Norway 10

Denne kontrollerende, selvopptatte mobberen til en ku er ikke verdt tiden din. Hun vil få deg til å kvitte seg med kjæledyrene hun ikke liker, og bryte deg ned mentalt. Hun er verbalt og fysisk fornærmende, jeg er dobbelt så stor som hun (og hun er en STOR jente) og hun angrep meg for ingenting, jeg tok over feil ting hun ba om. Hun krever muntlig, men vil aldri gi det. Hun inseminerte seg selv fordi hun ikke kunne finne en mann som tåler henne, og det høres ut som faren angrer på hans engasjement. Hun har drevet bort alle vennene sine, så hun vil feste seg til alle som gir henne oppmerksomhet. Ingenting du gjør for henne er riktig, puppene hennes er IKKE verdt det!

April 27th, 2021

March 30th, 2021

Estonia 5

February 6th, 2021

I know she had long affair with a married guy, and then she slept with my boyfriend and tried to lie to me about it after pretending to be my good friend. Don’t trust her. She gets off on stealing other women’s men because she feels so shitty about herself it makes her feel better to get them to cheat on their partners. And she should feel shitty about herself. She’s got nothing going on you can often see her flaunting around drunk and or high at truck stops at night time. Usually looking for cock or drugs. Or fucking both. Usually both. A few weeks ago she was walking around Tallinn all wasted and her tits were hanging out of her shirt flopping around and her tongue was hanging out and she couldn’t fucking walk straight. Just a flat out fucking mess.

December 28th, 2020

Nicola is the Tallinn slore! You want a quickie hit her up! She always goes for guys that’s in a relationship and she don’t care! She likes to sleep with guys so she has a place to stay because she is homeless and usually crashes with who ever has beer, drugs, or can still achieve an erection. She goes for guys with money and usually married man so if your man has talked about her she has talked or slept with him. Just be careful of her. She will try to fuck up your family if she can and sad part is that she doesn’t even have her kids! Bitch had 2 kids before her 20th birthday. Nicola is a slut.

Bulgaria 5

Martin Petrov is a fucking faggot👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏾 he’s from Bulgaria. He’s a gaming nerd and has a Jew tube channel, and I am pretty sure he has a small wiener between his legs🍳🥖 He is 25 and I still question his sexuality because he looks like the type of dude who likes men in his bed😍 Men in his bed slapping him in the face with their wieners and then he brings out the peanut butter and jam. 😊🎅🎨🥩🍜🍤 What a faggot I itch my balls with a fork then put it back in the drawer at my grandmothers house 🥗🥞🥞🥐🥓 Fucking faggot plays Minecraft and Wargame I bet he is such a stud with the bitches hes cool🥙😎😎 Fag and fag fag and fag Fred Flinstone hates niggers and buys beer on sundays. Virgo Fag Martin the fag I bet he sucks dick like a champ- Boy George.

February 5th, 2021

Spain 9

The number of useless stinky niggers crossing the Atlantic from Africa to the Canary Islands is rising, despite the dangers involved. About 3,400 stupid niggers arrived in the Canary Islands from January 1 to March 31. This incident follows another one south of El Hierro earlier this month. Four niggers were found dead in a makeshift boat with 23 shit skins on board. On Sunday, 100 welfare warriors tried to reach the Spanish enclave of Ceuta from Morocco. Not only is this a burden on the white Europeans that have to pay for these filthy creatures, it is also about the marine live which gets polluted by dead nigger carcases. Some sharks and dolphins have contracted Ebola and Aids from eating dead niggers. Most sharks are smart enough not to or mistake the niggers for whale shit.

April 17th, 2021

Gay Pride parades were invented in Spain in the 1800’s when some drunk Spainairds got drunk and tried to rape a bull. The bull got mad and chased the guys down the street with its big floppy veiny pulsing bull cock. They loved it and yelled Ole. Now Spainairds have spread their disease of fag to their relatives in Mexico and the Philippines and it is so bad that half the world are fucking faggots all due to Spain. Just look at those faggots dancing around with their equally as gay flag. The only thing Spain has going for them is they don’t look as pathetic as they fucking are because they are situated right next to fucking France.

