Newfies are so stupid they can’t read so anything said here they will never know.

This whore’s legs are open all the fucking time in or near St. Phillps, Newfoundland. When Alesha Rodsucker’s not busy scamming so called friends by playing the single mom card she is busy taking selfies and banging Noodle Dicked Ginger Faggot Newfies. This welfare mom scams the government to her advantage and uses the money to get her nails done and spoil herself with big diamond studed floppy purple dildos. Her boyfriend works a good job at Tim Horton’s but she still wants that government dough so she doesn’t have to work. Pawning her kids off so that she doesn’t need to take care of them and smoking grade A Colombian Crack all day. This whore needs to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for her actions. And clean all the jizz that is off her face. On the bottom of her mouth those acne scabs are a mixture from Meth and crusted Newfie cum.

Stef Cumaloverme is from hare bay Newfoundland but now lives in st johns . she will bang what ever guy she can get her yeast infection covered hands on(male or female) married or not! but beware guys/girls she might be a good lay( has a body of a ten year old boy lmao) but she also comes with HIV from accidently shaking a niggers hand once, i know first hand. she lied to me! said she had nothing but few weeks into it turns out she gave me flaming ass herpes from her finger this wasn’t the biggest problem let me warn you SHE IS A MAJOR CHEATER . she has cheated on ever BF she been with, she is a know drug addict(Crack and Heroin are her choice) and has slept with over 1048 guys. Stef is always down for a good anal gang bang in a trash bin or DP behind the McDonalds, she isn’t picky either. when she finds her self out of luck on a weekend night you can always find her on meth or bent over some pole in the park either as an escort or looking for one again male or female. she likes to hang out at the local strip clubs down town, and some of the pubs where she gets ass fucked in the bathroom. last STD i heard she gave some one is red burning anal and testicle warts. Don’t wrap it with this bitch either as share your new disease with others. PS she is also a known used tampon eater and will talk sh’t just about anyone. if she isn’t with you be sure she is talking sh’t about you. she will also trade sex for any party favor you might have! I put that nose ring in her when I ass hacked her in the park across from the old folks home. #winning

Who puts a motel there. That looks like a place where you get a room to kill someone in.

I am so addicted to masterbating in Bed and Breakfasts a place like Newfoundland seems even better than when I did it in New Hampshire. How more fitting that I am doing it in a place called DILDO.

No charge for the view. But there is a charge for the sheets that I jizzed all over in. I also picked up some old Newfie(75 yearold) and anal pounded her on the beds and the couch in the basement where you walk in. Fun times. Then I shit in the tub and left #WINNING

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