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February 5th, 2021

My now ex boyfriend was seeing this nasty skank Danika last year. I caught him sexting her while she sent him dirty pictures of herself. He confessed to sleeping with her and said he would stop talking to her. Apparently she stopped talking to him and moved on to the next guy. Found out from people that knew her that she’s easy and likes to hop from man to man. Last I heard that she was fired from her job at Pizza Hut for being a horrible employee and flirting with male staff and customers. Rumor has it she had 6 employees gang fuck her in the back room near the oven and shot their loads at her face while pizza’s were on a table in the back. Most missed her face and went on the pizzas. Gross!

Denmark Invaders

Muslims in Denmark threaten “We will enforce Sharia laws, Christians will die or convert to Islam”
They come as “refugees” and then want to impose Sharia laws of Islam.
People in Denmark are starting to wake up, they take to the streets to protest against Sharia laws

On the other hand, Muslims (immigrants and refugees) take to the streets waving Jihadi flags and calling to impose Sharia laws in Denmark.
According to sharia laws:

– There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech. – There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).
– There are no equal rights for men and women.
– There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.
Sharia is incompatible with Western values.

The Western world must close its borders, deport illegal immigrants, and ban the Sharia laws

Denmark has recently announced they are deporting a whack load of shit skins. It turns out it just isn’t working out. Good bye and Good ridence. Why would these leach parasietes come to where they are not wanted. Have you ever went to someones house and known you aren’t welcome? A sane person leaves. These fucking idiots think our society is the problem. LINK
The news said a DANISH MAN had sex with a minor, That nigger is not Danish. Anything to obscure the real crime stats.

Denmark 2

This infected low life Ida will sink her grubby whore fake claws into any man she can, even if he’s married. She’s already ruined at least 2 marriages. She stooped so low that she went after a friends husband. She went after her daughters best friends dad. She must like little d1ck. The more d1ck the better, she’ll fuck them all! Raunchy bitch gets beat up every time she comes into Copenhagen to drain a nut sack. I see her at the gym and she has a gross puss fucking camel toe that comes out of her spandex. I was never close enough to get a wiff but I could imagine it stinks like jizz and cat urine. And probably east mold. From the crust on the vaginal rim. I seen a trail of yeast crumbs from her going to the bathroom.

Danish Bitch My Husband Left Me For Met Her On a Feces Fetish Website

Jannie the Danish Poo eater. Looks like her face got stung by a fucking bee. I hate that bitch my husband I, We were happily married for 30 years with a house, 5 cars, two gay islamic converted sons and lots of money from jews for selling drugs to sick people and laughing at dead kids like Jews do. Everything was amazing right until he met this Danish woman online on a shit eating fantasy website owned and operated by Breaking Bad actor Brian Cranston. A site where people talk about poop fantasies and cool shit. Behind my back they shared naked pictures and movies and he said he began to fall madly in love. One day in December he suddenly just disappeared… left a note saying he was going to the Gay Pride Parade with John Legend. When he came home after a few days he said he was sorry and he loved me. New Year he disappeared again to go right back to this woman. Now a couple of months later he give her a piece of our dead dogs shit that we were saving for our anniversary and she said yes to eating the poo with him.

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Denmark 1

Denmark’s Scum Vermin

I thought the kids in the above video were normal and were laughing at the shit skin. Turns out they had that in a school in Denmark. If that happened when I was in school one little student would not be coming back to class again EVER. Guess which one. Ah the good old days when we all didn’t have vaginas. Or at least we knew if we had vaginas or not.

2019-10-21 8:05pm

When ever I am in Denmark I go find my Cottage Cheese Barf Face Lover meet Birgitte Dybkjær. The evil, horny, testicle diddler sociopath who chooses to work in the field of pornography although she has no buisness doing so. A few years ago, while she was working at a place called CumGuzzlingHookers”R”US here in Denmark, this evil excuse of a human being decided it would appropriate to BULLY, yes BULLY, a young girl she was hired to suck the jizz off of old paki man balls. The young girl was dealing with anxiety, the clap, herpes, HIV, pregnant,and depression, but that didn’t stop Birgitte from treating her like dirt. She also DELIBERATELY gave the young woman’s crack pipe away. How is that for professional?!

I’m adding this dildo stealing bitch to MattOrtonsSite as a warning. It’s a warning to everyone out there who might have the misfortune of ever dealing with her. Especially the parents who might have their children as future adult entertainers in her care!!! She is totally devoid of empathy and has no qualms straight up lying about what she has done to other people.

This disgusting sperm loving whore of a woman lives in Denmark, Aalborg. She is highly manipulative and can twist your penis into a danish pretzel for some lego pieces. . She is good at playing the victim(and watching you whack off in front of her) while she is the master doing all the damage. She constantly farts in front on my boyfriend to get his attention, pleasure and to compete with me (In some sick way). I’m not sure what I did wrong, but after I told her to stop dropping raunchy mold farts calmly and be a little more respective, she made all her friends go against my me and to remove him from my life. She is a dirty horny slut and very good at talking people over to believe her! Take care of your self if you every meet this witch. Don’t wear a rubber she doesn’t fuck niggers.

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