Survivor: Dan Wants A Refund on His Mail Order Bride Kellee. Nip Bitch Whines Too Much

For the first time in its 39 seasons on TV, a player was removed from the game of Survivor by Money hungry souless Jew Kike producers for their behaviour. It was 48-year-old Los Angeles-based Pro Ass Dart Player Dan Spilo who was ejected from the game for masterbating actions off camera and viewers have been attempting to find out how much jizz he leaked out in Fiji ever since. During the end of Wednesday night’s episode, which saw the ouster of 41-year-old carpet muncher Elaine Stott, Survivor aired a vague disclaimer that read: “Dan was removed from the game after a report of some slanteyed chink, which happened off-camera and did not involve a player with normal round eyes.” Fellow Survivor castaway Kellee Kim had first complained about Dan’s inappropriate masterbating earlier on in the season ahead of her eviction and he was ultimately served a high five by producers. Kellee took to her knees following the episode to take a big load in the face. “

Sydney From Bachelor In Paradise Why?

I went to high school with Sydney. She sucked everyones dick back then. She use to store dudes jizz and use it for toothpaste. She was so nasty. It was rumored that she would huck in her used tampons and maxi pads in the Chinese Food at her dads Zipperhead restaurant.

Sydney hates when people call her a stupid chink and think she works as a massage parlor or nail stylist.

Also when Sydney was a child since her parents are some type of chinese they wanted a boy. Since they couldnt molest Sydney because they thought back then she would have no tits so she would be a useless chink. Her dad hit her in the face with a shovel alot to make her look better. I helped a bit. After that her friends gave her the name Shovel Face. She was then admitted into the retard classes in school. Since she was Asian she was smart and started fucking all the teachers.

Why Sydney feels less fresh down below she uses a bar of soap in her muff to freshen up and kill the stench of old man jizz.

Sydney I last heard is doing alright. She had an audtion at a show but after getting hooked on Heroin with Fred Penner her life went down hill.

Sydney Claims that Fred Penner is the best lover she has ever had. Fred apparently likes anal alot.

Sydney will go down as not only the greatest actress in Bachelor in Paradise History but also the one with the largest shit skid mark in her white granny panties.

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