Ontario isn’t even real Canada. It is just like an American state but gets funded from a real province Alberta.



There are a shit loads of chug reserves in Canada some actually resemble third world countries. Others are quite nice. Some chiefs have stole money from the chugs on the rez which the residents say holds them back. In all reality the people would just drink themselves to death anyway so it is really a favor. Keeping the money on them.

I have met well over a thousand natives in my life time. And I can honestly count on one hand the ones that wouldn’t piss the money away. Not that I would save it either so I really shouldn’t talk. All in all like everything no matter what the native will blame the white man. Without realizing that with out the white man here he would be living in a teepee and be dead before his 20th birthday. True fact.

Zip Lining is for faggots. I hope the cord breaks and some fucking moose ass hacks that fag in the forest.

I am the one who called the cops on these niggers. I took a big shit to celebrate.
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