Convoy For Freedom 2022 #8

As much as I mock races I love seeing this.

CBC turning its cameras away on large crowd to focus on a few people to call it small. LOL

Convoy For Freedom 2022 #7

Aerial view from yesterday at highway 12 and 1 near Winnipeg

Trucker Convoy 2022 #5


WOW didn’t see that coming. How ironic the timing.

At least some people are getting it.

This faggot George Chahalalalalalalal needs to go with him too. CROOK!

Trucker Convoy 2022 #4
If You Support The Mandates And Enforce Them You Deserve Worse. I hope they make all politicians so uncomfortable they quit and try to get real jobs like the rest of us.
who the fuck is going to take orders from that ugly troll looking thing on the right.

Trucker Convoy 2022 #3


Twitters deleting shit left right and centre.

People Against Truckers For Freedom: These Are The Jew Puppets Destroying Canada

*Since most of these people support Trudeau it is safe to believe that almost 100% of them are child molesters. I am shocked people like this exist in real life. I thought they were only on Jew TV. Check out a lot of these losers profiles😂😂🙄

Oh wow surprise surprise another homosexual. And you have to be vaccinated to be his friend lol Matthew Poirier from New York Is a prime example of what is wrong with society and the liberals get away with the shit they do.
Notice how this truck thing really seems to irk homos faggots and trannies? Well Trudeau is their leader and idol Of course almost every profile has a faggot flag LOL

“I have a Butt Buddy Whose Dad Is A Trucker” Whaa Faggot. My Neighbor WAS a trucker who got jabbed too. died of a heart attack at 45. A few months after the jab. This idiot is a GRADE A ASS PACKER. Check out his shitty profile for a laugh. I think it is real and not a parody one. Scotty has some issues.

It is safe to assume here Clay sticks with Trudeau for his pro LGBT policies. He may be a drug user as most assume he is counting local turban tops doing local deliveries. Trudeau brought them in. But eh I seen a shitload of Turbans protesting this shit too. Clay should leave the country with Trudeau. He does not Love the country. He is a terrorist traitor.

Old Fucking Bill Here should worry more about if thats a fart he made in his pants or if he shit himself. What a rocket scientist this fuckwad is. Vaxxed 3 Times TOO!!! What a jew puppet.

He also thinks all you truckers are idiots and should stay in the states with Biden. You can get a hold of Bill at his twitter account here If you have people like Bill in your family there are homes for these people Justin Trudeau rams Covid patients full of them too. Seniors Centres. Fuck off Bill

I am pretty sure this guy ate his lunch in the bathroom by himself in high school. Merlin is very anti Canadian.

Ottawa 4

USELESS use·less/ˈyo͞osləs/adjective: useless- not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome.”a piece of useless knowledge”

PEDOPHILE /ˈpedəˌfīl/ noun: paedophile; plural noun: paedophiles; noun: pedophile; plural noun: pedophiles a person who is sexually attracted to children.

TERRORIST /ˈterərəst/terrorist; plural noun: terrorists a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. “Justin Trudeau welcomes too many refugees from third world countries for votes from people who attack violently the lawful citizens. Plus he protects them after”

December 24th, 2021

It’s just eight days in to the New Year and the Canadian hip-hop scene has already been hit with some normal news. At around 7:30 a.m. this morning, Ottawa Police were dispatched to an Airbnb rental between Lyon and Kent after reports of a multiple shooting. At the scene, they found three negro bucks (15, 19, and 20) suffering from gunshot wounds and one coon (18) who had already succumbed to his injuries. They were surrounded by chicken buckets and watermelon rinds. At first the identities of the victims hadn’t been disclosed, but social media activity quickly revealed that the 18-year-old man who had died was West End Ottawa rapper FTG Metro from the Ritchie Street Gay Bath House.   As reported by the Ottawa Citizen, FTG Metro, real name Manyok Akol, . More recently, Metro had been focusing on his music, releasing the song “KFC Betta Refund My Black Ass” this past October with frequent collaborator Big Ed. was enlisted to direct the hard core gay male on male ass pounding video which has been viewed over 20k times by Carl Winslow to date. LINK

September 7th, 2021

August 4th, 2021



Who wants to bet this was photoshopped.

