“The Padrigster”

On 14 October 2004, Pádraig Nally, an Irish farmer living in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland shot dead Irish Traveller John “Frog” Ward, who had been trespassing on his property. In November 2005 Nally was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for manslaughter. His conviction was quashed in October 2006 and, after a retrial in December 2006, he was found not guilty of manslaughter. Nally alleged he had met John “Frog” Ward previously when Ward had called to his house two weeks before 14 October and had enquired if it would be a good day for fishing. Ward, said Nally, had no fishing tackle with him and this led him to be suspicious of Ward. He did not like the look of him and thought her would look better with a fucking hole in his head from a bullet. n 2009, the government announced its plan to introduce a new law of self-defence in 2010 upon recommendation by the Law Reform Commission which would codify the existing common law position on the use of force in defence of property. The Criminal Law (Defence and the Dwelling) Act 2011 was enacted on 19 December 2011. <SNIP> LINK

April 30th, 2021

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October 8th, 2020

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Ireland 3

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Ireland 2

Ireland 2

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Ireland 1


Simpsons Ireland Guinness Beer

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The Scissor Sisters

The Scissor Sisters
  Now we all know that crime especially murder is never funny. But in this case I laugh every time I hear of this story. I never knew a thing about this story until recently. It is about 2 Irish sisters who kill and cut up there mothers boyfriend. Everyone involved in this story is such a complete fuck up that I figure it is ok to laugh at it. It has everything in it. Drugs, molestation, sex, hammers, and scissors. You basically here have the making of a Hollywood blockbuster here. They did actually do a documentary on it over in Europe back in 2009.

The Crime: On March 20th, 2005 Linda and Charlotte Mulhall along with there mother Kathleen Mullhall and her boyfriend Farah Swaleh Noor were out drinking heavily in downtown Dublin. They then returned to Kathleen’s house where Kathleen and Charlotte took ecstasy. They also crushed some e up and put it into Noor’s drink so he could get the same high as they had.

  The older sister Linda was sitting on the couch with Noor (while Charlotte was sitting on the arm rest) when he started to touch Linda in a sexual manner. He then grabbed her and refused to let go of her. Kathleen did not like her boyfriends actions towards her daughter and instructed the girls to kill him for her.
  Charlotte grabbed a knife and slashed Noor’s throat which dropped him like a sack of marbles. Then Linda picked up a hammer and started smacking him in the head as he lye on the ground. Kathleen looked on but never participated. Noor was stabbed over 27 times.
  They then grabbed Noor’s corpse and took it into the bathroom and cut off his head, limbs, and penis. They hucked the remains into bags and made several trips and dumped them into a canal nearby.
  Nobody even knew Noor was missing until a leg with a sock on it floated up on shore near the canal. They ended up finding most of the body in the canal and somebody noticed the shirt on the torso and said it was Noor’s. The man who identified the shirt was Somalian like Noor and also connected Noor to the Mulhall’s. He also got the reward from crimestoppers. Noor’s head and penis were never found. Although Linda revealed that she scattered pieces of it around garbage bins in Dublin.
  The Mulhall’s initially denied any involvement in the crime but weeks later Linda confessed to the whole thing. After Linda’s confession her mother Kathleen fled Ireland and wasn’t found for 3 years later where they located her living in England.
Farah Swaleh Noor: Was a 38 year old who claimed to be a Somali immigrant whose family was dead. Although he was in fact from Kenya and his family was still alive. He was ordered to be deported in 1999 but was allowed to stay as he had a child with an Irish citizen. The Irish citizen that he impregnated in 1997 was a 16 year old mentally disabled Chinese girl. He also raped 2 other women that he impregnated and since he is a black African probably gave HIV to. He was also a suspect in an unsolved murder. He also left and ditched the mother of his children back in Kenya and lied to everybody else he met in Ireland about his past.  Really in retrospect this guy is a waste anyway we are better with him as a society dead. But the girls aren’t much better.
Linda Mulhall: (Born 1984) Linda was a 30 year old unemployed, boozing, drug addict. Apparently heroin was her drug of choice. She had 4 children. Has since been released from jail. I hope she castrates more nigger rapists.
Charlotte Mulhall: (Born 1991) Charlotte was a 23 year old also a boozing drug addict. She was also known to be involved in prostitution. Has one son. Had a 10 month carpet munching dyke affair with a prison guard.
Sentencing: Linda and Charlotte both pleaded not guilty to murder. Linda was found guilty of manslaughter and Charlotte was found guilty of murder. Linda was given 15 years and Charlotte was given life. The mother Kathleen was given 5 years for giving false information and impending an arrest in a murder investigation.
Other Notes:
  • The girls father John Mulhall committed suicide by hanging himself shortly after the murders.
  • The girls brother James Mulhall later was charged with robbing 2 hookers as he claimed he had to do to help pay for Linda’s children. Which whom he looked after once she went to jail.
  • Charlotte is now in a lesbian relationship in jail.


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