90 Day Fiance: Jihoon tired of Deavan’s ‘Growing Cock,’ tells her to get off Porn Hub

Jihoon wants his penis pump back.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Zipperhead Jihoon Lee is not a fan of Deavan Clegg’s pulsing veiny erect boner and he’s not ashamed to show it. The South Korean native made it clear that he’s not impressed with his ex-wife’s transition to a female, particularly her “growing DICK.” Jihoon also gave his two cents about the never-ending drama involving Deavan on social media. Jihoon Lee is no longer keeping quiet about Deavan Clegg’s accusations against him ass fucking dogs then cooking them to eat. The 90 Day Fiance cast member broke his silence after his ex-wife posted a video of her fucking John Legend up his skinny ass with her solid stiff donkey cock, lengthy enough to slap a North Korean in the face with. The mother of two implied her ex-husband’s supporters Like Colt Johnson, Tekashi, and Eddie Winslow have been targeting her, throwing mean comments about her and not using proper gender nouns at it on social media.

But Jihoon Lee is not having any of Deavan Clegg’s latest shit. Instead of responding to her bull shit claims, he threw a picture at her of him putting his dick in his grandmas mouth while she was sleeping and Jihoon was giving the thumbs up in it. Jihoon also bluntly told Deavan that she’s not the pornographic star she portrays herself to be on Porn Hub. “You’re not a woman, grow up ,” he wrote. Jihoon also poked fun at Deavan’s massive throbbing erect penis. He did not hold back in criticizing his ex-wife’s overdone with horse steroids cock. Jihoon told Deavan to stop growing her dick and focus on her illegal narcotics business. Despite his jealousy, it’s clear that he’s not happy about the way his former man/wife is acting. Jihoon goes on to suggest the #2 with fried rice and that Deavan should take a break from porn and social media. The 90 Day Fiance allstar noted that the online world can get really entertaining until some jew or fag whines. “Sometimes get out of social media and play with your dogs asshole,” he wrote. Recently, Jihoon has been keeping a low profile on social media. He also keeps himself busy with his work as an advocate for public masterbating.

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