Marvin Gabrion


Marvin Gabrion is one sick fucked up individual. If Nikko Jenkins had a farm team Marvin would be the all star. Gabrion was born into poverty and he used the normal excuses for his crimes like abuse. Also add the substance abuse excuse in there. That one is as classical for pussies as the abuse one.

Robert Allen- Went missing in 1995 and was a mentally disabled transient. Marvin was cashing his social security cheques.

Rachel Timmerman- 19 years old mother of Shannon. Rachel disappeared in Cedar Springs, Michigan just a couple days before she had to testify about Marvin raping her. Rachel’s body was found in Oxford Lake weighed down with cement blocks and wrapped in duct tape. Coroners said she was alive when entered the water and died from drowning.
Shannon Verhage- 11 months old daughter of Rachel. She still resumes missing but it is almost certain that Marvin murdered the infant. Unless he sold her.
Wayne Davis- Body was found.
John Weeks- His whereabouts are unknown. Was last seen in 1997.

  Marvin Gabrion went on the run but was only running for 2 months as someone ratted on him. He had to pick up a social insurance check at a mail box in Sherman, New York.

Senetncing- Since Marvin committed the crimes in Michigan where there is no death penalty in most cases he would not receive it. But he committed the crimes on Federal Land so the prosecutors got the death penalty. Which was overturned.


Retiring judge doubts Marvin Gabrion will be put to death

Rachel and Shannon above. Robert Allen below.
Gabrions mother below. The only person that ever visited the piece of shit since he has been on death row.

Devin Moore

Devin Moore
  You know what they say “Monkey see, Monkey do”. That is exactly what Devin Moore did (birth name Devin Darnell Thompson) after he played the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City back in June 7th of 2003. This happened in Fayette, Alabama.
  Moore stole a car and was arrested by police. While he was in the police station he grabbed one of the officers guns. Then he shot 2 police officers and a dispatcher dead. But before he shot the officers he said “Life is like a video game, you have to die sometime”.
  Moore had no previous criminal record and was very cooperative when Strickland took him in for Auto Theft. Then apparently he just snapped.
  According to Moore’s own statement he grabbed Officer Arnold Strickland’s gun and shot him twice in the head. Then he walked down the hall and encountered Officer James Crump and shot him 3 times hitting him once in the head. Then on his way out the door he seen the dispatcher and fired 5 shots at him. The he took a pair of car keys from the station and stole a police cruiser. All of this in less than a minutes time. Moore was arrested a few hours later in Mississippi.

Devin Moore: (Born May 15th, 1985) Had just recently graduated from high school and was preparing to leave for the Air Force at the end of the summer.
Law Suits: Like in all crimes in liberal minds instead of blaming the moron who did the crime they try to find someone else to blame. Of course they blame the video maker Sony and even the store where he bought the game Walmart as being more responsible for the crime than Moore. Multi-
million dollar law suits had been filed on behave of the victims families. It was brought up that the way how Moore carried out the murders is identical to a mission that needs to be completed in the video game. That is of escape the police station, kill the cops, and then steal a police cruiser.
  Strickland and Mealer’s families are suing Moore, Walmart, and Game Stop.
Ace Mealer: 911 Dispatcher
James Crump: Police Officer
Arnold Strickland: Police Officer. Was on the force for over 25 years.
Sentencing: Moore was sentenced to death on October 9th, 2005.
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