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France 10
Mindy and Anna French Gold Digging Dykes

Women like Mindy and Anna are well known for using people. Always acting like they’re at work 24/7, they use every guy and girl for money and will show interest in you as long as you buy them something or take them somewhere. They can and will use any and every man and woman that will spend money on them. They love to use people until they gets what they want out of you and pretend like you never existed in a way that displays self centerism, mental weakness, narcissism, and toxicity. Marseille Mindy is the one because she is that prototype by pure definition. Mindy and Anna are extreme, proud gold diggers who acts like they’re models but in real life, they’re drd passing slores. In the case of Mindy, she will fuck any man AND woman right amount of money and dope, passing DRDs in top of it, she’s been chasing fame thinking her body and her manipulative attitude will get her far. She acts all high and mighty like she doesn’t spend half her time in a hotel fucking every man, woman, and dope boy for every last dollar and drug imaginable. She is very emotionally vulnerable and loves to play games. She loves to lie about her proud lesbianism, claiming she is only “friends with girls” Sluts threesome galore French whores.


Krisda! What’s your favorite slogan? “I am not going anywhere!” or is it “Every Pole Good To The Last Drop”? Be careful with this one people! She is the ultimate gold digger, by that I mean she isn’t just after men but families as well. She is the itch you cannot get rid of. This girl will enter your life and take everything she is after and gives zero f*cks whose life she destroys in the meantime. Krisda has been destroying lives since baby #1. I ultimately hate bringing children into any adult situation but her 5 million kids each having a different father are pawns in her own game, a game she always loses in the end. Every penny goes on her appearance first then booze and crack. Krisda will tell sob and abusive stories to win you over or for money. This girl CANNOT keep a job, a stable life, and her kids. They pay the ultimate price in her shenanigans and I pray the Lord watches over their journey. She leaves her kids at her mothers in Washington state and her mother and grandma look after (lord knows how many there is?) She has been travelling through the Caribbean. Last I seen her was Martinique with a few cocks in her mouth. Pathetic. Come on Krisda.

October 24th, 2019

Paris Problems

Eiffel Tower Paris France Homer Simpson

I don’t even know these girls names. I was drunk out in Paris watching a football game and I woke up in bed with her.(Yes the fat one) I took one for the team and she stayed with her friend I think the other one was. Anyway I was hung over and jonesing for more beer the next morning. I was broke and these girls were getting annoyed at me for trying to mooch off the. They wanted me to take a picture of them. So when I stood back and took this exact picture. I ran away as fast as I could with the camera. I developed this roll later I kept it all other boring pictures of Paris on it no sex shit but you dont want to see that pig naked trust me. I took the camera to the pawn shop and bought crack and smoked it in an alley with a Moroccan Hooker. #WINNING!!!!!!

Doesn’t it fucking sicken you that the above image of diaper heads are in France. I know the French have a reputation for being fucking pussies but come on really?

Chris Brown a nigger cRapper was in Paris and arrested for rape. It is part of his culture. Piece of shit want to be gangster thug.

5 hours later he didn’t get charges. So either the victim was paid off if she was white. Or a black woman wanted him and he said no, then accused him anyway. Niggers do not even want to sleep with other niggers.
Chris Brown dated Rhianon and beat the piss out of her. So this groids record with negro sows is not that well.
Brown is your typicall whinny nigger hating Trump and all white people. Since he has so many black traits cRap, rape, and AIDS probably best describe this ugly POS.

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Vivian works at a ski resort in Andorra and her pussy smells like a fucking skunk rolled up in there, had a fucking family of skunks, and constantly sprays mist out of her box. It is a mess. I went down on her when I was drunk and I have no taste buds or sense of smell anymore. She also smokes crack and has jagged teeth that are cracked and rotted bottom teeth. It is like having a shredder on your cock when she is giving you head. Plus she has these really fucking long anal hairs that she braids. And in between the fucking hairs are tried up shit chunk crusted in there. She names them her wilknots and names them and chews on them like bubble gum while working the streets looking for crack. While not at the ski resort stinking up the lobby with her sewage pussy.

