Donquaz Stevenson Papa John’s Robber

Donquaz Stevenson Papa John’s Robber
Just another reason here why guns can save your life from scum like Donquaz. A woman was delivering a pizza in Decatur, Georgia on January 11th, 2015. She was approached by 2 men one of them being Donquaz who attempted to rob her at gunpoint. The plan sort of backfired when the woman was on the ground she pulled a gun out of her pocket and blasted his black ass in the face. Donquaz’s partner bailed off with her car( 200 silver Honda Accord) and is still on the run. Donquaz is getting treated at a local hospital for a bullet shot to the face. Along with the charge of armed robbery.
The woman who has not been named will still keep her job at Papa John’s. Good. She is role model to all young women living near pavement apes.
  A day later in Missouri another Papa John’s deliver driver was robbed of his wallet.
 It is unknown but probable that chicken was a topping on the pizza.
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