Sweden 8

April 27th, 2021

Do You honestly think these creatures have the ability to live like humans? They are sent her not to better themselves but to destroy SWEDES and better Jewish wallets.

Despite a 39-year-old Somali nigger being convicted for raping both a white Swedish 9-year-old girl and another white Swedish12-year-old girl in the small Swedish town of Norrköping, he will not face deportation because he already became a Swedish citizen in 2015 thanks to greedy Jews. In the most recent rape case on April 15 of this year(2020), Ahmed M. targeted a 9-year-old girl as she walked on her way home from school, according to Swedish news portal Nyheter Idag. The Somali nigger dragged the underage girl into a bush, forced her to take off her clothes at knife point, smeared her face and mouth with mud, and then raped her. The perpetrator also tied up and strangled his 9-year-old victim with plastic gloves. After the assault, he threatened to kill the girl and her family if she spoke out about the rape. For his actions, he was sentenced by the district court to nothing as his purpose their is to destroy and trace of Swedish existence, kidnapping, and assault is nigger culture you must respect it or you are raicist. “Inside the forest he took off her clothes and smeared her with mud… He also forced water and soil in her mouth and demanded that she should swallow it,“ his arrest report read. LINK Not fucking Ahmed’s first rape either. That nigger is lauging at you Sweden along with the Jew that sent it. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

April 25th, 2021

There is enough Niggers in Sweden don’t make them in your pants.

Riots rock Malmö after Smart Swedish Patriots burn the piece of shit Qur’an This article is more than 7 months old, Leading imam condemns violence after police battle more than 300 on streets of the city – The disorderly phalanx of young shit skin camel fuckers, many wearing face masks and hooded tops, started to accelerate, excitement rising, as it neared the row of police vans blocking off the troubled district of Rosengård in Malmö. “We’re gonna fuck this system up because jews sent us to fuck up your heritage fukers,” one of them yelled, as the group starts hurling jagged chunks of concrete paving towards the armoured riot police sheltering behind the vans. “And we’re gonna fuck the police in the ass like we do goats.” More than 300 stinky rioters threw stones at police and burned tyres in the southern Swedish city on Friday night after a video circulated of followers of the Great Danish politician Rasmus Paludan burning a copy of the Qur’an near one of the city’s useless unwanted and stinky mosques. <SNIP> LINK

London 3

Nigger Rapes 13 Year Old White Girl On Her Way To School

A shitskin nigger had admitted the kidnap and rape of a 13-year-old girl on her way to school. Kadian Nelson, 27, followed the schoolgirl in south west London before approaching her from behind and putting one hand over her mouth and another on her head. Nelson also threatened to kill the girl and forced her to walk towards an alleyway in Mitcham on November 3 last year, the Crown Prosecution Service said. He told her to take off her coat and school blazer before sexually assaulting her, then put his own jacket on the victim. Police were alerted when a woman called 999 saying her daughter had seen a man grab a young girl. Following the incident, the Metropolitan Police named Nelson as a suspect and urged him to come forward for his own safety. Local residents were told not to take the law into their own hands after angry groups gathered at addresses in the area as news of the incident spread on social media. The Jewish Media wanted to hide the fact he was a nigger before the public could find out the true savagery of all of them. But it was too late. Nelson appeared at Kingston Crown Court on Monday where he admitted kidnap, rape and making a threat to kill, the CPS said in a statement. LINK

February 24th, 2021

Czech Republic 5

Ženy jako Jackie a Jill jsou dobře známé tím, že používají lidi. Vždy se chovají, jako by byli v práci 24 hodin 7 dní v týdnu, využívají každého chlapa a dívku k penězům a projeví o vás zájem, pokud jim něco koupíte nebo je někam vezmete. Mohou a budou používat každého muže a ženu, kteří na ně utratí peníze. Rádi používají lidi, dokud z vás nedostanou to, co chtějí, a předstírají, že jste nikdy neexistovali způsobem, který projevuje sebestřednost, duševní slabost, narcisismus a toxicitu. Mindy Murray je ta pravá, protože ona je tím prototypem podle čisté definice. Mindy a Anna jsou extrémní, hrdí zlatokopi, kteří se chovají jako modelky, ale ve skutečném životě se jim daří projíždět slory.