Skiing and duty-free shopping are your only reasons for existence. We could just go to Oregon for that, where there’s better beer and legal dope. The crime is the lowest in the world and the black percentage is non existent. Coincidence? I think not.  Although when I was in Andorra I did see 2 homo niggers walking down the street wearing purple lipstick. Faggots.

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Did you think that Arabs in America were bad? It’s worse in France. The dole benefits there are so good that most of those cretins don’t bother themselves with a job. Instead they focus their energy on being Arabs. This means that they at best spend their days just being useless ever-whining meat-bags, and at worst they spend them stealing, vandalizing, raping and murdering, all in the name of Allah the Constrictor. But, to be fair, the French were totally asking for it.

Loulou does double anal
double vagina
double dick fisting
double throat gag
All while smoking a meth pipe
8 cock loulou

Loulou est une putain de putain avec une infection à levures rouge. Elle prend les verrues couvertes de merde de son trou du cul intérieur les mâche comme de la gomme. Putain de salope!!!!!!! Loulou from Deauville, France likes to rekindle past relationships with ex’s and videotape it to exploit them for financial gain. She likes to lie to her faggot loser husband about going to dinner with another man, have secret conversations with another man and takes no responsibility for the problems she caused by being selfish. She uses social media like snapchat so conversations disappear and Facebook messenger.It is well known locally that dudes come as far as Iceland to fuck Loulous cooch When she tells her husband she is going to the store. She goes out and gets fucked by multiple dudes at the same time. And smokes meth. To think this bitch works part time at a pet store and use to fuck this chink that worked at a Sushi hut. The 2 of them would go into the pet store after hours ram fire crackers up the cats asshole and light them. Just sick and twisted.

Marie Jean deals drugs for her cousin to try to herd out the weak people and the niggers. The type of parent who took a trip to secure the french border from people with brown skin and jews who rot the countries values and abuse the white people, just before school started back using the last of her hard earned hooker money and leaving her kids to fend for their selves the first of the years as school was starting. Confronted her women to women refused to leave my man alone claiming she was out for revenge. Try to attack me, lie on me and continues to call and harass me. She has had to do all this like many suffering real citizens of France due to the Jews stealing their money and flooding their once rich nice heritage culture with third world shit. France is now doomed due to shit skins leeching off it. It is sad. Death of a nation. 

This individual Kimmy will ingrain her slutty French ass in to your life posing as a wonderful Christian woman. Be careful she has plans to screw your husband as she pledges to be a great role model for your child by sharing her drugs with them.. Your husband may say she is helping with work emails or projects don’t fall for it! Her flabby a55 always has her pussy throbbing and ready and she makes it easy they don’t even have to rent her skanky a55 a hotel. She will put out at her place of employment! She will go as far as to get on her knees in a public place to service numerous members if this bitch has to she has no morals and no class. She goes to the club and will not leave EVER with out someone to fuck. Male or Female. Or often times both. Age gender and or race does not matter. Just no niggers she isn’t that fucking gross.

This Fucking Goggled French Wench fucked my boyfriend. Not once, not twice, but lord knows how many times. Her fucking life is a joke like her fucking eye sight. She won’t see what is coming to her. No fucking tits and an oily used up muff. Her name is Marie she is always flousing around Strasbourg find her at the Dubliner fucking her on and off again boyfriend some ugly ginger crack head. Marie is sick avoid her like a nigger when you see her. She stinks like one too. She was the cause of our break up. Shes been pregnant for the past 36 months , she needs to go on birth control. Careful of this french used jizz rag. Her professional baby mama career. What a catch she is, unemployed , uneducated but opens legs to fall pregnant never learns.

