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Two Bloomington niggers face drug charges after the execution of a search warrant Thursday. The section 8 housing unit they were in reeked like nigger stench so bad the cops said. Calvin “Nigger King” Purdle, 30, was charged with manufacturing and delivery of drugs and manufacturing and delivery of cocaine. Blanche “Moldy Tampon Fungus” Swift, 50, was charged with six counts of manufacturing and delivery of drugs. Police said the Bloomington police SWAT team executed a search warrant in the 500 block of West Washington Street for the investigation of drug sales. During the search, a third man whose name was not released fled the residence and was arrested on a charge of resisting and obstructing a police officer and an unrelated active McLean County felony warrant. Purdle and Swift remain in McLean County jail. Purdle must post $2,535; Swift, $5,035. That is a lot of whitey welfare money for them.

October 15th, 2020

 A woman from Cambridge, Illinois has been arrested and charged in a road rage incident on I-57 on Chicago’s South Side, in which three women were caught on cell phone video fighting during rush hour. Illinois State Police said 26-year-old Mary Beth was taken into custody and charged with one misdemeanor count of criminal damage to property. She was also issued traffic citations for improper lane usage, failure to signal and improper parking on the roadway. She exchanged fingers on the road with a nigger ho named Sheniqka A. Thomas of Matteson. When Sheniqka rammed Mary Beth’s car from behind yelling at her calling her a white bitch (Upset because Sheniqka is ugly like all black females took it out on the better looking race.) When Mary Beth stopped to get out of her car she grabbed a tire iron out of the trunk and re arranged Sheniqka’s nigger fucking face. Good laughs were had by all even the Kool Aid guy who popped out of the wall to punk the niggers.

September 8th, 2020

Greene County prosecutors have filed more counts against a Springfield nigger accused of deliberately infecting women with HIV. Marcus Price, 36, is facing two new counts of trying to knowingly attempting to transmit HIV, a class B felony. Price had been charged in February with infecting a woman with HIV when he knew that he had the virus, a class A felony that could bring a sentence of life in prison if he is convicted on that charge. Due to the fact that once a woman touches a nigger she becomes garbage, the police and society want to thank Greene for showing them the real skanks. Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson attributed the new charges to new women who have come forward since Price’s initial arrest. At least one woman has come forward admitting to sex with vile nigger, but said that he told her he was HIV positive. How can you charge this nigger? All niggers are HIV positive. The women if a human and not a female nigger she-boon gorilla should be charged for fucking a creature with mentality of a minor and or an animal. Sick gross fucking nigger!

July 2nd, 2020

Kara sleeps around with married men she even fucks the cops for fun. She rats out drug dealers to the cops for money and tons of cock.. Broke up a sweet family who used to come into my bar. Wife was amazing and they had great kids! This guy was a real dumb a55 to have an affair with this chick. She gets with a married men or men with money (like the one who paid for her to go to Mexico to have tit implants). The wife left the guy who is regretting this mistake daily. She’s pure Springfield trash! Kara also want any stupid ugly fucking nigger bitch to come and talk to her THAT MEANS YOU! Any black skin and Kara calls you a coon to your face and laughs at you. Try her!

This women Stacey had an affair with my husband, my husband is a SGT with the police department and at the time she was a 911 dispatcher. She too was married and had two children and her oldest stay and lived with her step dad because her mother was so horrible, her husband divorced her(he didn’t know about the affair). She would beg for money because they had no groceries bit kept her nails and stuff done. I don’t know what kind of woman she is suppose to be. Every time my husband would try to end it with her she would threaten to kill herself, so he “felt bad”… Whatever…. Once I found out he stopped seeing her, however while see was seeing him she was also seeing 2other police officers and a county Deputy. This whore tags cops at the Decatur detachment in cruisers. Fucking slut. I seen one video of some pig corn holing her then he cummed, pissed, and shit in her fucking hat and slapped it on her head and kicked her ass out the door!

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