Prince Edward Island

2 women arrested as drugs seized in Summerside, Pure Grade A Colombian Cocaine, crystal meth among drugs found as search warrant executed!!! Two women are facing charges after a drug search in Summerside, P.E.I., this week.  An RCMP news release says officers seized a half-ounce of cocaine, crystal meth, methamphetamine tablets, cash and enough weapons to arm most small countries in the operation Thursday.  Officers from the Prince District Joint Force Operations Drug Unit, which includes Summerside and Kensington Police members, carried out the action with the help of a search warrant and P.E.I. RCMP Police Dog Services. A 22-year-old woman is facing drug trafficking charges and another woman, aged 21, faces possession charges.

December 3rd, 2020

June 14th, 2020

Where to begin… Rebbeca was a professional bareback anal sex loving floozying while she was pregnant, doing opioids and screwing all of her baby daddy’s friends for cash and more drugs! A month before saying they were pregnant, her baby daddy said she was hooking up with all 4 of his roommates for hardcore orgies. Oh and I can’t forget that she slept with his father and grandfather for money. She is a real delight. Now, her son is 1 and has been taken from her already. She is back on the needles and don’t trust her around your man for a second! She’ll give him drds sooner then you can say cumstain. Which is her infamous nickname because her shirts all full of jizz missed from her mouth or drooling out of it from how high she always is. She is the definition of white trash, tries to intimidate people but never follows through with it. Just a fuking mouth piece with the face of a troll. A close friend of hers told me she once sucked her own brothers d1ck for pills. Nice eh?

Amie is the biggest whore in all of PEI. This bag of sh1t right here will lie about everyone she meets and everything else. She is a psycho! Like burn your house down kind of psycho! Seriously this one believes her own lies. Needs to be medicated, better yet institutionalized. She loves to date druggies, we can probably guess why….even the scum won’t stay long because…I’ll say it again, psycho! This alcoholic abusive slore twat is probably carrying so many DRD’S, sleeps with anything she sees! Ladies watch your men and men watch your ladies! Beware all! It is rumored that she robs niggers and natives on welfare day to support her crack habit. She leves her used needles all over the place its gross like her muff.

 This dirty little slut Madison  was dating one of my best friends. Last December she had some drinks and cheated on him while at she was at a farm in Kensington playing with a bulls balls. A month an a half later she found out she was pregnant. What did she do! DRINK OF COURSE. She drank gasoline and rubbing alcohol and anything else she could get her hands on before aborting in February. Fast forward to June. WHAT HAPPENED!? You guessed it! Pregnant again! But with her boyfriend that took her back after the first incident. You wouldn’t believe what she did! The only thing she knew how to brush the feeling off. To get drunk every night, with oworkers, that have no suspecting idea. And she just goes along like everything is cool! What kind of piece of sh1t human does that!? Abortion factory Madison.

Nova Scotia

I have met a lot of people from Nova Scotia and have noticed a few things. All the guys think they are cool and tough. None are none what so ever. They talk smart and they are so stupid. I notice that most Canadians just nod and smile at Nova Scotians. They do not tell them how retarded they sound to not hurt their feelings.

Most women from Nova Scotia get herpes from their Uncles on their 13th birthdays. 11th if your black.

There is no jobs what so ever in Nova Scotia. So many Nova Scotians head to “Real Canada” Alberta to work or be homeless. So Nova Scotians like Newfoundlanders are the Mexicans of Canada.

