Elaine Became A Fucking Rug Muncher After Dating Chocolate Rain

Elaine Stott from Survivor does more than eat pussy and mud bog. Years prior to her rise of Survivor fame she had a love affair with Mega SuperStar singer Tay Zonda. Tay use to prod Elaine’s bum cheeks with a pitchfork by a campfire while they were drunk. It was kinky. The biggest problem is that Elaine’s Lesbo Dyke Friends hated fucking niggers. Like they hated the fact that Tay was a stinky nigger more than a man. So thats when all the really funny true nigger jokes and honest hatred started going in Tay’s direction. The worst part about it. Elaine not only allowed her butch dyke friends to call Tay a usless shitskin nigger. She also encouraged it. Some times she would throw chicken bones or watermelon rinds at Tay. Other times she just basked in her white privilige. But in the end it was still hate for the poor uneducated black man. His odor so foul it peeled paint off of walls.

Jesse Jackson has had numerous one on one talks about Elaine’s racism. So much so and he is so sick of the racism he vows that the nigger community will riot and stop supporting female golf to harm the lesbians main source of income. Serena and Venus Williams have also shook their head at their lesbian friend Elaine’s racist ways. It was rumored that Venus will no longer share her tampons with Elaine on weekends now. Shits getting real. I read about that on Instagram.

Tay is trying out to be on Survivor 41 Bongo Island; Land of the Useless niggers with all the niggers ever on survivor. They will all be wearing chains and singing Tupac songs.

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