Quaylon The Fucking Nigger He Butt Fucks Dead Cats, Oh Yeah🎶🎶🍉🍗🐵🐱🐱🐱

Quaylon has his sights on Fluffly’s raw cat asshole. He is going to lube his AIDS stick up with KFC grease.

Love After Lockup cast members Shavel “Fat Nigger Ass” Moore and Quaylon “The Stud Muffin” Adams dealt with a lot of flaming rectal warts on the recent Niggertv spinoff. Meanwhile, Quaylon’s side ho recently dished on where things are at now for the estranged pair. Love After Lockup: Whirlwind Season for Quaylon Adams & Shavel Moore When the new Love After Lockup spinoff season started, Shavel Moore threw Quaylon Adams out of their Obama Funded home. Shavel found messages from fat white woman named Rosie on Quaylon’s Obama Food Stamp phone. And that was enough of a deal-breaker to send his black ass fucking packing to Houston. Meanwhile, the Love After Lockup spinoff season followed Quaylon Adams on his quest to win Shavel Moore back. He ultimately proposed letting him and his home boy Eddie Winslow tag team her fat black blubber ass. And it seemed like things might finally get back on the right track. But as viewers in the trailer parks saw in recent episodes, that wasn’t the case for these fucking niggers. Even though Quaylon Adams took a lot of heat for not wearing condoms in shower sex and got AIDS in prison from Bill Cosby having ongoing conversations with other men about group Anal Sex in the Shower was enough for Shavel to hear on a daily basis. And Quaylon wasn’t happy about that – no matter how Shavel tried to tell him it was gay he reused to see 2 guys ramming their dicks in their assholes as gay. Meanwhile, this led to even more problems in their relationship, just as they found some solid ground to stand on Quaylon got caught by the racist police jerking off in the pet food section at Walmart again.

Quaylon’s not Just About the Cat Ass and Fat Land Whale Hoes. He loves to Go To The Local Soup Kitchen On The Weekend and Exchange Sexual Favors With Old Men For Crack/Cocaine.

Quaylon Adams didn’t like the “yeast infection applicators” and extra large condoms he found between Shavel Moore and other men. And that set things on fire for the pair in the Life After Lockup season finale. The racist cops showed up to beat Quaylons black ass for America’s Funniest Home Videos– and Shavel got up in Quaylon’s face with a meat cleaver after he smashed her a waffle iron on her cats fucking face. Meanwhile, things don’t look good for the pair after each contracted genital herpes from the same tran sexual male escort. Whether Love After Lockup drama is scripted is a recurring topic with every new season. And Quaylon’s sister dished that it’s not as she grabbed a crack pipe with one hand and shoved a KFC drum stick up her ugly stinky moldy nigger pussy with the other. However, in her words, she said the scenes are “heavily guided with drugs by the Jewish producers.” Watchers that follow shows made for homosexuals and niggers know that production makes cast members film long hours. They also repeat certain lines. Meanwhile, whichever take is the most dramatic is the one that tends to make the final cut. In addition, Quaylon Adams’ sister said that she doesn’t know what the current HIV status is for this estranged Love After Lockup couple. But she added that they seem to be taking things “day by day.” A few weeks ago, Quaylon Adams said that he is technically a gay man with multiple male partners. But he also said that he is still trying to work things out with Shavel Moores fat ass. So what his sister recently said fits with what he said previously. Quaylon’s sister also said that her mother and Shavel are fucking dykes. So it looks like there are ties that go beyond just their relationship. Either way, it’ll certainly be interesting to see if they can work things out after all the drama that went down on the recent Love After Lockup spinoff season.

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That Old Fucking Dumb Shit Head Scott Explains His Lip Is Bad From Nigger Pussy Yeast.

Scott has Stage 4000 Halitosis from Oprah’s pussy.

Scott from Love After Lockup finally explains what the problem is with his upper lip, ending speculation that fans have come up with on their own. In all the episodes that feature Scott, the businessman in his 60s, appears to have a very swollen, stupid looking, fucking puffy upper lip. Lindsey, who went to prison for driving over 100 miles per hour to avoid police while she was in possession of a substantial amount of methamphetamines, doesn’t seem to mind. It isn’t Lindsey though, who looks like she has a bad case of meth-mouth. Many fat inbred trailer trash and nigger ex homiehoppers who watch the show have speculated what could be the reason for Scott’s apparent lip condition. Things like a cleft palate, plastic surgery, or even a disease have been suggested by curious fans. According to Anderson Cooper, Scott has finally given everyone an explanation for his lip problem and it’s not what anyone would have expected. The mentally slow retard has admitted that the appearance of his upper lip is due to an allergy to “vagisil used on Oprah’s Pussy when he eats her out on weekends.” He even pointed out to fans that it’s certainly not a permanent skin condition and that it is only a “temporary” reaction. He states also that no amount of gum can get the stench of that niggers pussy out of his mouth and he is diagnosed with stage 4000 Halitosis. He adds that during the filming of the season’s episodes he was experiencing a “flareup” because he made out with Clint who also eats out Oprah’s pussy and asshole for crack money.