The West Pubnico Ass Fuck Twins Cassie and Assie Winters live in, West Pubmico, Nova Scotia . I’m surprised nobody has already posted thede diseased up disaster cock wreckers. I’ll be honoured to post these slut bags . Men and Women should be happy about them as they please women’s boyfriends and husbands for free and laugh about their loser pathetic others and up to be able to get their needle fix . They bang cocks and needles and leave the needles hidden in their loose assholes , at my friend boyfriends place she found Cassie’s needles hidden between couch cushions.  Cassie and Assie invented Hep C when they lived in Truro Nova Scotia by sharing a needle Rosie Odonnell who already had the disease, The Ass Fuck Twins should let men know that they have no diseases so the guys can make a choice whether to sleep with the gross pigs or to go fuck their mothers . They even bang on their cousins boyfriends because their cousins are ugly . Sneaky slut yet they love ass fucking soooooooo much . Cassie u should start texting my friends man telling him to pound your ass hole sensless , he loves my friends genital warts too and shows my friend ur messages and that just making things hornier for urself. Keep ur legs open hoe and have no respect for urself and ur body and startpeople , go back to Jeff so ur step dad can shoot his gun at him again lmao.

This is Mary the TRUTH TELLER! How you may ask well let me start of by letting you know she tells the truth about Muslims and Syrian refugees and the evidence is posted on her social media page for the world to see, raising her children free of disease, rape, and filth crime the immigrants bring . She has taken it upon her self to inform people on how the system works. Mary has 5 kids from all different fathers(1 is mine for sure 1 am uncertain and another is mine or my dad or brothers) Mary sits and collects from the government because they owe her from Immigrant headaches Mary does not pay taxes a matter of fact(No white people should pay taxes EVER period) she is a good human being who thinks she has a right to say how our tax payers money should be spent. The most unfortunate situation here is not that she posted true known things on Facebook about niggers and muslims but she is teaching this truth to her children and we as liberal nigger loving people learn to lie, hide, and ignore the facts about niggers and muslims in Canada! This women is extremely educated she is yet to find a job where immigrants haven’t ruined it or keep a stable lesbian abusive relationship which shows her children a better way of life , people like Mary are the reason our country hasn’t went completely to crap from shitskins . Not only does Mary deserve to be on Facebook but the world needs to see this women for the TRUTH she says about non-white immigrants and niggers she is.

Since welfare only comes out once a month most Nova Scotians have no where to go for the remainder of the month but eat kraft dinner and fuck fat women.

Fox Harbour’s Chelsey Lynn Is a ditch pig for anal beads and barn yard game fun, I am sort ofsurprised she’s not already on here.. She is a grade A horse face cheating skank, when she’s not pretending to be the perfect girlfriend she off screwing other guys in relationships as well as bending over for the High School janitor even 7 years after graduation. She is the greasiest piece of trash I’ve ever met, you could take her panties off and the wet grease spot in front of her vagina would be like fried chicken grease. Cheated on her boyfriend and found herself knocked up(I gave that bitch a fake name on that one). Thank god she didn’t keep the kid, she would be the worst mother in the world, always off partying, doing all kinds of drugs like bath salts and drano and screwing random guys for nickles in her neighbors dog house. She kept this a secret for months until she told her dad and he raped her a couple times in there!!!! She usually is found trotting into Halifax to go to The Yarn Barn to stitch up her loose asshole and vagina for her family members. Her poor boyfriend likes to watch when she gets banged by strangers in motel rooms!!! People should know who she truly is. And not believe her fake front. So there you have it. Chelsey Lynn ..the skank of Fox Harbour.

This is where typical Nova Scotianers gather on Sundays to butt fuck each other for kraft dinner

Allie is a stripper ho that lives up to her name. After Ralph’s closed due to her sh1tty talent, she is desperate looking for a new daddy..she will fuk crack heads , married men, and other dirty girl hoes, when she gets off her Meds she prays to Tupac for help. She has some looks sometimes.. The usual skank clothing..while I was on vacation she dropped to her knees n blew my man n fuked him.. Takes two I know.. But she’s been a fake friend..I tried to help the b1tch listening to her poor me stories.. She was waiting for the opportunity to take what I had. She 31 years old . lives with her pill head mother who wishes she was still stripping.. One ho to another. The b1tch stupid sloot a55 ho sends me a text to tell me what’s up after I accused both . . She can put that in a rap .. Cuz she thinks she can perform as a rapper too.. Dirty a55 skank maybe you can now.. You got enough trash stories in your life to rap about now !Wanna be cardi B 

