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Random D1

If Germany won ww 2

A little far fetched I guess. The nigger wouldn’t have the shirt. Or a written language as they never had. Oh yeah the buildings would be sticks with cow and nigger shit at best. So yeah this is not done by just niggers.

Ha ha ha Cry now dumb bitch. You dug your own grave the second you beastiality fucked that nigger you sick pig. Fucking disgusting.

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Random C9

I don’t think welfare pays that much so I am guessing that these pictures are taken after robberies.

Niggers all look the same anyway. Easy mistake.

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Funny Pictures 11

This is how bad niggers whine it is just fishing for a reason to yell racist and have people feel sorry for them.  Before you read what people wrote that picture on the top with the phone is not racist. Sure he looks like an ugly groid who probably stole that cell phone and took the picture in the bathroom of the house he is robbing. But the top pic is not racist. Read the comments until you see the authors post and the picture on the bottom.

Fuck is Trump racist right away after becoming president he throws a black family out of their house. That was governmanet housing too.

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