Iowa Simpsons Non International Airport

A large family of eight Somalian niggers had waited nine years in a white paid for and ran refugee camp- three of those years they had undergone intense bitching for free shit from whitey. The family had been scheduled to travel to the U.S. during President Trump’s travel ban. But Trump told the Shitskins to say home. Then some Jew or brainwashed whiney white person who will live nowhere near a nigger dumped them in the US.

The Executive Order pausing the resettlement program brought hope to white Americans that their country wouldn’t become third world hell hole, but thanks to a Jew- these refugees are able to come to America breed like there is no tomorrow and never work until the country goes bankrupt like their homeland.

Musa Yakub, a useless nigger of five niglets, stood by the baggage carousel and said, over and over, that America meant three thing to the people in the refugee camp: Free money, no work, and little to no punishment for raping women and children.

Whitey we are your new neighbors. What you don’t give us we just take. Are your citizens really stupid enough to think we could ever adapt to your ways? Fucking idiots.

“I hope for the future,” he said. “To get my welfare check, to have a free house and never adapt to American values or culture — and to act like a fucking prick to the American People who paid my way here, my family and I will kill and rape many of you we hate your ways and culture.”

“Every application is a useless nigger. It’s one more white valuable life ruined,” said Lisham Hooknosestein , director of the Israeli Committee for Destroying white peoples history and making up fake shit in Des Moines, which helped resettle Yakub’s nigger fambly. “They are like vermin, they will multiply and slowly destroy everything they touch. White people will all be dead and we will laugh when the niggers die off. Then the Jews own the world. Because all thats left is niggers and lets face it they have never built a country before, why start now? Oh Vey!!.”

I pissed all over the bathroom sink and mirror when I was here. Funny shit. I also stole a bag of salt and vinegar chips.
Herpes auto and upholstery sounds itchy.
This is a fun town to litter in. I go by garbage cans to get extra garbage to throw on the streets. Since they don’t have much diversity here I make it look like minorities live here by throwing garbage everywhere. It simulates the third world.
Lots of supplies can be purchased at places like these to produce crystal meth. It is a great source of income and helps build communities. It brings families together.

Dollar Trees are an easy source of stealing for Iowans who would rather spend their income on typical Iowan things like Meth and Meth.

Nobody ever pays at this restaurant. Ultimate place to do a dine and dash.

One of the few negros that invests in Iowan Business is former boxer and rapist Mike Tyson. When interviewed he commented “Where be da white womminz at”.

Iowa has almost no niggers. This is mainly due to they never had slaves. While other states were wasting their time and slowly destroying their futures by letting niggers do the work. Iowa developed machines. Which don’t complain and actually do good work. Plus even with so few niggers in Iowa. More niggers have criminal records than tractors. That fact there is stunning. Like tractors can get their shit together what the hell is taking niggers so long?

This is a church. Looks like a bar. Welcome to Iowa.
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