I was walking by one day really wasted drunk and that trailer above I seen this gross pale junkie craving a fix. I had 3 dollars I was good to go inside. this girls name is Chantelle Herpes Breath she one of the most disgusting jizz leaking trashy hoes in Nova Scotia not only is she a 43 yr old Stripper sleeping on her uncles futon, she is also a hooker. She has worked at Arby’s for years but got kicked out for fucking and sucking all the customers off on roast beef days. So now she sluts around any welfare office that will take her moldy pimply wench ass. She used to date this really sweet guy named Patrick Roy and when he broke up with her she fucked his best friend Joe Sakic for 10$ dollars. She thinks she is hot but every guys thinks she is wanting a wiener load in her mouth. She is soooo about her maxi pads she will spread her legs and you ram a full length garden hose up her pussy her for a dollar. She also has a kid she never looks after cuz she is to busy partying and f’ing guys at the Rita McNeil concerts!!!! Chantelle you r GROSS and your asshole drips liquid poo like a leaky faucet!!! Get a real job ur 43 years old no one wants to see u naked anymore except none white people, u nasty crack whore whose vagina queefs out molases puss insects with eggs.


Newfies are so stupid they can’t read so anything said here they will never know.

This whore’s legs are open all the fucking time in or near St. Phillps, Newfoundland. When Alesha Rodsucker’s not busy scamming so called friends by playing the single mom card she is busy taking selfies and banging Noodle Dicked Ginger Faggot Newfies. This welfare mom scams the government to her advantage and uses the money to get her nails done and spoil herself with big diamond studed floppy purple dildos. Her boyfriend works a good job at Tim Horton’s but she still wants that government dough so she doesn’t have to work. Pawning her kids off so that she doesn’t need to take care of them and smoking grade A Colombian Crack all day. This whore needs to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for her actions. And clean all the jizz that is off her face. On the bottom of her mouth those acne scabs are a mixture from Meth and crusted Newfie cum.

Stef Cumaloverme is from hare bay Newfoundland but now lives in st johns . she will bang what ever guy she can get her yeast infection covered hands on(male or female) married or not! but beware guys/girls she might be a good lay( has a body of a ten year old boy lmao) but she also comes with HIV from accidently shaking a niggers hand once, i know first hand. she lied to me! said she had nothing but few weeks into it turns out she gave me flaming ass herpes from her finger this wasn’t the biggest problem let me warn you SHE IS A MAJOR CHEATER . she has cheated on ever BF she been with, she is a know drug addict(Crack and Heroin are her choice) and has slept with over 1048 guys. Stef is always down for a good anal gang bang in a trash bin or DP behind the McDonalds, she isn’t picky either. when she finds her self out of luck on a weekend night you can always find her on meth or bent over some pole in the park either as an escort or looking for one again male or female. she likes to hang out at the local strip clubs down town, and some of the pubs where she gets ass fucked in the bathroom. last STD i heard she gave some one is red burning anal and testicle warts. Don’t wrap it with this bitch either as share your new disease with others. PS she is also a known used tampon eater and will talk sh’t just about anyone. if she isn’t with you be sure she is talking sh’t about you. she will also trade sex for any party favor you might have! I put that nose ring in her when I ass hacked her in the park across from the old folks home. #winning

Who puts a motel there. That looks like a place where you get a room to kill someone in.

I am so addicted to masterbating in Bed and Breakfasts a place like Newfoundland seems even better than when I did it in New Hampshire. How more fitting that I am doing it in a place called DILDO.

No charge for the view. But there is a charge for the sheets that I jizzed all over in. I also picked up some old Newfie(75 yearold) and anal pounded her on the beds and the couch in the basement where you walk in. Fun times. Then I shit in the tub and left #WINNING

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