can go buy shoes. What a race traitor shoes over our great white skin. That is something a nigger would do. Ivy you need help and you have to quit getting abortions everytime one of your Uncle cousins knocks you up. This bitch also steals out of peoples yards. I got her walking off with some fucking Chinks brand new bbq. I hope when she opens the lid the BBQ sprays her with the Coronavirus like a skunk.

Wipes Her Ass With Sand Paper as she likes when it hurts with blood.

This is Megan everybody. She lives in Brandon MS. She will try to act like your friend and or lover. Be careful because once she becomes your “friend”, she will try to either come between you & your boyfriend/spouses relationship or she will just wait til y’all break up & then start messaging your ex & try to date them. She’s been confronted by me & several of my friends for doing this & tries to act all innocent & say “lets go laugh at niggers picking cotton”. It ain’t that small of a town that you have a nigger in it then we would need cops.Then she will go after “friends” exes as soon as they break up usually filming herself blowing them. She’s already wrecked 3 of my bedspreads from my boyfriend missing her mouth when he shoots his load at her… he didn’t give her the biggest gooey wad but she kept trying & trying until It finally spunked a fair amount. Then I told her that I’d kick her a55 if she so much as even said “hey” to him again. He even told her to leave him alone & he blocked her on everything because she was so psychotic. Now she is trying to go after my best friends man & they are dealing with it now, he has blocked her on everything as well & she still continues to message my best friend to ask her how her relationship is going & trying to act like her friend. She’s just waiting for her moment to prey on someone’s man.

Yes he is a stupid nigger. Does he deserve that long of a jail sentence? Not for the cell phone but he is a nigger and stupid enough to do that he is bound to do something else worse to the public. Odds are the nigger will rob and kill some white or nip at a store for crack so may as well keep the nigger behind bars.


Tupelo Airport
Tupelo Kidsworld Daycare
Tupelo Sikh Center

Nappy headed Demitria Broke the Hoe Code. Do you want the prestige, power, and financial means of a white person or anything better than your black ass? Do you desire a better career? You are insecure and jealous. You played a role because you openly knew about me. We were friends. Your predatory behavior will cease. You don’t care that these men have wives and families that might be destroyed by your numerous affairs. You have no remorse and you call yourself a evangelistic. You purposely set out to ruin relationships because you are a broke, bitter, petty, nasty skank. Just because you lost your husbands to infidelity does not give you the right to intentionally harm your male married and unavailable co-workers at Nissan for over 15 years. Your body is a human cvm bucket. Condoms do not prevent AIDS you silly nigger you are black you are born HIV positive. And stinky.

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Mississippi 1

Great Historic Photos

Burger King Murders

We’re making… a killing… inside the Burger King
When you step inside the doorway, we start the murdering
We’ll bash you, we’ll hack you, we’ll grind you up for meat
Don’t tell us it’s immoral, it’s what you came to eat
It’s best to use the drive thru, it’s faster and it’s safe
And these fresh char-broiled burgers are the best you ever ate!


Some fucking spic named Jose went into the Burger King in Fredrik County, Virginia and shot the manager 32 year old Jacinta DEAD. Shot a chick real tough beaner. Jose did work at Burger King at one point.

Jacinta was a mother of 3. All he got was 2,300. What drugs are the Mexicans in anyway in the US? Come on people he just lost his parents at the border. We must be nicer to this Mexican child. He needs to live in America. Pfffft.

What is with these fucking Spics killing each other at Burger King. Is Burger King the new US Postal Service?

It is the white mans fault that he is dead due to income. Those racist smarter people are responsible for me being an idiot and causing my death. Us niggers will sue yo ass fo mo welfare.
Above is Mauice Farris who is a hero. You can tell a happy go lucky negro. But that nigger don’t take shit when you try to Jack the Burger King he runs. He is going to bust your ass up. Just ask Kenneth Jernigan. Oh wait you can’t thats right apparently his black life didn’t matter to MAURICE.
Come on really what is wrong with that especially if she was from China. It adds to selling it.
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