Jussie Smollett

  Jussie Smollett the fudgepacking negro from Chimpcago could face jail time. Which he should. You see Smollett faked a hate crime. Virtually all so called white on black racist crimes are hoaxes. As society if the victim is a minority especially black and the perpetrator is white it will make the news.
  If a black commits these crimes society ignores it as it happens so often and idiots would see the seriousness of nigger crime. Instead the media loves to portray them as victims. Why this is who knows. Maybe they want them to think they have a chance to succeed in life. Unless that is in crime good luck. No negro has ever accomplished anything with out the white man holding his hand every inch of the way. Or the Jew.

Prison may be too good for this negro it is probably what he wants. Free buttsex.

It is funny after CNN was bitching about how whites were racist about the fudgepacker, a new magic story comes up. They had to deter people from realizing they lie so much they made up a story about a WHITE SUPREMICIST with a hit list. How convienent that that story comes out right after they followed the fag niggers lie.

Funny Pictures 7

Once a woman fucks a nigger her dream of ever having a family is gone. The nigger will not stay and no white man will ever touch her. Especially with a basterdized shitlet. Odds are that little niglet will grow up to kill and rape his mom. Or grandma.
Yeah we sure do need this diversity in our society. Where would we be with out it.
I do not know if that car is stolen. I am assuming it is just as I assume the negros do not know how to fix it. But if for some reason they could afford a car why not a belt? Even steal one.
I am almost 100% certain that a negro has ever existed that has been faithful to their partner. I would place my life on the fact that one doesn’t exist. That is why I laugh so hard when women get pet niggers and are shocked that they were cheated on.
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