Clint Moved On From His Bitch Felon Wife And Now Butt Fucks Bill Cosby And Pee Wee Herman While On Meth

Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady made some huge life changes since kicking Tracie Wagaman out(she left him but lets not wreck the fags ego) – and switching his drug habit from crack to meth. Meanwhile, he even put a bottle of pickles up his ass to fight racism for Nigger Lives Matter. Clint also has new studly men on his arm. What else is the pathetic piece of elephant shit up to? Clint Brady moved to Ohio after things deteriorated publicly with estranged wife Tracie Wagaman. It was a fresh start for Clint. And, it looks like he makes the most out of that opportunity. His embarassed mother who wishes she could still get an abortion cut him off and kicked him out of the house when he was still with Tracie. But, she filed a sexual harassment charge on the wad of cum she wished she would of swallowed. And, he seems much happier there.

Clint Brady told a Love After Lockup fan recently that he moved there for “pound me in the ass man on man anal love”. And, it looks like he found that with Pee Wee Herman and Bill Cosby. In a recent Porn Hub video, Pee Wee joked about the way Clint dodges cum when its time to take the load in his mouth. Meanwhile, even though Clint Brady is technically still married to Tracie Wagaman, he lives bent over all day for Bill and Pee Wee to ram their dicks in his asshole as they please.

Clint said recently that he quit “breaking into nursing homes and eating the contents of the used bed pans”. And, that he has been a registered homo sexual since October/November of 2019. But, that’s not all. He quit having sex with his pet cat. And, he seems serious about Bill and Pee Wees Assholes. He even shares pics of his ass cheeks spread so far apart with the caption “double garage for Bill and Pee Wee”. And, it looks like he’s in a much better place overall.

Love After Lock Up. Corn Roll Braid Head Nigger Michael Polluting Whales with STD’s and Foul Nigger Stench

Love After Lockup star Michael Simmons was back behind bars in Florida on a recent charge. Police picked up Sarah Simmons’ estranged farm equipment in Daytona Beach on Thursday, November 12. In addition, they charged him with third-degree nigger stench – which is a felony. Police booked Michael at 8:05 pm on November 12. He posted a $2,500 bail(stole from some white whores purse) and was out on November 13 (Friday morning). So, he spent two days in custody getting his black ass packed by some larger niggers– including Carl Winslow. According to the Florida statute under which Michael Simmons was charged, it encompasses a wide range – including abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child. Michael moved to the Miami area after he got together homosexually with John Legend. Current records don’t reveal which child or children he was charged with neglecting – or if he had his other gay lover Anderson Cooper with him at the time. Sarah Moo Cow HIV Coal Burner was blindsided and confirmed that it was not any of her children that Michael was arrested for neglecting. She says she doesn’t know which other child of Michael’s it could have been, but since Michael is a nigger and niggers stick their dick in anything she is guessing the kid belongs to Oprah.

Inbred Shawn And His Pig Dyke Bitch Destinie

Love After Lockup updates suspect Dike Destinie might be on her way back to prison. Also Shawn Osborne looks torn up with his cousins in the barn too soon. So, just as Destine is trying to turn things around, she may head back to the slammer. Will Shawn wait for her on the faggot reality show? I am praying she fucks him around as it is more funny to see that inbred hick fall lower than he already is. There is no way that mans parents are not siblings. No chance in hell they aren’t. Shawn is basically the offspring of a brother and sister who wanted a toy to beat with a baseball bat for a few years. He is that bright.

On Love After Lockup, Destinie Folsom is quite a party hooker crack girl. However, she wants to do better this time out of prison(bullshit). And, she doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes. That’s why Destinie made sure she showed up at court for her hearing. This is the first time she has shown up to court since getting out. Every other time, Destinie Folsom skipped her court date she sucked dick for drugs on the street and went right back to the big house. Clearly, she wants this time to be different because she showed up on time. However, she might end up doing time again despite her best efforts on Love After Lockup. Shawn is still trying to locate Destinie after she took his car and credit card and ghosted him. In an exclusive clip from Friday’s episode, Destinie meets up with a special “friend” to vent about her estranged fiance. She then went out and got tag fucked by her homeboys Kenny and Armando. Usually when she fucks those fags she takes thier fag goo and saves it in her mouth to give Shawn a kiss and she tells him its caramel lol.