That paki Jagmat is a stupid Trudeau Ass lover. This photo I guarantee is a fucking lie by him.
Couldn’t find much on it but I am starting to think that Yabsley is a fucking jew.

Lets be really and throw everyones little feelings out the fucking window here. Those Immigrants have done virtually fuck all for us. I know it! You know it! They know it! The WHOLE world knows it! Lets quit lying to ourselves.

Justin Trudeau

2020-01-11 2:07pm

Can anyone take him serious enough looking at him? Let alone his stupid face. The beard looks like he woke up in a ditch with a chug in downtown Winnipeg. Also the kicker is that old paki in the back wearing a Turban. That is a Canadian flag not one of India. You think that diaper head in the back gives a fuck about anyone besides India and people from India? If you think he is there for Canada give your head a fucking shake before you shoot yourself in it.

I don’t even need to write about this clown. A picture is worth a million words!


Hanging with his best friends. He views them as voters.

Look at the eagerness he has to jump into a pile of flaming butt dart playing fags.

He makes a shitty Prime Minister. He would make a shitty cab driver too.
Come on Trump why ask such a question with such an obvious answer.
He is a paki now. Love how he wears the poppy is it now Canadastan. Lets give the muslims and sihks as much money as they can and tax us more. Hey to him those diaper headed fags are just votes.
“I let monkeys like the Sudanese/ Somali Niggers that sold your brother crack into the country”. I will bring more of them in but the one thing is they will rape and spread AIDS here like all niggers do. But hey at least you will have crack. PS “Also I have a boner now thinking of your wrinkly balls”.
Just listening to gay porn on my headphones.
The kiss just gets you to lead the NDP. When we leave here and have a shower and we play bum darts, Guess what will happen?


Trudeau is not racist he visits African leaders. In Africa I think. He also has sex with nigger bucks like the Kenyan born Obama. I can not really blame Barrack for wanting to cheat on Michelle. If any man nigger or not had to wake up to that ape their dick would be flacid for life.
Minus the fact that Harry sticks his wiener in a zebra mulatto I think he is a pretty cool guy. Someone having a beer with that may be fun. I bet in this photo he had to hold back from not clocking that cocksucker Trudeau in the face.
“I am not gay!!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend is I must support him!”
“Lets bring in as much third world scum into our countries to make Jews happy” “We will never see them as we live in white areas. Plus I think my penis is bigger than yours” Angela Merkel 
I bring in muslims so I can get raped. No white man will fuck me that is why I have no children. Most people think I am a man. Angela Merkel
I like Trump and agree that Trudeau does a shitty job. But since when did Canada have presidents? Looks like a CNN photoshop lie to me. They will do anything to silence someone telling the truth.
This is more important than crime from muslims or the fires in BC. Playing dick swords and bum darts with his flaming asshole.
This should be a crime. But it is not in Canada. That is destroying the flag!

The Canadian flag may be a symbol of pride, unity, honour, and sacrifice, but it’s not against the law to disrespect, deface, and destroy it.
Official government rules on flag etiquette state that the Canadian flag “should not be subjected to indignity,” but there are no laws against desecration, such as burning, shredding, stomping, or spitting on it. However objectionable, such acts are protected forms of expression under the Charter of Rights And Freedoms.
As with all Charter rights, protected expression is subject to “reasonable limits. . . as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” but flag-burning doesn’t legally exceed such limits.
Protesters have burned or otherwise desecrated Canadian flags on many occasions, including a 2012 Quebec separatist rally where a flag was stomped on and run over by cars in Montreal. A radical U.S. church also burned a flag outside the Supreme Court of Canada in 1999 as the Court mulled approval of same-sex marriage.

I Bet he tapped at least one. Maybe both. Maybe at the same time. As gross as it is give the win to Canada. This is better than what Obama stuck his dick in.

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