Has a hat with 2 cans of jizz to drink at OSU games

Michele She cant get a man of her own so she goes after married men in hopes of them taking care of her ass and her kids.  And on the weekends she loves to shove Rutabaga’s up her fucking asshole while watching OSU football games. She is usually found in the parking lots there blowing all the old pathetic fat fucking losers that attend the games. She wears a foam finger that reads “SLUT #1” And has one of those fucking hats with 2 drinks and a straw going to her mouth. In those cans of so called “Beer” contain the jizz of about 90% of the dudes in the parking lot. Michelle runs around alot with BITTER BEER FACE. Load swallowing Michelle fuck you and the faggot horse you rode in on Bitch.

Niggers use condoms? We wouldn’t have the problems in the world if they did. Negros are fertile demon species that can mate with humans. Much like a horse and a donkey making a mule. They aren’t the same animal, just like people and niggers or as society calls them “BLACK” people.

Glory Hole Girl Lyndsey. Nice Tits But Has Crabs That Burn Really Fucking Bad.

I got flaming crabs from this bitch. She was on the other side of the glory hole. You should of smelt the tuna infected bug muff this bitch had made the dry wall rust a metalic green like mucus from a grizzly bears asshole in the summer. Someone needs to hit Lyndsey with the biggest dick tree in the cock forrest and a reality check. This floozy has kids that she doesnt know who the father is, and tries to raise them by offering sexual services outside of her nurse job for a ridiculously low price. I usually bulk up on her saving bundle package. And with the little money she makes, she just ends up using most of it on booze and drugs. If only her brain was as big as her breasts… She shoots up some mad rock with theses 80’s metal faggots smoking crack out of old Pabst 45 beer cans and plaing with dildos in the back of the el Camino with Tupac blaring.

Samantha of Columbus is such a cock gobbling whore. She loves to fuck so much she made her loser husband get another job so he would be out of the house more so we could all go over there and fuck the bag off her. Last time I was there we were all so limp dicked from blowing loads on her we went into the garage and started fucking her with her husbands tools. I got the rake and just gave it to her. I was jealous of the dude that got the diesel powered leaf blower it looked fun. His name was John our kids play tball together. Back to Samantha if the neighborhood keeps having all this fun with her her husband may need to get a third job. Plus he needs to buy some new tools lol.

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Stephanie is a dirty truck stop hooker bitch who pretends to be in the perfect relationship. She sleeps around on her boyfriend constantly with his friends and family. The irony is, is that in early 2017, she caught her husband cheating on her with their pet dog in the living room. She begged and begged for him to let her watch and join in, but he left to be with his younger piece of ass who had a nicer friendlier dog. She IMMEDIATELY got into a relationship with the first man who would have her alien looking eyes and hairy ass. She’s disgusting and I have on good account that two of the guys she’s recently messed around with have gotten the clap. Enjoy your second rate trash, Calvin. Stephanie spends most of her time in the Lincoln stripper scene now as the stage name CATHYKKKUMFARTER.

This brillo velcro headed nappy fuck above busted out of the joint. He is believed to be on his way to see his main bitch Maddy below. They are going to grab shards of glass and cut their bum holes bloody with them.

This nasty alcoholic troll roams Lincoln, Nebraska while she should be taking care of her very unfortunate looking inbred kid. The story of Madeleine goes a little something like this: she was a huge sloot in college (until she dropped out for blowing the janitor in the library) who let anyone put it in & then surprise surprise! she was knocked up by her boyfriend Topher Grace – who cheats on her constantly with men by the way. She huffed cleaning supplies and solvents for most of her pregnancy and definitely wasn’t ashamed of it. She actually got bulk discounts on most name brand bathroom cleaners. Of course she is jobless, lives with her sex offender step dad and still and her only friends are a bunch of raging drug addicts with absolutely no direction in life, but that’s really no surprise. Her manish jizz covered face is so terrible, that wicked witch of the west nose really needs to be fixed but I’m sure she could never ever afford that because all of her money goes to herpes cream right away. This poor little hobbit needs to learn self love and go back to the small white trash bum f*ck town she’s from. Also beware- all of her flaky skin on her fat stubby t rex arms will shed on you and no one wants that she has fleas also. When she sheds her skin if you touch it you will get a bad rash which is orange in color and smells like niggers.

Eats logs of poop while she baths in dog diarrhea the liquidier the better. Bitch

Shawna Jo Ewoldt from Grand Island, Nebraska This woman or whatever you want to call her began an affair with a married homosexual Army recruiter in 2016. To this day, they are still getting away with having an affair as the divorce is not done with because of him. Shawna was working at a medical clinic in Grand Island and the recruiter was getting treatment there. He moved Shawna and her kids into the family home where Shawna slept and farted cum bubbles that aren’t the womans anymore in the marital bed with him while his wife was away smoking crack in Omaha. Shawna was cheating on one of her many boyfriends at that time with the married recruiter. She moves from bed to bed spreading her herpes and in search of someone to take care of her and her two kids. Because she is a lazy fucking ditch pig. She knew this man was married but she did not care. She was married and divorced three times by the time she was 21 years old. She has no morals or respect for anyone. Shawna you bitch also quit stealing women’s hemroid cream and eating it as frosting on cake. Bitch.

Typical Nebraskaner dwellings are makeshift abandoned trailers popular most with the Obese White Lower Income Families. These units are cheap and easily replaceable after the many tornado like cloud funnels that hit. Don’t want to waste Bingo and Pabst 45 beer money on a new home.

This is where all the corn ends up that the illegal Mexican’s pick that almost all Nebraskans harbor and own. Nebraska is one of only 3 states where it is legal to own Mexicans as the state recognizes them as farm equipment.
Most Nebraskans never have heard of a dentist let alone been to one. That is why Nebraskans are known as the British Smilers of the Mid West.
This is where most Nebraskan white males meet on welfare night. They drink cheap beer heavily and abuse Crystal Meth. Then they go home and beat their over weight fat wives when they found out how much they spent at Walmart.

The man above use to sit outside old folks homes high on meth and masterbate. He has now changed his life around and helps Nebraskan youth find Jesus. In his van. In the park. At dark. With handcuffs.

I seen this faggot one day sitting out in a lawn chair in speedo with the sprinkler on. He was stroking his dick to a McDonalds Flyer in the sun.

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