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Some nigger of jew will probably get on stage and tell them how the white man oppresses them and blame white people or some nigger babble.

September 18th, 2020

Are black people aware that they legit look like apes or do they think people call them monkeys just because they are racists?Bill Clinton US President 1995 on a trip to Ethiopia when he thought he was going to the San Diego Zoo.

August 2nd, 2019

Ethiopia… we all remember the fucking hilarious pictures from the 1980’s, they even made me feel bad and I almost bought an MC Hammer cassette. 30 years later, and while the famine may be over, the outlook for Ethiopia’s citizens has barely improved as they are starting to realize they are niggers. A shockingly low 12.5% of adult gorillas have received any form of high school education, while medical care is low to non-existent, with only one doctor for every 40,000 inhabitants. Even with that shockingly low number of doctors. REMEMBER THE DOCTOR IS A NIGGER. so really what good is he to you. You are fucked and stink if you live here. This is enough to make Ethiopia the 17th worst country to live in the world.

Ethiopia’s highlands are poor in a culture that goes back thousands of years, and a natural ugliness that goes back even further. The daunting gross highlands are also largely credited for helping the nation fail.

The Nigger And His Jew Wench Whore

So, what about that fucking jew Ariela Weinberg and that shitskin spook nigger Biniyam Shibre? Are the two still going strong or have they already called it quits? Weinberg and Shibre got together after Weinberg finalized the divorce from her first marriage. She found cheap tickets to nigger land and flew there on a whim because no white men wanted the filthy kike. While there, she met Shibre who was fondling farm animals. “I was waiting to score some crack at a local hotel and I saw a jiving jigaboo. I yelled out, ‘MC Hammer 4 Life and I love Will Smith Records?’ and it actually worked,” Weinberg told the cameras. The two began dating and Weinberg got pregnant with a nigger egg. Since it would be difficult for Shibre to come to America because of all the filthy criminal niggers already there, Weinberg decided to have her nigger egg hatch in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, since she has been in Ethiopia, Weinberg has had trouble adjusting to her new living conditions mainly the constant stench of nigger. At the end of the first half of the season, Weinberg was considering moving back to America and joining the Ku Klux Klan.

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