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This is Lucie. She is a dirty whore. I met her in a bar in Rennes back in 2018. We went out dancing and she was all over me and my cousin. My cousin was in Rennes for soccer and Lucie had a hook up in town so we could get some coke. We went to some crack den with her partied my cousin and I left with her to go do some drugs with the rest of his team. It was a fucking sausage party besides Lucie. so after we got all high about 14 of us all gang fucked Lucie. She nayed like a horse with those horse gums when she was licking the jizz of the hotel beds. Covered her in jizz and syrup. Hucked garbage on her and then kept her purse and drugs and chucked her out on the crowded street naked. It was funny as fuck she was all strung out with garbage and food stuck to her naked body via the syrup and jizz LOL. The one time you would of laughed to see all the nigger migrants running around they were hiding like pussies due to the KKK convention in the hotel. Classic. #WINNING!

This woman is Anne from Corse and she is disgusting. She purposely went after my fucking husband whom i had been married to for 12 years. She knew he was married and had kids with me. She still slept with him. He is super shy too, so she made all the moves. Even after being called out to all her friends and family on Facebook she still continued to sleep with him. She’s nasty and i hope she enjoyed my old dildo with wrinkly saggy balls that look like walnuts. Probably spunks out ben gay too. Anne has been doing this forever. Leaching on men until she drains their nut sack and their bank account and then just moves on. Anne also spent time in jail for beating up muslim nigger migrants for fun. She would flash them her tits and when they went to rape she would pepper spray them and hit them with a club. She then took the tax payers money out of the groids pockets. She claimed they belong in their homeland with the other monkeys and diaper heads. She is evil.

French Jew Witch Janine

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and counting. We met when we were kids so we were childhood friends until we lost contact. We got back in touch 3 years ago via the internet and we starting talking again. He was living in Nice and I was here in Tours. We talked for a couple months then he said he was coming to Toures to sell drugs and to visit family and friends, he mentioned that we should hangout and catch up when he got here. I asked when he would be in town and he said he didn’t have a date planned out yet… Thats when we started dating 3 years in Janine came around she is a Jew that steals and sells her wares. She raped my husband with a broom stick and I haven’t seen him or Janine since.

Lucie is the hottest bitch in France as she is the only white one left. France is now so full of ugly shit skins that erections are almost no existent. And now child birth is done by feces of immigrants that can some what walk and talk and collect money from the few whites left that the Jews keep for inventions and ideas. Lucie one day dreams of becoming a famous American actress in movies where she can insert items into her muff biscut for quick cash. But for now Lucie roams around with full armed guards to protect her beauty from immigrant rape and their foul stench. It is believed that once negro females figure out what a mirror is and look at it they will all commit suicide Lucie might have to clean up the mess that is called France.

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Mocks Allah and the Koran when You fuck her from behind in the hotel room her Muslim Husband paid for.

Radjaa is a fucking Muslim who is from Iraq but lives in France to live among white people because they are better. She is a supposedly a faithful young girl, religious, but she cheats on her husband and fucks everyone who is not Muslim. She is so grossed out by men that stink like her ass after shit. She is also grossed out that every Muslim man will rape animals, beat women and children, and follow a pedophile in Allah. She admits the only good thing about Islam is that it understands the filthy Jew. She also stated if she wanted to learn about rats and scum she would of been a bug scientist not a towel headed stinky ho married to a guy who drives a cab and fucks baby camels. She searches for dudes to fuck her in a hotel and she will front the bill. Well its usually her husband paying so she can get fucked by normal men. She is a nymphomaniac and loves it since she quit hanging out with Muslims. She has lived a good live off the white mans dime but has repaid the French people over so much with her great cock sucking abilities. So her hypocrisy about religion is disgusting especially when she lectures others. She lives in Bordeaux but has been known to travel as far as Russia for cock that isn’t her husbands.