This is Sonja biggest fucking whore in all of Prague. Long story short..she’s a bar h0e that likes to pick up her men at the bar. Even if they work there. She has no problem asking if the guy is married which I don’t see why she bothers to ask, when they say yes, she just tries harder. Which I get, she’s easily fucked half the country. Her bars of choice are [REDACTED] at the O2. Her lesbian adult hooker sister is also a bartender so she gets all the inside scoop from within the bar. She has the balls to try and steal the husband but if you try to confront her she cowards down like the yssup she is. They say the bigger the hoop the bigger the h0e. 

April 30th, 2021

Germany 6

This bitch Libby of Hamburg likes to fuk other women’s boyfriends while fukin with 5 other guys at the same time. With her huge fake fucking hamburler tits flopping like rolls its almost gross. She has a pill problem and gross floppy huge nipple banana titties that for some reason she loves showing off (especially to guys that are taken). Her and the ex can have each other. I hope he hits her like he did me. Raggedy ass bitch can’t even take a picture without a filter. Calls herself the Queen of Tint cause she tints cars for a living (when she’s not busy popping pills and fucking anyone who pays attention to her). She’s the Queen of Cock and lies. She blows dudes in the garage that her uncle owns. Probably blows that old fuck too. Bitch.

Jennifer of New Ulm, Germany is a floozy and a slore. She has already been married at least three times and has 5 kids from different baby daddy’s. She does not want to raise her kids because she wants to be drunk use drugs pop pills and party and her kids are in her way. She needs a man to pay for her habits because she is worthless and uses sex and tricks in the bedroom to get her life paid for. She prays on older men with low self esteem, she insists on rings and life insurance policy in her name. She bounces from man to man, like a fucking pogo stick and the worst rumor of all is that she has even had sex willingly for money with a shit skin. That is gross she is spreading the German virus that Merkle sent, Stay far far away from Jennifer.

Reach for the sky And hold your head up high For tonight and every night You’re a superstar And don’t you be afraid Think of all the friends you’ve made Like any other night You’ve got your name in lights You’re a superstar You’re a superstar In a world that gives everything Don’t you know that it don’t mean a thing at all At all for a superstar You gotta find a rainbow Tell the world what everyone else knows Don’t let them tell you again about life ‘Cause you know, you’re a superstar So reach for the sky And hold your head up high For tonight and every night You’re a superstar And don’t you be afraid Think of all the friends you’ve made Like any other night You’ve got your name in lights You’re a superstar

April 27th, 2021

This woman Rachel had hated my husband for years, they went to high school together. They have both talked bad about the other for years. New Years Eve my husband walked out on me & my 5 year old daughter. We have been together for 8 years and married for 7 years. I just recently found out they were seeing each other way before he left me & they have been living together since he left us. My daugfer has been in therapy trying to deal with this & he has not seen her or contacted her in almost 3 weeks. This woman is the reason I can’t work my marriage out. My daughter & I are completely devastated. Watch out for this home wrecker!! Rachel goes around Bonn laughing about it. Figtish du bitch.

April 21st, 2021

Ten shit skins, mostly Syrian refugees, have been found guilty over the gang rape of a woman outside a German nightclub. The 2018 attack in the city of Freiburg made the few with brain cells realise those immigrants don’t belong among whites, with protests by people who care about their safety and love their children. People who hate kids so much they want them to have no future and love to see women raped welcomed immigrants. The lead defendant friend of Merkle’s was sentenced to five and a half years for the attack – which lasted for more than two hours – while seven others received sentences of up to four years. Two men received suspended sentences for failing to provide assistance. One man was acquitted. The victim, who was 18 at the time, had her drink spiked before being attacked in bushes outside the venue. Eight of the men on trial were refugees from Syria, while the other three came from Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. After the attack – which came following other high-profile attacks committed by immigrants – the anti-Islam Alternative for Germany took to the streets to protest against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal policy towards migrants. Ms Merkel received both widespread praise and criticism for her “open door” policy. She has since admitted that Germany was ill-prepared for the influx. LINK

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