This is Audra Hearring she is a “cam hard core porno farm animal fucking model” and brilliant mother of half a soccer team here in Sunnyside, Washington. She “models” on the side for extra income or recreational crack smoking. Is this really what this generation thinks is a job? I am jealous. Is this really how we want our children to see us? Because I can not even think of a better way than watching Audrey ram an assortment of items up her twat. It blows my mind that women like this think it’s acceptable to just get naked on camera instead of coming over to the local 7-11 and get tag teamed by some stinky pakis with turbans on. It’s fucking Mindblowing.

Mossyrock’s Heidi Cecil is a cool all star who on weekends travels to Seattle area Walmarts. Sucks all the old men off in the shoe department. Then walks off with some cool new kix free of charge so she can spend her kids welfare money on meth. this bitch Heidi Cecil lives to make fun of anyone who is; overweight, gay, transgender, black, etc(so people that are freaks and not normal). since she believes she is above everyone, let’s talk facts shall we? Heidi has two children with a serial killing felon. He was incarcerated (armed robbery and capital murder) for their entire young childhoods, so she is a single cpck gobbling mom to two children with felon blood. She is currently pregnant with a third child from a different man named Chuck who rapes goats a few towns over (2 baby daddies) this child will be a bastard. Heidi spends multiple hours a day shooting up meth and heroin spewing on Facebook complaining about how stressed out she is and how terrible everything in her life is and how none of it is her fault. Exhibit A: she posted that her son was staying home from school because he only has one pair of shoes and she left them in her boyfriends stolen car after she did ass to mouth with his brother. The next day she posted photos of herself with multiple shopping bags at Bebe (white trash much?) and Victoria Secret with the caption “i took a big shit in the change room in the mall?!? ” So she can’t buy her son shoes, but sexy bras and panties to defecate in are fine. She also has been anorexic for over a decade due to meth use. Recently she’s been posting that Chucks auto Mechanic say if she doesn’t gain more weight with this pregnancy, her and the baby will be black and gay. So she’s either already a nigger or she’s making this up for attention, or so mentally ill and full of hate for herself that she’s unwilling to keep her unborn child healthy. She also puts on a strap on and ass rams the Fed Ex guy for a porn website.

 This is Jamie from Entiat, Washington. She’s 18 and has 2 ugly welfare kids from 2 different deported daddys that she doesn’t have custody of or try and take care of. Probably because she’s a psycho drunk/ druggie that would rather get her next fix of meth rammed in her cooch and a big double shot of cheap vodka with a few load of faggot anal cum shit into a shot glass to wash it down with. She’s been around the crotch block more times than the mail man after stealing viagra packages. I was at a fudgepacking meth party a few months back, and Jamie all coked up went down on some other slut with an electronic vibrator in her mouth because she was dared to by the debate team watching with their cocks out! Now that’s mother of the year potential! She tries to act hard, and ghetto.. but hey Jamie! YOU’RE FROM ENTIAT BITCH, NOT FUCKING HARLEM. I know I suck better cock than she does and I want to give this nasty troll a wake up call. Maybe then she will get some class, grow up, and take care of her two small children and your goldfish stale pussy bitch ho! And Jamie, just because you look, smell, and act like trash doesn’t mean you gotta sit on the curb sweetie. Get in the crack house on Herpes Lane and take care of your kids.

Here we have Ashley (poo stain of) Brown from Bellingham WA. She is a major cheat and liar. I leant her a ghostbusters dildo once and never heard from her again. She has a bad habit of cheating on every guy she has ever been with and frequents internet dating sites looking for her next prey. If you’re one of the unlucky ones of having to get to know her and work with this crusty bitch then be prepared about having her talk behind your back too. She just cant help herself. She is also super lazy at work because she prefers to be on her phone all day feeling special about the number of messages she gets from random internet guys looking for a score. She should be reported and fired. What a disgusting human being. I hate when she uses the bathroom and hucks her moldy vagina goo everywhere. You know how gross and how much sperm is in that shit.

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