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Zoltán Ember (1962 – April 25, 2015), known as The Szentkirályszabadja Monster, was a Hungarianserial killer who killed four elderly people and his brother between 1991 and 2004 in Szentkirályszabadja. Convicted of these crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment, he hanged himself in 2015. On October 12, 1991, just after he had been released from prison, Ember decided to take revenge on Véghelyi for all the suffering he endured from him in his childhood. He went to the old man’s home in Szentkirályszabadja, where he smashed his skull in with a large wrench and then looted his apartment, stealing 30,000 forints. Investigators suspected that Ember might’ve been the culprit, but had insufficient evidence to arrest him. Over the next few years, Ember continued to work in construction, but also made money on the side by committing petty thefts and then spending it all on pubs. In 1999, while having a drink with his 49-year-old brother István, Zoltán suggested that they sell the house they jointly owned. István objected, and a heated dispute began between the two brothers, resulting in Zoltán strangling István with his bare hands. He then tied up the corpse and transported it to the outskirts of town in a wheelbarrow, where he buried it in an open field. István Ember’s body was found months later by a homeless man, but coroners were unable to identify him, and he was buried in an unmarked grave. <SNIP> LINK

September 2nd, 2021

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August 29th, 2021

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Romania 6

On September 26, 1935, authorities in Jasi, Romania, announced the discovery of twenty-one corpses in various rural locations surrounding their town.  The victims, all male, were reportedly slain by an unemployed youth named Tcaiuc, the crimes committed without rational motive. In custody, Tcaiuc confessed to the murders, insisting he had killed at the behest of his 17-year-old lover.  In Tcaiuc’s version of events, the girl would lure men into the woods around Jasi, whereupon Tcaiuc would attack and slay them from ambush. After each killing the lovers would bury their victims together, in the forest or beneath the floor of isolated houses. Sentenced to die, Tcaiuc continued to blame his companion for the crimes. “She influenced me like a demon,” he told the court, “and I could not help myself.”<SNIP> LINK

Ion Rîmaru (or, in newer spelling, Râmaru; October 12, 1946–October 23, 1971) was a Romanian serial killer. He terrorized Bucharest in 1970-1971. Biography Early life Rîmaru’s parents married in Caracal and had three sons, Ion being their eldest child. His father, Florea, would beat his mother daily; the couple eventually separated and his father moved to Bucharest, taking a job as a night tram driver. After his death years later, Florea was discovered to have been a serial killer. (see below) Ion was born in Corabia. His early life was a troubled one: he repeated the ninth grade, provoked a public scandal in his home town when he was found to be having a sexual relationship with the minor daughter of his teacher, and, at age 18, was convicted of aggravated theft. Nevertheless, during high school, he always received a perfect grade in conduct. University He entered the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1966 with a grade of 5.33 (out of 10). He repeated his second year there. At the time of his arrest, Rîmaru was in the course of repeating his third year. Although he entered a university, one of his professors described him as shy and semi-literate, with a very poor vocabulary and an extremely narrow set of interests. His roommates reported that he behaved strangely, so they avoided him. When he became enraged, he would puncture himself; he was found to have over 20 cuts on his arms and legs. From adolescence, Rîmaru had an uncontrollable libido. For instance, a university classmate reported that one night, at the dormitory, Rîmaru did not sleep at all, but instead prowled outside a room where he knew a girl had come to visit a classmate. Doctors diagnosed him with esophageal spasm, reactive nervous syndrome and mental problems in 1967. Crimes Bucharest was shaken by a series of crimes committed in the latter half of 1970 and the first months of 1971. An unknown individual would use a hammer, a small axe, an iron bar or a knife to attack restaurant waitresses who were alone and returning from work. He struck after midnight during unusual weather conditions such as snowstorms, driving rain, high winds, freezing cold or fog. Many women would not go outside after 9:00 pm except in large groups or with men. Their terror was heightened by the police’s reluctance to release details, leading to wildly exaggerated rumours. <SNIP> LINK

Romulus Vereş (Cluj, January 23, 1929 – Ştei, December 13, 1993) was a notorious serial killer, better known as “the man with the hammer”.During the 1970s, he was charged with five murders and several attempted murders, but never imprisoned on grounds of insanity: he suffered from schizophrenia, blaming the Devil for his actions. Instead, he was institutionalised in the Ştei psychiatric facility in 1976, following a three year long forensic investigation during which four thousand people were questioned.Urban myths brought the number of victims up to two hundred women, though the actual number was much smaller. This confusion is probably explained by the lack of attention this case received, despite its magnitude, in the Communist press of the time. LINK
In that filthy lying Jew Sacha Baron Cohen’s film, scene’s purporting to show Borat’s Kazakh hometown were shot in the village of Glod, Romania, while its Roma residents were cast as extras. Those same extras later took (unsuccessful) legal action claiming they were unaware of the film’s subject matter.

Shahidul Ahmed: Britian’s Finest

Shahidul Ahmed killed Rachel Manning, 18, but evaded justice for 13 years

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Barri White Falsely Convicted in Murder

Shahidul Ahmed was a 41 year old father of five (probably all future rocket scientists like him) was linked to the murder in 2010 when DNA evidence matched him via another sexual assault. Ahmed said fuck all to investigators and it was told that the former restaurant worker/waiter had got rid of his car immediately after Rachel’s murder. This piece of shit that has no right to live in England in the first fucking place. Strangled Rachel to death then bashed her face in with a car steering lock. He dumped her body at a golf course.


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