Colton Cumbie: Biggest Anal Ass Faggot In Survivor History

**I know on this site there are a lot of things said or exaggerated a tad. This guy truly is a grade A piece of shit. I am pretty sure even Chet or That nigger Phillip in the pink underwear deep down are good people or at least not as annoying as Colton Cumbie. This guy is probably right up there with ??? He is in a league of Fag unknown or undiscoverable by any technology available today.

How gay are you? Are you like Elton John Gay, John Legend Gay or what? “I came out as gay when I was 12 years old, sixth grade in South Alabama. My parents definitely did not run out to join Parents of Lesbian and Gay (PFLAG) and it took a long time but they came around. It was weird at school but I didn’t play the victim and run home to cry. I stood up for myself and explained that being gay wasn’t who I was but part of who I am”. Colton said this after he got caught under the slide with a wiener in his ass and one in both hands. Pink Lipstick gave it away too fruit cup.
What besides Cock and Cum in your Face is Inspiration in Life? “My nanny/ grandmother who is technically my great-aunt but she and her husband took my mom in when she was 2 months old after her dad abandoned her. My grandmother is the most amazing person I know. She is literally my 73-year-old best friend! She has been there for me through everything, definitely the biggest impact on who I am today, it may sound gross but I miss smelling the shit of her depend diapers or sneaking in a lick of the poo when no one is looking.”
What are your hobbies? Are they typical faggot hobbies?: Watching gay porn, complaining about rights I don’t deserve, and on weekends I go masterbate to the mens gymnastic team while they practice.
What are your Pet Peeves: Ugly people who think they’re hot, straight people, working, people who say they are gay to pretend they are oppressed like me to get shit they don’t like niggers..
3 Words to Describe You: I can do it in 3 letters F-A-G.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: I would say Chet, Tommy Shehan, or Willard but we know each other personally and have fuck train parties all the time where we fart cum in each others faces. I would say probably Jeff Probst.
Reason for Being on Survivor: I felt like it. Plus I am gay. It is like being black if you don’t put me on the show you are fucking racist and the jews wont give you money as we are destroying the white race for them so we can become slaves to the Jews. Any idiot can see that shit…….. Oh crap thats me……………………………
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” Survivor: I can store 10 metric liters of cum in my stomach. My protein levels will out last all and I am staying at Chet’s house a month before the show. He will fill me up tank will be running on full grade A Chet Fuel.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I don’t believe, I know! I will team up with the niggers and voting us out will be racist ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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