Coming to Movie Theaters Near Peewee Herman’s House February 2021

However, upon her release, she was surprised to learn of Shawn’s six children, his real age, and his constant communication with the mother of his kids. To make matters worse, Shawn has been hounding Destinie about going to court so he doesn’t lose the $50,000 he paid for her bond. But, with Destinie on the run, it’s only a matter of time before she returns to jail.

4 Eyed Steve Urkel Looking Fucking Nigger Marcelino and His Ginger Felon Carpet Munching White Bitch

Marcelino “Burnt Tampon Looking Coon” Santiago and wife Brittany Dodd Santiago are a joke of a couple among Love After Lockup watchers. And, many viewers want to know what how desperate Brittany is for dating such an annoying ugly looking shitskin. “She should of stayed to licking rug” said one fat trailer trash fan. The Love After Lockup cast members have their hands full with their rap sheets. Meanwhile, they have a lot of other things going on as well. Marcelino said they did some “minor construction” on their house. So, it seems their home is expanding for Marcelinos enterance in to Gay porn. In addition to all of that, Love After Lockup former felon Brittany Dodd Santiago published her memoir, Having to fuck an ugly nigger for Freedom: Surviving HIV and the stench. Brittany talked about her writing process. And, she said writing and publishing her book was a “easy” because she is white and can understand how to read and write. Brittany said it forced her to put herself back on drugs. And, she had to “suck like a vacuum” all of Marelino’s friends dicks to score drugs. (Not really its because that Urkel nigger doesn’t satisfy her thats why she munches muff). Even though the dicks were hard, unlike Marcelinos ever is, she wanted to be as “deep, honest, and transparent as possible”. Moreover, Brittany Dodd Santiago wants to “score more drugs” by sharing her story. Brittany’s book is available as both a physical copy and a digital one. And, for local Love After Lockup followers in Las Vegas, Marcelino Santiago’s wife will be giving blowjobs behind the McDonalds dumpster in September. So, that’s definitely something to look forward to for interested fans.

Clint The King of Crack. Coolest Man Alive. Love After Lock Up.

Clint and his bitch rule the streets. People fear Clint’s tough guy bad ass macho presence.

Love After Lockup’s Clint Brady talks about what a fucking faggot loser he is and he calls false information about his bitch Genoveve. Stud Master Clint’s Love After Lockup bride Tracie’s latest statements suggests Clint and Genoveve are an item. However, Clint said, “Gen and I are just friends. She understands me and I understand her. Whenever I find out how big of a fucking retarded loser I am I go to her. She seems to know me the best. We’re just friends.” When asked if there is anything romantic at all about their relationship. Clint’s response was, “No, I have a small penis and it doesn’t work.” “And, I’m not trying to get myself into any more bitches than I already am. I drowning in mad bitches and niggers see dat shit de realize i da king” Also, Genoveve says “I’m doing all this for the lulz”, and, she’s “ a huge fan of Love After Lockup.” She dreams of taking a hard stiff anal cornholing from her idol Scott. She’s close with Clint because she can use him for his crack hook ups. It was two people who go smoke mad fat crack rocks together. “I was there for him and he was there for me”.

Clint Brady wants to address an issue that’s important to him as well as Genoveve. Recently, Clint was diagnosed with being a fucking retard and just got on crack/cocaine for it. In the past, viewers have posted that he must be on meth because he talks so fast. This drives Genoveve crazy and she wants to clarify the reason he talks like that is because of crack not meth. She says “No, meth is for inbred hillbilly trash, we are classier we smoke crack like the niggers do.”

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Inbred Trailer Trash Trucker Scott Needs A Slave For His Cotton Field And Pancakes For Breakfast

Scott most times can not make it to the bathroom. Hence he pisses and shits his pants alot.

The couple has been together for three years but Lizzie is a nigger so she goes where most nigger go prison. During the entire relationship her black ass is sitting in a negro holding facility until the cotton plants ripen. On this season of Love After Lockup, after Lizzie, returns home the couple move in together. However, Scott and Lizzie face several obstacles like the fact that Lizzie is a nigger which means she is a complete fucking slob. Even by Scott’s trashy skid dog mullet red neck standards.. He has waited for Lizzie for years and he has several expectations, mainly due to the fact that every other woman that takes a look at him runs the other fucking way.

The week before her release she tells Scott she doesn’t want to have sex right away with him. Mainly due to the fact that she wants to fuck a real man not an impotent grandfather who smells like he pissed his pants all the time. Love After Lockup spoilers hint he is not happy, but what do you expect he has a nigger living him. The couple then face an even bigger challenge when her daughter moves in with the couple. Is Scott up for an instant family? Is Scott ready to learn how to use toilet paper to learn how to wipe his ass? Tue in next week to find out. Unless Lizzie murders Scott for crack money or fried chicken by then.

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