Steals from White Governments

Louison is a crook and illegal nigger hiding out in Nantes, he has been cheating on his wife for years as she sits back in her hut in The Congo he made out of cow shit for her and his 12 stick niglets. He told the French he was fleeing war and bailed on his family with the money and spent it all on fat hookers, malt liquor, and crack/cocaine. He has been going online at the library looking for underage white girls to have regular sex with or just flat out rape. He lies to immigration saying he is here to better himself, but like all African immigrants he is just using the free system because he is too stupid and lazy to do it with out white people. When Louison gets comfortable, he starts to bring in other niggers to steal more white people money for him. If the French suspect something or he gets caught, he will get a lowlife JEW lawyer (Paid for by the white tax paying legal citizen) and scream racism and keep doing it. Is this the type of people you want in your country France? Just due to this nigger ship them all back. He ruined it for the whole bunch, the niggers can try to come back to white people lands in another 500 years.

This is Nalushi she is a stinky pakis who snuck into France to live illegally off the White French People’s money along with her husband her 9 children and his 11 other wives who also live off the French mans dime. She has cheated on 7-11 mogul husband with men who don’t have sex with goats. When her stinky husband found out he beat her ass senseless and then went and raped a bunch of young french white girls. Since it is their religion to rape and beat women the French people allowed it and encouraged more Muslims and niggers to move to their country to rape children and live off of their free money. The have a bill now called The Nalushi project which is committed to bringing lots of sand niggers to French soil so Jews have funny shit to watch on TV when they rape pigs at Temple on Friday nights on the Talmud.

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Faggot Whine

Rapinoe is a fucking ugly dyke and is no stranger to protests on the field of play. But since she is ugly and supports stupid shit no one fucking cares. She knelt during the playing of the national anthem before her National Women’s Soccer League games, and has a long track record of staunch opposition to President Trump. She first was angry at Donald for not taking the sexual advances she offered to him. She threw her self at Trump to fuck her. Trump wouldnt fuck that ugly man so she chose to be an ugly lesbo and get back at the world by supporting mass faggots and third world nigger immigration. To bankrupt whites and destroy civilization. Fuck what an ugly pig she is. No wonder no one cares what faggots have to say they have someone like Megan Rapinoe representing them.

In these countries Faggots don’t whine.

Yet virtually every Arab or Muslim man I have ever met is a faggot in some form of way. Denial is probably the main reason. After all Allah is like the Elton John of Islam.

How can we expect these things to be able to elect a leader, drive a vehicle, obey the law, when they can not even figure out what bathroom to use?

This is a new low. Sad fucking sad.

This ass pirate is a racist sexist. But since he is a kike faggot who loves CNN his AIDS infested anal hole can say what ever he wants.

This has to be a fucking troll account the more I see the tweets. No idiot can be this stupid.

Yeah it really seems to be a fake account someone trying to make the left even more retarded than they already are. Although lots of things never surprise me.

The stupidity of the account is continued below in the link. I dont have enough time to post them all and I have lots of time lol.

These Faggots want to do sick fudgepack acts what ever. DO NOT bring a child into the mix. That is child abuse period. They are on the same level as a child molester.

So this butt pirate wants to turn history into a Faggot Fudge Packer Temple with purple dildos hanging as flags. It is apparently racist to this kike queer to build historical societies. Probably rapes poodles and sucks the chocolate pudding out of Bill Cosby’s asshole with a straw.

France 2

France has so many beautiful picturesque villages. Just waiting for a filthy pack of wild niggers and or Muslims to destroy.

The French are wimps and known for giving up. A country of Quitters. The men are all cowards and sound like homosexuals. The women will have sex with anyone and or thing anywhere. This is an ideal place for Islam to have its Western Capital in Paris.

The French aren’t only known for BEING very gay. They like to dress VERY gay also.
Some fucking Muslim will torch that racist white monument in the future. It is holding him back.
For some of the Muslim Immigrants this works as a scarecrow. But in the long run it will be deemed offensive and will have to be removed.

That Paki in France “Le Paki” Probably baths in that fucking sewer water. Or bottles it up to take home to his wife and fucking shit skin offspring. While collecting a welfare check along with his city worker pay check. He probably sends the city plans and maps back to ISIS.

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