Central African Republic

The Central African Republic ranks as one of the poorest countries in the world. Its problems are nigger deep in every aspect of life. It is the second worst country on the planet to live in.

A former French colony, this country has seen many years of chimpouts and monkeyshines, adding to its already high crime and murder rate of 19.75 per 100,000 niggers, which some say is too low. But it still makes the Central African Republic the 18th highest country in the world to be killed in. While the newly elected nigger king has tried to learn how to tie his shoes, poor infrastructure and little options for their aids infested niglets have driven many to seek out rebel groups like NWA and The United Nigger College Fund.

This could be the richest country in the world. I kid you not. But it is ran by niggers. If you ever went to the Central African Repulic or CAR or Niggerland. You would see that basically all it is is a place where someone dressed up gorillas in human clothing. Oh yeah and some fucking Einstein gave them tanks and guns too instead of food.

As sick as a pedo is do you think they would stoop so gross as to molest little niglets?


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